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Meltwater’s Product Updates and Release Notes are designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings within the platform. Each monthly breakdown provides a holistic overview of the latest features and functionality released in the platform.

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Meltwater Product Updates

Summer 2023

Presenting the new AI-powered product innovations that were announced at our recent Meltwater Summit, enabling our customers to save more time, unlock deeper insights, and take meaningful action. We’re thrilled to bring you the best tools and technology for enhancing your PR & marketing communications!

See it in action

The AI-powered tools you need to drive impact.

Monitor the world’s largest news and social media database

Combining traditional news with social media, Meltwater helps you understand and get ahead of today's complex flow of information and conversations.

Orchestrate your PR, social media, and influencer marketing in one place

Meltwater helps you define your message, identify the channels and people to deliver that message, and then orchestrate your converged media campaigns in one place.

Measure and improve your performance across earned, owned and paid media

Understand how your earned, owned, and paid efforts are working together to drive awareness and engagement. Identify what is working and what is not.

September 2023

Media Relations: Helping Our Customers Earn More Impactful Media Coverage

Media Relations

Introducing a reworked Media Relations Platform, featuring an overhauled media database, common CRM features, and more customizable search for targeted media lists. Contact profiles in Media Relations now feature badges indicating profile types: automated, verified, private, and user-modified. We’ve also improved the data and contact richness in our media relations platform for more consistent updates and made it easier to bring in your imported media lists.

Spend less time sifting through sources and more time on building valuable connections. These updates bring common media relations tasks into one centralized hub, and enable your team to get back to the stuff that matters, like crafting your outreach. Read more

Meltwater: Recent Custom Date Range


Recently applied custom date range selections are now available across Monitor and Analyze for more granular media monitoring. Specify your date selection precisely to the time frame required for your media monitoring. Rediscover the date selection when switching apps.

Spend less time dialing in your date range, discover similar content when switching between applications. 

Meltwater: Remember Duplicates Selection


Selecting multiple pieces of content is usually followed by common actions: tagging, exporting, sharing, or updating the sentiment. When selecting multiple pieces of content in Explore or Analyze for further action like tagging or exporting, you can save your selection instead of being prompted each time you bulk select. As a result, discover saved time and effort in your daily media monitoring.

Engage: Search For Social Profiles & Handles by Name in Conversations


Searching for comments by username/handle has been a top customer request in 2023. The find bar in Conversations has been upgraded to allow searching for social profiles, usernames, and handles! Easily find all comments and replies from a single user. The new search function saves our users time, eliminating the need to scroll and sift through messages. With the freed up time, users will engage and resolve questions faster, resulting in happier fans and customers.

Klear: HQ Dashboard


Workspaces in Klear allow cross-functional teams to organize and run campaigns in separate environments while staying consistent in their influencer workflow. The HQ Dashboard provides visibility into top-level metrics and activity across all workspaces. For teams supporting initiatives across multiple brands, products and markets, there are more KPIs to track/stakeholders to manage. The HQ Dashboard keeps leaders on top of what’s happening at a glance without having to dig into the weeds of each workspace.

Klear: Enhanced Campaign Analytics


Dive deeper into campaign results and build a smarter strategy with new Analytics in Measure. The new Analytics tab features a full page of interactive charts and graphs displaying real-time results for your campaigns. Acting as a hub for your most impactful data, this includes an overview of metrics across time, a breakdown of social networks/content types, sales data, top influencers/content, and audience demographics. With Enhanced Campaign Analytics found in Measure, you can uncover the influencers, content, and channels driving the best results for your brand. 

Meltwater: Optional Multi-Factor Authentication


Introducing an added layer of security in your Meltwater account with optional Multi-Factor Authentication! Multi-factor Authentication, also known as MFA, is now available on your profile page in Meltwater. Work safer and smarter with added security and protection. While MFA is optional, it delivers added security for those who enable it. MFA enhances security for enterprise software users by adding an extra layer of protection beyond just passwords, effectively curbing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

August 2023

Media Intelligence: New Fields in Content Stream Exports


To address a common customer request, we’ve made engagement fields available in Explore, Monitor, and Analyze CSV exports. Dive deeper into your content stream exports with Social Echo Total, Editorial Echo, and Is Verified (Twitter only) metrics. Filter and sort by specific interactions like Retweets to uncover post relevance. Discover influential voices by filtering content based on "Is Verified" status, allowing you to target verified Twitter users who can have a greater impact on your campaigns.

Engage: Instagram Story Publishing via web, plus Facebook Mentions in Conversations


Instagram now allows for the Publishing of stories directly from the web! This means users can draft, schedule, and publish Instagram stories directly within Meltwater, without needing to use the Engage mobile app!

As Facebook pushes users to a New Page Experience, more fans are using 3rd party mentions to reach brands in lieu of the legacy visitor post. Using Conversations, users can now view and action messages where their brand is mentioned, even if the mention was not on their owned page.

Engage: Twitter API updates


Engage has been upgraded to Twitter’s latest v2 API, featuring several new updates and enhancements for Engage users including updated polling times, backfills, and more.

  • Polling every 4 hours
  • Increase in Tweet polling from 7 days to 30
  • Automatic backfill of the last 7 days at time of new connection
  • RT engagements are now attributed to the original Tweet
  • Likes is now total count (likes - unlikes)
  • Tweets with Twitter polls now appear in Social Analytics

Access to the latest innovation - Twitter is consolidating its APIs into one: v2. This will help to streamline development and innovation, plus offer new functionality previously unavailable to Meltwater. This will allow Meltwater access to the latest and greatest in Twitter features and updates. Read more.

Analyze: Download a CSV, PNG of an Insight, plus Custom Text Formatting


Select a specific analytic or visualization from the Custom Dashboard and download the underlying data that is used to create that particular analytic. This was previously available in Classic Dashboards, and addresses customer asks. Finally, new custom text options in the Custom Text Insight, including fonts, bullets, numbered lists, as well as bold, underline and italics.

Verify the accuracy of displayed data, or conduct your own combined analysis in your own reports. Reporting on earned media sometimes requires combining visualizations from multiple reports. As with Classic Dashboards, sometimes downloading an image or copying for wider reporting tasks brings the full picture together.

Klear: Bulk Coupon Codes


Klear users can now create and send unique coupon codes to multiple influencers at once rather than one by one. Many e-commerce customers use coupon codes in influencer campaigns to increase sales, engage new customers, and track best-performing influencers. But creating and distributing codes can be a repetitive and time-consuming process, especially with scaled activations. This new bulk action helps your team save time and improve Influencer experience. Provide campaign assets faster to keep timelines and content expectations on track.

