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Meltwater Engage dashboard with location and demographic information.
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Social Media Analytics Tools

Billions of social media interactions take place every day, and they produce an ocean of social data that has the potential to provide actionable insights for your business - if you know how to find them. Meltwater’s social media analytics tools can help you make sense of all that data.

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Earned and Owned Social Media Data

Our platform analyses both earned and owned social media data to give you deep insights that can help you make more informed decisions, across all areas of your business:

  • Marketing and PR
  • Product development
  • Customer service
  • Supply chain
  • Employer brand
  • Investor relations
Meltwater's Explore dashboard showing feeds and sentiment data.

The Analytics Tool for Social Media Marketing

As part of Meltwater’s social media management tools, our analytics platform gives you all the information you need about how your channels are performing. Dashboards and automated reports provide a clear picture of your best-performing content and engagement levels across all of your owned social networks. 

Over and above providing data from your own social media accounts, Meltwater can benchmark against your competitors’ social profiles, giving you a reliable comparison of how your performance matches up with others in your industry.

These insights from social media analytics empower you to constantly optimise your content and engagement strategies.


Social Media Analytics for PR and Marketing

Our social media analytics platform enables you to explore real-time data from all major social networks, as well as blogs, discussion forums, consumer review sites, and even podcasts, by using AI speech recognition.

On top of this, we also include data from online news media and provide a 15-month historical archive of social media data, including the full X firehose.

Our social media analytics tools allow you to filter all this data for brand mentions, trending topics or any other keywords you are interested in researching. By using powerful Boolean search logic, you can create sophisticated queries which allow you to analyse complex topics and find answers to almost any question.

Image showing Meltwater segment distribution.

"Meltwater is great for generating reports about media hits within very specific time frames and about very specific topics relevant to us. Being able to zero in on results helps us focus our resources on where they'll yield the best results. The insights we've gathered from the platform continue to point the way to new avenues for getting our message out."

Juan Carlos González Díaz - Regional Communications Manager, Plan International Latin America

Graphic illustration of 2 people looking at dashboard metrics

Get Right Into the Metrics You Need

Social media analytics isn't just for data scientists! Our easy-to-understand dashboards provide real-time data from all of your social channels without any complications. If you're just looking for an update on your best-performing content, you don't need to worry about digging through spreadsheets or complex native analytics reports. Meltwater makes it simple - get the information you want, without any of the headaches!

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Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Social media analytics can give you all the information you'll ever need about your competitors, helping you to stay ahead. Analyse their brand mentions to understand what consumers love and hate about them. Compare their social media marketing metrics to your own, so you can see what they're doing well and how you can evolve your own social media strategy to be more competitive. 

Sophisticated Social Media Analytics Tools

Meltwater offers a comprehensive suite of social analytics tools that can help you understand data in different ways:

  • Trendlines: track the rate at which a topic is rising or falling in popularity over time.
  • Word clouds: find the most commonly used words and phrases within a data set, to identify underlying themes within a topic.
  • Sentiment: understand whether people feel positively or negatively about a specific topic, see how that sentiment changes over time, isolate positive or negative posts to analyse separately and identify the issues driving those feelings.
  • Emotional Analysis: Meltwater can track the presence of key emotional expressions in content, such as joy, sadness, surprise, anger, love and fear, to give you a more detailed picture of how people react to a topic.
  • Top Channels & Sources: where are people talking about a particular topic the most, and how does the conversation differ on separate social media channels?
  • Influencers: who are the most popular and authoritative voices in a social media discussions, and how are they driving the conversation forward?
  • Audience Affinities: the different audience clusters that form around any topic, what do they have in common, which brands, media channels and influencers are they interested in?
Image showing the Meltwater search tool.

Answer Any Question

Social media is the world’s biggest focus group, and Meltwater’s powerful social analytics platform helps you get real-time answers to almost any question you have.

  • What do customers like about our products?
  • What do people dislike about our competitors?
  • Which influencers do our customers respect?
  • How do people feel about our advertising campaigns?
  • Where is our next big opportunity?
  • What kind of marketing content should we produce?

Whatever you want to know, the answers are waiting for you in the social data, and Meltwater’s social media analytics tools can help you find them.

Graphic illustration of data-driven marketers building a dashboard

Social Media Analytics for Data-Driven Marketers

However deep into the data you need to go, Meltwater has the features you need. Our built-in analytics tool makes it easy to explore and analyse data within the application, and when you're ready to share your findings you can easily insert any of our charts into your slide decks, or just export the whole report as a PDF. 

Do you want to create your own charts? No problem, you can simply export the underlying data for each chart as a spreadsheet, ready to use in whatever app you choose. And, if you're ready to go even deeper, you can use our social media analytics API to get direct access to our data and plug it into your own application. 

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Understand Audiences Like Never Before

Meltwater uses the very latest social analytics algorithms to build detailed profiles of the audiences you want to target for your social media marketing campaigns. Based on specific interests, we can define audience segments and help you discover what each of them have in common with one another.

Over and above uncovering demographic similarities, we can also gain an understanding of what media they consume, which brands they favour, which social media channels they are most likely to use, which online influencers they follow and much more.


Social Media Analytics Capabilities

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    On-demand historical ad-hoc research

  • checkmark

    Owned and earned analytics in a single view

  • checkmark

    Topic and conversation trends analysis

  • checkmark

    Competitive monitoring and benchmarking

  • checkmark

    Brand, keyword or complex queries comparison

  • checkmark

    Customised user lists or audience types

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    Consumer segmentation and behaviour analysis

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    Informed content strategies and audience optimisation

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    Crisis management, security and compliance

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    Custom unlimited dashboard and report building

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    Export insights via API

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    Market intelligence via Explore

Meltwater's Engage dashboard showing feeds, a calendar and graphs.

An All-in-One Tool for Social Media Management

Meltwater offers a unified social media marketing tool, with social analytics at its core.

Our platform provides all the features digital marketers need for:

  • Publishing and scheduling social content
  • Engagement and community management
  • Social media listening and research
  • Reporting and dashboards

Connecting all of these components is a best-in-class analytics tool, designed to be easy to use so that anybody can find actionable insights for their business in social data, but also powerful enough for the most sophisticated analysts. 

Our social media management tool is trusted by global brands to streamline their social media marketing programmes, because it's proven to work reliably at scale, with hundreds of social media channels being managed by international teams. 

The world's most innovative agencies use Meltwater's social media analytics tools to research creative campaigns, win new clients and grow their accounts - with exciting new social media services built with our platform. 

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Warren Talbot, Marketing Manager, Vans

Warren Talbot, Marketing Manager, Vans

Meltwater has allowed us to become more informed about our customers' social media needs and responses. The service and after-sales support have been amazing from Bevan and Jess— we consider them a part of our team."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"Our campaigns are based on market trends. We use Meltwater to evaluate what other leading brands are doing before deciding how to align ourselves to global trends and remain at the forefront."

Matthew Wurst, Head of Brand Marketing Operations, 360i

Matthew Wurst, Head of Brand Marketing Operations, 360i

"For us, Meltwater Social's ultimate value is aggregating content and data in one place and centralising communication protocols to enhance workflow and reduce cost and labour."

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