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A group of people sitting around a classroom in a circle learning about Meltwater Academy, Meltwater's online training program that offers free courses in PR, social media, and marketing.

Update Your Skills Through Meltwater Academy

Kelly Bebeneck

Apr 26, 2021

We’re big believers in the power of education here at Meltwater. All of our employees benefit from a generous training budget, to improve their skills and build their careers, and in Africa, we’re helping to train the next generation of tech entrepreneurs through our MEST program.      

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of Meltwater Academy, an online training program for marketing professionals to develop their skills in social media marketing and data analytics. We’re offering a range of different training programs, and participants will be able to earn certification by completing each of the courses.

Who Can Sign Up for Meltwater Academy?

To begin with, we will roll out two separate training streams:

All marketing professionals regardless of whether they’re Meltwater customers or not will be able to participate in our general social media marketing skills courses, starting in June with a Social Media Management Certification.

Meltwater customers will have access to several courses designed to improve their skills to ensure they get the most value from our suite of marketing and PR tools. The first of these courses, available today, is focused on our Engage social media management tool, and will include these modules:

  • Engage Basics
  • Content Publishing
  • Community Management
  • Measuring Performance

All certifications will be administered through Accredible, the Leading Digital Certification Platform. Each of these courses will be supported with additional resources, such as on-demand webinars and eBooks on related topics.

When Will New Courses Be Added?

New courses will be added to the program each month, and it’s our intention to provide a comprehensive library of training resources that will enable any marketing or PR & communications professional to become fully certified in leading industry skills.

Why Join Meltwater Academy?

The PR and marketing communications industry has evolved significantly over recent years, and modern marketers are required to master a wide range of different disciplines and technology platforms. All too often they are expected to do so without any training, and can struggle to stay on top of the many fast-changing technologies that they need to use in their roles. 

As the marketing landscape grows increasingly complex, it’s no longer sustainable to expect marketers to “just know” how it all works, or to pick it up as they go along. We believe formal training and certification is the best way to address this skills gap.

Our goal is to empower our customers with the skills they need to excel in their careers by using our tools to their maximum potential. We also aim to help professionals across the wider PR and marketing communications industry keep their skills up-to-date for current best practices and platforms, by introducing widely recognized certifications in important skillsets that are available to everybody, free of charge.