Klear: Bulk Coupon Codes

Explore: Two New Source Types with KakaoTalk and LINE Voom, plus Expanded VK Coverage


Introducing two new social Source Types in Explore: KakaoTalk and LINE Voom!  Boosting our already industry-leading dataset with expanded VK coverage, plus additional sources in KakaoTalk and LINE Voom, to offer the largest and most comprehensive dataset available. With this release, we're integrating and expanding the sources available in both Explore and Radarly to provide a more consistent dataset across Meltwater product offerings.

Explore: Two New Source Types with KakaoTalk and LINE Voom, plus Expanded VK Coverage

Meltwater: Improvements to Adding Content


Add content directly into the content stream without the need to modify your Explore search!

Introducing a quicker, more comprehensive workflow for adding missing content. We’ve identified common preferred methods for conducting daily media monitoring. Sometimes, an article, post, or other content doesn’t appear in Explore results. Now, the “Add Content” tab in Content allows you to add a URL directly to a search, without using tags as a workaround! We’ve made it easier to include any content in the Meltwater App, or in the Chrome Extension, so you can get back to your daily media monitoring!

Meltwater Adding content

Explore: Spike Analysis & Content Clusters


Spike Analysis: A new AI-powered insights feature on the Mentions Trend widget in Explore: Spike Detection and Analysis. Identify statistically relevant shifts in news and social media conversation, with summary explanations and insight drill-ins to view mentions and additional spike analytics. We’ve also updated our Spike Alerts with the new contextual analytics across email, in-app, and Slack!

Content Clusters: a new AI-powered widget on the Overview tab in Explore. Using a proprietary AI, Meltwater clusters related search results based on topic similarity and generates summaries for the clustered content. The new widget helps by highlighting the most relevant content, quickly organizing similar stories, and summarizing the main points. Source types include News, Blogs, Twitter, and Reddit. 

Meltwater Explore Spike Analyse

Engage: LinkedIn Personal Profile Mentions in Publish, Reorder Attached Media per channel, plus Lifetime Facebook Connections


LinkedIn Personal Profile Mentions in Publish - Users can now @ mention LinkedIn Personal profiles when drafting and scheduling content in Publish.
Reorder Attached Media Per Channel - Users are now able to reorder attached media assets at the individual channel level, when drafting and scheduling content in Publish, just like in General Compose.
Lifetime Facebook Connections - Facebook page connections have been updated to never expire when connected to the Owned Connections page!

Meltwater Engage personal LinkedIn profile mentions

Klear: Visual Search Extended to YouTube


Klear’s AI powered Visual Search capabilities are now available for YouTube discovery. Visual Search for YouTube allows you to describe an ideal video to generate results with influencers creating similar content. Earlier this summer, we launched Visual Search to empower users with a new way to discover influencers faster. Seeing the positive impact and relevant matches made, we have extended this capability to YouTube discovery. Visual Search for YouTube helps save time and simplify your cross-channel influencer search by uncovering niche video creators faster.

Klear: Visual Search Extended to YouTube

Klear: New Campaign Calendar


Across Klear, users create more and more deliverables every day, averaging about 3K each month. With so many moving pieces in influencer campaigns, it's easy for details to get lost in the shuffle. The new Campaign Calendar view highlights all expected deliverables per month at a glance. Through the easy-to-follow interface, you can see how many posts (and from which network) are expected to go live each day, which posts have already been completed, and easily be alerted to which deliverables are past due. The new Deliverables tab within Manage houses the Calendar view, deliverable creation, and Predictive View all in one dedicated space.

Klear: New Campaign Calendar

Radarly: Additional Broadcast and Podcast sources are now available in Radarly through TVEyes partnership


Get Access to broadcast content in order to monitor mentions across radio, television & even podcast content to ensure you never miss a beat. TVEyes is a leading broadcast monitoring service. The partnership enables us to include Broadcast and Podcast sources into our source base by monitoring a wide range of TV, Radio stations and Podcast content in key markets around the world. Get Access to broadcast content in order to monitor mentions across radio, television & even podcast content to ensure you never miss a beat.

Radarly: Additional Broadcast and Podcast sources are now available in Radarly through TVEyes partnership

Klear: Bulk Request TikTok Demographics for Campaign Members


Users can now request TikTok demographics from multiple campaign members simultaneously rather than one by one. This update is available in the Campaign Manage tab. Since rolling out TikTok audience demographics, users have leveraged data from hundreds of influencers to make strategic decisions. So, we've streamlined the process of requesting TikTok demographics from campaign members, saving time and eliminating extra clicks, so your workflow can stay uninterrupted.

Klear: Bulk Request TikTok Demographics for Campaign Members

Meltwater API: Data Streams

Meltwater API

The Meltwater API allows clients to build reports, dashboards and custom solutions by pulling listening data into their tools and systems. While the frequency of exports was previously limited to daily and manual exports, we are now enabling real-time streaming. Previously, anyone using API exports to build reports or dashboards in their internal tools and systems was limited to regular intervals (monthly, daily, or manually). With the launch of Data Streams, clients are now able to build dashboards / solutions that truly show a live view of their data. Go beyond manual export data limits: Manual exports are limited to 20k data items. Data Streams can provide millions of documents in real-time, far exceeding what is possible with a manual process. Take action more quickly on news and social intelligence: Having data fed into your tools and systems in real-time allows you to react more quickly to changes in context. Read the developer documentation for more information.

Meltwater API: Data Streams

Engage: Publish on the Go for Android, plus Asset Library Gallery View


Publish on the Go for Android - The ability to publish to all social channels on the go, via the Engage mobile app! Featuring a new Create option within the Publish section, allowing you to draft, schedule, and publish social posts directly from your phone!
Asset Library Gallery View - The Asset Library in Engage has been updated to include a new Gallery View option, featuring a tile display for easier viewing of images and folders. Conveniently publish on-the-go from anywhere. Social media is an always-on practice, so our Engage mobile app helps social media practitioners build their brand - anywhere & anytime.

Engage: Publish on the Go for Android, plus Asset Library Gallery View

July 2023

Radarly: Unified Enterprise Dashboard


The Unified Enterprise Dashboard is a comprehensive, tailor-made self-service package offering that seamlessly integrates and enhances various Meltwater products. It empowers Enterprise clients with a centralized control hub allowing them to analyze data and metrics across multiple products, including Radarly (Earned Social), Explore (Earned Media), and Engage (Owned & paid).

Radarly: Unified Enterprise Dashboard

Klear: Recruit Influencers From Your Website


We recently launched the Custom Landing Page Builder, guiding users through a simple workflow to create engaging branded spaces for recruitment. Now, we’ve taken it a step further to arm users with the ability to embed these landing pages directly on their website. This will help shine a spotlight on their influencer efforts and entice more fans to apply. Successful campaigns happen when you collaborate with influencers and creators who authentically connect with your brand. But finding and recruiting your best fits is a process that takes time and patience. As you scale, you’ll need a strategy that helps you focus your attention on influencers interested in a partnership without draining all of your resources. That’s where Klear’s newest Embeddable Landing Page feature within Recruit comes in.

Klear: Recruit Influencers From Your Website

Engage: Publish on the go for iOS


The ability to publish to all social channels on the go, via the Engage mobile app! Featuring a new Create option within the Publish section, allowing you to draft, schedule, and publish social posts directly from your phone! Conveniently publish on-the-go from anywhere. Social media is an always-on practice, so our Engage mobile app helps social media practitioners build their brand - anywhere & anytime.  Keep up with the growing need for more and more content. Finally, to stay relevant, our users need to publish a lot of content (the average social media team posts 4 to 6 teams a week). With the ability to post on the go at a moment’s notice, mobile publishing helps users stay nimble and increase their output.

Metwater Engage mobile app

Analyze: AVE in Custom Dashboards


A highly requested analytic is now available in Custom Dashboards! Ad Value Equivalency is used to estimate the amount of revenue attributed to an article. While this is a very popular Widget among our clients, it is important to note that this is our best estimate and it does not measure an exact value. AVE was previously only available in Classic Dashboards. Now, you can now create insights in Custom Dashboards including Share of Voice, Top Locations, Top Keywords, Top Publications by AVE, and overall AVE Trend.  

Analyze: AVE in Custom Dashboards

Radarly: Discovery Explainer


Discovery Explainer is a new feature in Discovery that uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to contextualize and bring to life emerging terms found by Discovery. It scrolls, analyzes and understands the posts behind emerging terms in order to generate a human-like text explanation that allows the user to get context about the emerging terms it has identified inside social data. This feature will be revolutionary to instantly understand insights and further democratize the data within our clients’ organizations. 

Radarly Discovery

Publish: Best Time To Post


Introducing Best Time to Post, an AI-powered tool designed to help you pick the optimal time to schedule and post social content.

The timing of a social media post is crucial in ensuring its optimal visibility and engagement from fans. Best Time to Post takes the guesswork out of picking when to schedule content by using AI to suggest the most optimal times to maximize engagement. Our algorithm uses a collection of over 4.1 billion social posts across all time zones to provide you with precise suggestions for your social media posts, tailored to each day of the week and each social media platform.
Related link: Validation Updates for Multiple Platforms

Meltwater publish: Best time to post

Media Relations: Collaborative Inbox

Media Relations

In Collaborative Inbox, now available for US Media Relations users, you’ll be able to connect your email into your Meltwater account. With an integrated email, journalist contacts in Media Relations will show a pitch status once you’ve interacted with them. With this release, you’ll be able to see your team’s interaction history for a contact, and reply directly in a shared thread. Our Journalist Profiles are designed to help you infer what actions need to be taken, by surfacing whether the content creator or journalist has been pitched by your team member, and how recently they were pitched. Reducing the need to get time on the calendar for repetitive campaign check-ins.
Collaborative Inbox enables teams to collaborate and make more informed decisions by automatically tracking interactions with members of the media.

Media Relations: Collaborative Inbox

Klear: Customize Affiliate Fees


The Affiliate Fee column is now available in Manage, allowing you to configure affiliate fees during campaign set-up rather than just within Measure. The affiliate fee column (in both Manage and Measure) has also been updated with the option to set fees as a fixed amount per conversion, rather than just a percentage. Having the ability to customize your payment structure is crucial for brands to achieve ecommerce goals. So, these affiliate configuration updates will help brands maintain a more efficient workflow and provide the flexibility for teams to customize affiliate programs to meet their needs.

Klear affiliate fees customization

Explore: Key Metrics For Twitter widget breakout on the Twitter Insights tab + Twitter Views; plus a New Look Donut Chart


Key Metrics for Twitter: Breaking out the four metrics and one trend line from the Key Metrics for Twitter widget on the Twitter Insights tab, into five separate widgets, and adding the new metric Twitter Views for the first time! Breaking the Twitter Mentions widget from one consolidated widget to five separate ones offers four times as many data points per Twitter metric as before. The enhanced visualizations help users quickly and intuitively understand the data at a glance.
New Look Donut Chart: The donut chart widget has been updated with a new look and feel, featuring a new legend, that includes color labels, percentages, and actual values (where size allows).

Meltwater Explore Screenshot

Meltwater: AI Tagging


Our new content tagging experience leverages AI Large Language Models (LLMs) to suggest content categories based on the document content. Wherever you can find a universal content stream including Explore, Analyze, and Monitor, you can now tag your content with AI-powered suggestions based on existing tags. For users tasked with media monitoring, tags allow you to categorize content based on outcome, need, destination, or campaign type. Spend less time processing, and more time analyzing and actioning your content. AI Tags work best if you tag higher volumes of content consistently and frequently. The more you tag, the faster we learn, and the better your suggestions will be. Read more

Meltwater: AI Tagging

Author Segments: Compare Saved Dashboards, plus an Updated Homepage and Topics increase to 1072

Author Segments

Introducing Compare in Author Segments! Featuring the ability to directly compare up to five (5) saved Author Segments dashboards side-by-side, or uncover shared and differing aspects between two dashboards with Overlap and Difference. Author Segments features an updated homepage, with the Input dashboard to the left, and the new Compare dashboard option at the top right of the screen. 

Author segments Meltwater

Klear: Use Existing Coupon Codes Across Campaigns


With the new use existing coupon code feature, brands can either incorporate coupon codes already created in Klear or import existing codes from a Shopify store to use across campaigns. Previously, you could only provide influencers with codes created in Klear, which were limited to use within just one campaign. To help brands maintain this streamlined momentum and efficient campaign set-up, we have introduced the ability to use the same unique coupon codes across campaigns.

Klear Coupon Codes

Klear: Bulk Coupon Codes


June 2023

Klear: TikTok Audience Demographics


Users can now access TikTok audience demographic data within Klear profiles including age, gender, language, and location.

Klear compiled these inferred TikTok demographic data points using machine learning models and advanced methodology to provide an accurate representation of an influencer’s audience. This will help brands optimize their influencer recruitment and campaign planning to ensure their campaign message will be received by relevant key targets. 

Klear TikTok Audience Demographics

Analyze: Select Chart Type, Updated Donut Chart, Duplicate Tabs


More data in one multi-tab dashboard view for powerful analytics and faster workflows.
Chart type: Select from bar chart, pie chart, line graph layouts and more for select widgets in Custom Dashboards.

Donut chart: Introduces a combined legend to the right of the donut chart for easier data interpretation.

Duplicate Tab/layout: Duplicating a tab recreates the same tab, removing the need to select individual Insights for the dashboard tab. Need to duplicate the tab without the searches so you can power the tab with new ones? Duplicating a tab layout repeats the tab with no inputs selected.

Meltwater Analyze Chart

Engage: Updates to Owned Social Connections Page 


The three tabs under Account > Social Connections (Monitored, Owned, and Paid), have been updated with a matching look and feel. More options have been pulled from the previously hidden three action dots to allow for easier access to critical actions, like Assigning Users on the Owned connections tab!

Meltwater Engage Owned Social Connections page

Engage - Conversations: AI Assistant Powered by ChatGPT API


Built with the same OpenAI technology as the AI Assistant in Publish, the AI Assistant in Conversations allows you to take full advantage of the latest advancements in generative AI to work faster, beat writer’s block, and formulate more engaging responses to fans.

This new AI writing assistant helps users scale customer care activities and meet the growing demand to reply and engage with more and more fans. Based on extensive customer research and feedback, this update is designed to help customers get more done, with fewer clicks, and more efficiency.

Meltwater Engage Conversations Assistant

Radarly: General Availability of Discovery and Video Analysis


Discovery is Radarly’s AI-based Insight Assistant. It’s a new technology that automatically detects, explains and surfaces unusual changes and shifts within a workspace data set to help our users discover potentially important insights.

Video Analysis: New capabilities aiming to capture insights from video content on social platforms through advanced computer vision which identifies logos, celebrities, scenes and objects.

Meltwater Radarly Discover and video analysis

Radarly: Enhanced Media Clusters


Introducing an enhanced version of our media clustering feature allowing users to get a group of publications talking about the same topic. This enhanced version features a new algorithm which is more sophisticated and relies on LLMs in order to cluster media and blog articles using both text and title semantics. In other words, within a cluster you might have articles about the same subject but using different vocabulary or another point of view.

Meltwater Radarly Enhanced Media Clusters

Engage: AI Image Generator Powered by DALL-E via the Media Uploader in Publish, Asset Library, & Conversations


A new option via the media uploader in Engage to create one-of-a-kind AI-generated images in Engage! Powered by DALL-E technology, to take user-generated text prompts to instantly create unique images via Publish, Asset Library, and Conversations! An invaluable tool for marketers and social media practitioners during the content creation process, it can help create original posts that spark audience engagement, create compelling content at scale, and more!

Engage AI Image Generator Meltwater

Media Relations: PR Assistant

Media Relations

Introducing PR Assistant, your ultimate writing companion powered by ChatGPT API, right within Meltwater. It's here to make your life easier by helping you craft compelling copy for your email pitches and press releases. With the PR Assistant, you can effortlessly generate draft content and refine it to connect with your target audience. PR Assistant will save you time, enable scalable outreach, and help you build relevant relationships with journalists.

Meltwater Media Relations PR Assistant

Analyze: Select Multiple Insights, Total Mentions Trend


  • Select Multiple Insights: Alongside Tabs for Custom Dashboards, we’re making it easier to get multiple dashboard views built for more analytics, faster!
  • Total mentions trend: This analytic shows the aggregated volume of mentions for selected inputs across time. Tracking total mentions across a specified time period is now visible in one Insight. This insight can be powered by Social and Editorial sources, giving you an aggregated view of total mentions. Click into a spike for the relevant content that created that spike.
Meltwater Analyze Mentions Trend

Owler: Owler Chrome Extension for All!


The Owler Chrome Extension is now available for all subscribers, including the Owler Community, Owler Max, and Owler Pro subscribers! The best of Owler is now accessible to all as you visit company websites, within LinkedIn company profiles, and while working within CRMs. This new feature makes it seamless to access company insights including company overview with current firmographic data, competitor list, and news.

Owler Chrome Extension

Klear: Discover Influencers With Visual Search


Klear’s Visual Search is an innovative offering unlike anything else currently available in the market. We’ve built it on a machine learning model using advanced image analysis to find the most relevant influencer images matching text descriptions to optimize your influencer search.

Partnering with relevant influencers drives the most impactful campaigns. Up until now, discovery was limited to topic or keyword searches. But how can you find the right influencers 

who wouldn’t be easily uncovered using keyword or topic searches? Klear’s new Visual Search empowers you with a new way to find the perfect match for your brand.

Klear visual search

Analyze: Introducing tabs for Custom Dashboards


We’ve created the ability for our customers to add additional analysis tabs into one dashboard to help you tell your story your way. Easily switch between views, initiatives, or visualizations with more data in one Custom Dashboard. You can now have up to 5 tabs in your dashboard with 20 insights per tab!

As part of our continuing investment in dashboarding and reporting capabilities, we prioritized tabs based on customer feedback. By accessing multiple analysis views in one central space, you can now structure your dashboard with more flexibility to easily display information to stakeholders.

Now users will have the ability to add 20 insights across 5 tabs - totaling 100 insights in one dashboard.

Meltwater Analyze tabs for custom Dashboards

Universal Solutions: Bundled Content Stream Enhancements


We’re surfacing more advanced analytics in the Content Analysis Card for granular content classification.

Editorial Echo: For editorial articles, we now display the number of times the article in question was included in other editorial content, via reference at the end or embedded in the article itself.

Authority Score for Twitter: Authority Score is now available in the Twitter Authors section, and can quickly help you determine credibility of the author.

Entity Icons: Easily scan entities in an article to better understand if the content includes products, locations, people, places, organizations, hashtags, or other entities.

Threaded content: Content from Reddit and Forums can be viewed in threaded context, giving users a deeper understanding of the conversation being had.

Meltwater Bundled Content Stream Enhancements

Explore: Instagram Engagement Metrics on Content Cards


The inclusion of Engagement metrics for Instagram on the content card in the content stream in Explore! Also available in Monitor, and Analyze!

Engagement includes comments (threads) and likes (reactions), for both monitored hashtags and profiles.

Reach (follower count) is also available (on posts of verified Instagram business accounts only).

Surfacing these metrics directly on the content card helps increase usability for users. By allowing users to prioritize post engagement metrics by sorting, or diving into engagement type interactions by clicking in.

Meltwater Explore: Instagram Engagement Metrics on Content Cards

Klear: Automated vetting in Recruit


Klear has revamped the landing page builder in Recruit with easy to follow templates to create professional quality pages in just a few minutes. You can customize all imagery, copy, fonts and colors to make your page match your brand look and feel. Making a great first impression is an important step in relationship building. Custom landing pages provide a dedicated space that sparks excitement and represents your brand to start nurturing relationships. Share landing page links on your brand social channels & with your community management team to direct inbound partnership inquiries (existing fans) & include in outbound outreach (Mass Email) to organize and grow your influencer network.

Klear: Automated vetting in Recruit

Klear: Custom Landing Page Builder in Recruit


Klear has revamped the landing page builder in Recruit with easy to follow templates to create professional quality pages in just a few minutes. You can customize all imagery, copy, fonts and colors to make your page match your brand look and feel. Making a great first impression is an important step in relationship building. Custom landing pages provide a dedicated space that sparks excitement and represents your brand to start nurturing relationships. Share landing page links on your brand social channels & with your community management team to direct inbound partnership inquiries (existing fans) & include in outbound outreach (Mass Email) to organize and grow your influencer network.

Klear: Custom Landing Page Builder in Recruit

Radarly: Textual search in images


Introducing Textual Search: a new AI capability allowing our customers to search text in their project’s images. Using an advanced search operator you can filter your posts' images according to whether or not they contain a certain text. Capture more images referring to your brand, and better understand how your product is being used and in which context. Finally, textual search in images enables faster identification of a potential crisis when a brand is mentioned negatively in an image.

Radarly: Textual search in images

Engage: Post Fail Email Alerts for Publish, Reconnect Social Channels


Post fail emails will automatically send for any social post that fails to successfully publish via Meltwater Engage. Get updated immediately when posts fail.
Reconnect Social Channels From Account Picker: The ability to see and an option to reconnect disconnected social accounts directly from the account picker in Publish and Conversations. Gain visibility into the status of your social connections to quickly resolve expired connections.

Engage: Post Fail Email Alerts for Publish, Reconnect Social Channels

May 2023

Radarly: Enhance your Consumer Knowledge with Enriched Video Analysis


Computer vision is the most useful tool when it comes to analyzing online images and videos at scale. Video analysis helps you go further in analyzing your brand exposure in videos thanks to AI. It allows you to analyze your brand exposure, understand how your products are being used, create better content or even helps you detect potential crises.

New capabilities aiming to capture insights from video content on social platforms through advanced computer vision which identifies logos, celebrities, scenes and objects. This allows customers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their online brand and tackle everything from crisis management to content ideation.

Radarly enriched video analysis

Meltwater Homepage: Pick up where you left off


Jump directly back into your common projects with a new personalized homepage view!

Located on the Homepage above the Product Overview section, Pick Up Where You Left Off is a new tile view of up to six of your most recently used features, projects, or workflows, with date and time stamps indicating last access, including Explore, Monitor, Custom Dashboards, and Media Relations (Outreach). With date/time stamps for a complete, high-level view of your projects at one time - even projects spanning multiple product areas.

Meltwater "Pick up where you left off" Homepage View

Engage - Google Business Reviews in Conversations


Meltwater Engage has added support for its seventh social account: Google Business! View and reply to Google Business reviews alongside your other connected social accounts in Engage.

Google Business is a free tool for companies to list their business in Google Maps and local search results. These profiles allow users to leave reviews with a Google account. These reviews can now be seen and replied to via Engage.

Add Google Business Account to Meltwater Engage

 Klear: Custom Member Exports


To help you access the most relevant information when you need it, we’ve updated functionality within the Members export. Now, you can select specific columns to customize what influencer information is included in your Members export. We know running influencer campaigns doesn’t happen in a bubble. Sometimes you’ll need to extract data to update or collaborate with key stakeholders. You’ll no longer have to sift through or reformat a lengthy export. Instead, you’ll save time with a clean file at the ready with exactly the information you need.

Klear custom member exports

Publish: A New Calendar, Publishing Workflow, and ChatGPT-powered AI Writing Assistant


Engage's newly updated calendar, publishing experience, and AI writing assistant, help users scale content creation and meet the growing demand to post more and more content. Based on extensive customer research and feedback, these updates are designed to help customers get more done, with fewer clicks, and more efficiency.
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Explore: Custom Categories Added as a New Tab on Explore Homescreen


Saved Custom Categories now have their own tab on the Explore homescreen. Features include: view all saved Custom Categories, search, sort, and filter options, as well as label, edit, delete, and create each custom category, plus bulk label and delete. Also included, the ability to update a saved custom category between include vs exclude. Previously, Custom Category management was buried within Explore, requiring users to load a search in order to access the Custom Categories filter. Now, the list of saved custom categories will sit alongside Searches, Comparisons, Filter sets, and Author lists.

Klear: Export Filtered Campaign Reports; Added Networks for Deliverables 


Now, when you sort results and apply filters in Measure (ex. Instagram and TikTok posts from Beauty tagged influencers), you can export a campaign report mirroring this specific dataset. Say goodbye to spending hours cutting and pasting data to build comprehensive external reporting.
Added Networks For Deliverables: Now you can assign deliverables on Instagram Reels, Pinterest, Twitch, and Blogs. These new networks accompany the already existing options including: Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Klear Campaign Report

Expanded Content Classification in Radarly


Classify your project's posts into a predefined set of categories using state-of-the-art machine learning approaches.

Introducing more categories in the ontology! Increasing from 360 to 1,072 today.

Supporting more languages: Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, Russian in addition to the 7 first ones: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Swedish. Now, exploring your dataset for specific use cases such as brand monitoring, topic monitoring, content inspiration, trend monitoring is easier than ever. Content classification is a very efficient alternative to complex Boolean queries and makes setting up queries even easier.

Radarly content classification

Klear Outlook Ahead! Microsoft 365/Outlook Email Integration Now Available


When reaching out to influencers, sending communication from a brand email helps build trust from the get-go. Since introducing Gmail integration, many brands have successfully streamlined influencer outreach within Klear. Today, we are excited to include Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook to our list of supported email providers.

Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook email integration also allows you to take full advantage of the new Mass Email Outreach feature. This helps brands easily scale your outreach by sending emails to hundreds of influencers at once, simplify your outreach workflow, and amplify your recruitment strategy by integrating application forms. 

Klear Outlook Microsoft Email Integration

Klear: Bulk Custom Product Gifting


With Bulk Custom Product Influencer Gifting, you can now send a subset of influencers in your campaign special products or collections all at once instead of one at a time.

Sending customized products to selected influencers helps brands promote more authentic content creation to ultimately drive better results. Earlier this year, Klear launched the ability to send an influencer a specific product separate from the Product Gifting action in the campaign requirements.

Klear Bulk Product Gifting

Analyze: Three new Insights are now available in Custom Dashboards


Share of Voice by Source Type: shows the relative number of mentions for your selected inputs across source types.

Top Organizations: identify brands that are mentioned most frequently across your inputs, including editorial and social.

Top Organizations and Share of Voice: the most mentioned brands in your search selection listed in a bar graph sorted by Share of Voice.

Share of Voice Meltwater

Explore: New Context Filter on the Twitter Insights tab plus an Increase of Topics in Topic Analysis from 360 to 1,072!


A new Context filter has been introduced to allow users to easily filter results in the Twitter Insights tab in Explore for metrics that do not already have a corresponding filter. These include the Tweet Type Breakdown, Authors By Authority Level, Top Twitter Authors, and Gender Breakdown widgets. The Topic Analysis tab allows customers to go beyond the volume of results, or where conversations are taking place, and drill further into what the general topics and tenor are related to results. 

Twitter Insights Meltwater

April 2023

Universal login credentials for Meltwater, Radarly and Klear!

Meltwater, Klear, Radarly

Users who have more than one application subscription with us (Meltwater, Radarly, and Klear), or purchase additional applications in the future will be able to login into all apps with a single set of login credentials. You'll also be able to use the App Switcher (More from Meltwater) dropdown on the top right navigation bar to seamlessly switch between platforms without the need to log in again!

Explore: Updated Visualizations 2.0 and Upgraded Content Stream on the Analytics tab


We’ve updated four visualizations in Explore with a new look and feel, plus added data. Also, introducing the ability to download visualizations as a PNG!

The content stream in Explore has been upgraded to the universal Meltwater design for content cards. The new experience supports the filtered mentions side pop-out and the ‘Content Analysis Card.’ Users will also find new displays for source types and custom categories, a compact view option, and new options for sharing and opening in a new tab.

Also, the PDF export limit from the content stream has been increased from 100 to 500. 

The above updates combine with the previous releases and now apply to the Overview, Analytics, and Topic Analysis tabs.

Rebranding Communities to Author Segments, plus Twitter Follower Analysis, Ad Targeting, Ads Packs, and more

Author Segments

Communities has been rebranded as Author Segments, our social listening segmentation, or audience discovery, tool. Author Segments helps marketers deepen their understanding of existing audiences and identify new ones.

Importantly, Author Segments compliments how customers currently use Explore for Social Listening, as many of the same use cases Explore helps with, Author Segments helps with too. 

As part of this rebranding effort, we have several new updates available, including:

  • Twitter Follower Analysis
  • Ad Targeting tab + Ad Targeting files
  • Expanded Social Media Analytics via Author Profiles
  • Launch a Twitter Follower Analysis dashboard directly from an Author's profile.
  • Updates to the Community Relevance Rank widget including a clickable Topic Wheel icon and pagination
  • Topic Wheel Categories Increase from 200 to 360
    And more!

Explore: Updated visualizations 2.0, and Comments in Advanced Boolean


We’ve updated four visualizations in Explore with a new look and feel, plus added data. Also, introducing the ability to download visualizations as a PNG! The ability to leave comments in advanced boolean for organizing and providing context for sections of boolean. Anything written in the search box that is opened and closed with double exclamation marks ( !! ) will be colored grey and will be ignored when running the search.

Twitter Views in Radarly


A new metric introduced by Twitter is now also displayed in Radarly’s tweets in the analytics and Insight pages. Twitter View counts, also known as ‘Impressions’, show the total number of times a Tweet has been viewed. For customers measuring social engagement, being able to capture metrics beyond likes, comments and quote tweets allows for more accurate benchmarking by understanding exactly how many people have viewed your content of interest.

Klear: Introducing Mass Email


With so many creators and influencers producing valuable content for brands, marketers are looking to scale their influencer strategy. But increasing outreach and sending dozens of extra invites is a time-consuming process that can take days. Mass Email Outreach streamlines outreach efforts, letting you email hundreds of influencers at once!

Stay Focused & Simplify Your Outreach Workflow, Collaborate With Your Team, and Build Your Network With a 360° Recruitment Approach.

Klear: Filter By Instagram Followers/Engagement Rate; Export Data From Connect; Customize Your Homepage


Access and organize data across your entire campaign workflow to more effectively vet, track, and report on your campaigns in Klear!
Filter By Instagram Followers and/or Engagement Rate: You can now filter your

influencer search for Instagram followers and engagement rate, allowing you to refine

your results and enrich your influencer discovery process.

Export Data From Connect: Klear has updated the exporting functionality to include

additional campaign information from Connect including: Product Gifting, Coupon

Codes, Link Tracking, Agreements, and Payments.

Customize Your Homepage: In order to help your team easily jump into your most

active campaigns, we’ve updated the Klear homepage to allow you to customize your campaign view.

Radarly: New pinned author card in Insight Pages


Pinned Author is a new Insight Page card that allows Radarly users to put forward, or pin a specific author (E.g. social network account, website, blog) from the current project. The "Pinned author" card helps Insight Page users highlight or showcase an author or a webpage through a dedicated card for more efficient workflows.

Klear: Fetch Influencer Email Addresses


With a list of hundreds of influencers ready to go, if you don’t have all emails available, you’ll spend hours manually searching. To take this time-consuming step off your hands, keep your timelines on track, and allow you to scale your influencer marketing strategy- we’ve introduced our new Fetch Email Addresses Feature! Recruit more influencers to scale your influencer marketing strategy with Klear.

Now available: Custom Dashboards


Measure, understand, and report on earned media coverage with insights from more Meltwater sources. Build your own dashboards quickly using Explore searches to measure customer perception of your campaign, brand or initiative. Now you can power your dashboard with combined news, social and broadcast content without modifying the search. 

Monitor: Media Lists and Author Lists


Create people-specific Monitoring Views to identify trends, topics of interest, and comparisons without customizing a search. Focus on your media list and their topics of interest in one view. Capture conversations, trending themes and landed coverage. Add people to lists (contacts or authors) directly from Monitor, by using the Mini-Profiles.

March 2023

Now Showing Twitter Views and Media Views


Meltwater is bringing more engagement data to our customers with the new Twitter Views and Media Views features from Twitter! Twitter Views are now available in the Explore content stream, as well as the Content Analysis Card, Monitor, Media Relations, Communities, and Analyze!

Twitter View counts, also known as ‘Impressions’, show the total number of times a Tweet has been viewed, and Media Views reflects the number of times media (attached image or video) has been viewed within a Tweet. We also expanded your exposure to Reddit metrics, adding number of reactions, threads, & Reddit score.

Explore: New Filters - "Media Format" and "Outlet Type"


In 2023, the Meltwater Product teams are focused on making it easier for you to create searches with relevant results. As such, we're excited to announce two new filter types to make your lives easier and your searches better: 'Media format' and 'Outlet type.'

The Media format subfilter allows you to include or exclude search results by specific news media format - Online and Print. *Meltwater has partnerships with select content providers that offer access to print media. Access to this content is offered as add-on package. The 'Media format' lets you isolate print media when you have the add-on.

The Outlet Type subfilter lets you include or exclude news media results by specific categories - press releases, trade publications, stock market news, and more. The subfilter works at the publisher level, classifying outlets according to the type of news media they mainly publish. For example, and all its published content fall in the Stock Market News category. 

Explore: Upgraded Content Stream


The content stream on the Overview tab in Explore & Explore for MI has been upgraded to the universal Meltwater design for content cards. The new experience supports the filtered mentions side pop-out and the Content Analysis Card.

You will also find new displays for source types and custom categories, a compact view option, and new options for sharing and opening in a new tab.

Explore: Bulk URL Source List Generator


Save time by creating news source filter lists in bulk! You can now paste up to 2000 URLs at a time when filtering for News by source! Quickly copy/paste your comma-separated list of URLs to search all sites at once.

The ‘By source’ filter lets you segment & surface search results according to a set of user-specified news sources. However, the source list may be quite large depending on your criteria.

Previously, each source would need to be entered and manually sorted one by one. Now, you can save time by sourcing up to 2000 URLs at once, freeing you up to quickly get back to analyzing results.

Alerts: Now available on the Homepage and Main Navigation


Alert subscriptions enables you to stay on top of mentions, spikes in coverage, sentiment changes, and other alert offerings.

Alerts are now available on the Homepage via a module that shows the newest content, located below the More from Meltwater promo card.

Alerts have also been elevated to a primary location in the left hand navigation panel, now located below Reports.

Klear: Save Custom Influencer Information to Profiles


Klear has launched the ability to save answers gathered during influencer recruitment (from information requested in Recruit and campaign briefs) and assign them as custom variables within influencer profiles.

February 2023

Klear: Filter Using Multiple Tags; Tracking Links With Custom Parameters; Sponsored Engagement Rate; Weekly Campaign Email


Klear has released a series of updates that improve functionality to more easily surface and compare relevant data when vetting influencers and then measuring campaigns.

Filter Using Multiple Tags in Profiles: You can now filter influencers using more than one tag in Profiles to vet across categories for campaigns. You can filter for either “Any Selected Tags” or “All Selected Tags”.

Sponsored Engagement Rate: There is a new Instagram metric available to view the “Sponsored Content” specific engagement rate for influencers.
Filter Using Multiple Tags in Measure: Filter subsets of influencers using tags in Measure to easily compare campaign results across groups and gain insights on performance.

Tracking Links With Customer Parameters: There is a new UTM builder in Connect to make the process of creating tracking links easier and offer more flexibility for cohesive reporting.

Weekly Campaign Email: Klear has revamped the campaign summary email to feature a new layout and include more robust stats for brands to have the most relevant campaign information summarized.
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Monitor: ‘Since Last Viewed’ date picker; ‘Favorite’ Pin; Mini Profiles: Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors


We are excited to launch a monitoring product release bundle, featuring three new features:

‘Since last viewed’ date picker: A new date picker option which displays only the content from the last time that you viewed a particular search, tag, RSS feed, or saved View in Monitor.

‘ Favorite ’ Pin: Now you can designate any search, tag, RSS feed or saved monitoring view as a “favorite,” pinning that item to the top of Monitor’s drop-down menu.

Mini Profiles - Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors: You can easily retrieve important information about authors directly from the content stream. By clicking on the name of journalists in our contact database and Twitter authors, you will get the highlights about that author.
How it works

Reporting: Introducing new sort options for Daily Digest


You will now have additional options to adjust the sorting of your daily digest to better fit your monitoring responsibilities!

Users can now sort content in the Daily Digest, by selecting any of the new five different parameters/values with the option to sort the order ascending or descending to help surface the most impactful content first. For example, sorting by Reach can help surface the most impactful content from larger publications first.

With more customizable Daily Digests, you will be able to create relevant, accurate, and actionable reports. 
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Explore: New Twitter sub-filters


Now available: 7 new subfilters for Twitter results in Explore.
When filtering by source type in Explore, users now have the option to go beyond just selecting Twitter, with 7 new criteria options.
Filter account by: Status, Followers, Gender.
Or filter tweets by: Type, Retweets, Replies, and Likes.
By expanding the filters available to you, it allows for better refinement, and ultimately, better results, allowing you to get relevant information quicker and easier.

Engage: Team Performance Dashboard


Track your community management team performance with a new dashboard in Analyze.

The Team Performance template in Analyze is a brand new dashboard allowing you to easily track, measure, and trend your team actions in Conversations within Engage. This dashboard features data for all conversations actions, across all connected social channels. This dashboard features 10 visualizations, including a section by team member.
How it works

Explore: Improvements to Advanced Search Highlighting


All operator fields will now be highlighted in orange, making it easier for users to distinguish between the search terms and the search operators. This update enhances the readability of the search, for more efficient writing, managing, troubleshooting, and understanding of queries.

January 2023

Klear: Influencers can now manually upload Instagram stories to campaigns


Previously, when influencers didn’t authenticate their Instagram account to Klear, the only way to report about the results of their Instagram Stories was for the brand to manually add those to the campaigns. This meant the influencers had to take screenshots and send those to the brand, who then had to upload these manually to Klear, one by one.

To make this process easier for both the influencers and the brand, Klear now offers a way for non authenticated influencers to upload Instagram Stories directly to the campaign they were invited to.

Personalize your social responses with media via access to the Asset Library in Conversations


Users can now add assets (images, videos, and GIFs) to comments and replies via Conversations in Engage!

Upload directly from your computer, pull from the asset library, or use one of the built-in integrations to add images, videos, or gifs directly to fan comments and replies for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Using the Add asset option in conversations, you can now include pre-approved, on-brand media in your responses.

Explore: new Boolean for finding Facebook Reels


Now, you can search Facebook Reel results using "attachmentType:reel" in Explore. Advanced search for customers with a connected Facebook account. Short-form videos are increasingly popular: Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook now offers the same functionality.

Engage Mobile: Edit Scheduled Post Text in Publish


Users can now edit the text for scheduled posts in Publish via the Engage mobile app!

Edit and approve on the go! Content approvers can now edit the text of a post before approval. Previously, they would need to reject these posts and have them resubmitted.

This is also the first step to allow for full publish creation via the mobile app.

December 2022

Explore: Boolean Support for Company Events


While the ability to receive AI-powered alerts on events for defined companies has been available, it is difficult to drill into these events for more context, requiring overly complex Boolean queries.

Now, with Boolean support, segmentation, and exploration of events have never been easier.

This allows for much more complex use cases and provides exploratory research capabilities that enable customers to get to insights faster.

We Increased the Number of Communities from 20 to 2,000, Mini-Profiles Include TikTok and YouTube, And So Much More


The number of Communities available for display via the Topic Wheel in the Overview tab has increased from 20 to 2,000! For example, users can now go beyond common (generic) communities like ‘Sports’ and drill into more niche sub-communities such as ‘Golf’, ‘Martial Arts’, and ‘Racquet Sports’. Additionally, search, pagination, and sorting have been added to the Communities home screen table, making it easier to find the report you are looking for. Pagination means we segment the results across multiple pages. Lastly, mini-profiles now support Tiktok and YouTube.

Introducing DiscoveryBETA, Linkfluence’s AI-based Insight Assistant


DiscoveryBETA is Linkfluence's brand new AI-based Insight Assistant. It’s a new technology that automatically detects, explains and surfaces unusual changes and shifts within a workspace data set to help our users discover potentially important insights.

It helps data analysts while exploring their data sets more systematically and efficiently, resulting in greater time savings and improved data analysis quality.
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Explore: New ‘Filtered mentions’ via the Topic Analysis tab


Filtered mentions is a new ‘in context’ view that allows a user to quickly view the mentions for any metric, without altering their search results via boolean, filters, or refreshing. Filtered mentions are available within the Topic Analysis tab of Explore. 

Often, when conducting exploratory research, you find a spike, dip, interesting word, etc., that interests you and you want to dive a little deeper into. However, you don’t want to have to alter your boolean or filters just to be able to. Now, with Filtered mentions, you can uncover the mentions driving these metrics, with a single click.

Content Analysis Card in the universal Content Stream


The Content Analysis Card helps users qualify and identify relevant content faster by surfacing the top entities, entity-level sentiment, author profile, and Twitter engagement in one consolidated view. Hover over the analytics icon on an editorial article or social post found in the content stream to access the Content Analysis Card. The content stream can be found in Monitor, topic analysis, Dashboards, or Communities. Read more

Communities: Filters for Age, Gender, Location, and Tier


New filters for every tab in Communities! We are excited to introduce filters for age, gender, location, and influence tier. All new filters are present on each of the three tabs in Communities: Overview, Communities, and Authors. Since its launch in June 2022, Communities has offered a deeper look into the authors and user communities driving the conversations behind topics. Today, with filters, it’s now possible to drill even further into the data and its sub-communities.

November 2022

Monitor: Ability to create alerts + PDF download


Save time and be informed of the key insights for your current searches without leaving the Monitor app. ‘Create alerts’ under the Create button at the top navigation bar allows users to set up various alerts based on their account’s entitlements. Alerts allow for passive media monitoring and for sharing key insights with others. 

‘PDF download’ is now an option under export content. You have the ability to download a PDF of the coverage you’ve selected.
How it works

Bulk Tracking Link in Connect


By sharing trackable links with influencers, you are able to view real-time insights on link performance, for a complete picture of the customer journey.

Previously, this was done by creating a unique tracking link, per influencer, and sharing it with them directly. Not anymore. Today, you share tracking links with multiple influencers at a time. They each receive a unique tracking link specific only to them, with a customized ID and UTM tags. This means what was once a very manual and time-consuming process, is now quick and automatic!
How it works

Select All for Location Filter


Announcing a new usability improvement for Explore users. The Location filter in Explore and Explore for MI have been updated to include a new Select All option. For clients that want to include several countries, or to simply exclude a few countries, it is faster to be able to select all, and then deselect the countries they wish to exclude from their results.

Support for Shopify Collections


In addition to selecting specific products during product gifting, Klear users now have the ability to also select from store collections. Instead of needing to select every individual product for a campaign, save time by selecting all products in a Shopify collection at once.

Calculate Engagement Rate by Reach


While follower count is a useful metric for social influencer campaigns, higher maturity rate customers asked for the ability to calculate reach. Reach is the ratio of total engagements divided by the number of users who actually saw it. While we recommend using Reach to calculate Engagement Rate, one size does not fit all. Some still prefer to calculate engagement rate using followers. That is why we’ve placed the power to choose in your hands. Simply go to your account settings and switch to the Reporting tab, and under Engagement Rate, select either Followers or Reach.

Klear - Filter Campaign Results with new Filters in Measure


Measure a specific subset of your campaign by network, media type, or influencer tag.

With the new Filter option in the measure tab of a campaign, you can now look more granularly, allowing for measurement within a subset of your overall campaign data. When paired with macro data, an easy way to look at microdata offers a more well-rounded view of your campaign. Filters include social network, media type, and influencer tag.

Smart Alerts Generic Webhook Integration


Receive Meltwater Smart Alerts in the collaboration tools where you already conduct business.

A webhook in web development is how one app can send an automated message to another app. In this instance, it allows Meltwater to send Smart Alerts to other apps. Using an automation platform such as Zapier, Make, or IFTT (If This Then That), a user can connect to Discord, Google Chat, WhatsApp Business API, and many more!

By enabling this integration right from within Meltwater, our customers can now receive automated, AI-powered alerts sent directly to their preferred channels. Having a centralized channel with all Alerts flowing in will allow teams to better collaborate and act on business-critical news, market shifts/trends, and competitive intelligence.
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Frame Selection for Instagram Video Thumbnail in Engage Publish


This is a top customer request! Now, you can select the thumbnail for Instagram video posts and Reels in Engage from a list of frames taken from the video.

Customizing preview thumbnails for IG video posts and reels provides customers more control over the look and aesthetic of their videos before a user plays them.
This allows for greater customization and flexibility, while informing the user of the video content in an instant.
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October 2022

Introducing new settings; Queries tab in Radarly


Now available: a new Settings interface to create and manage your queries that follows UX best practices to make your life easier. Displays all the project queries as a list. Now, it’s easier for users to customize their query view, ensuring they are capturing accurate and complete datasets.

  • Explore your queries at a glance 
  • Preview the main information in a table that you can sort
  • Easily filter to refine the list
  • Search to watch terms already set up, track a typo, update terms
  • Bulk edit to delete queries or recover past data

Monitor Enhancements


We made two updates to Monitor this week!
A more intuitive workflow for adding, and editing streams, and inputs helps you customize monitoring views to your unique needs. The updates include new color-coding options, and the ability to update input options on the fly in two clicks.

Now you can add up to 5 inputs per stream, allowing you to consume more content than ever before and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

How it works

Klear - Language filter for TikTok and Instagram Search


When conducting a new search for Instagram or TikTok, you now have the ability to filter by language. The language filter analyzes the text of the content an influencer has published and identifies the language they most often use. Currently, we can identify and categorize the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. 

  • Finding the right influencers that speak the language you need
  • Connect authentically with consumers in their native language
  • Expand to new markets and reach new cohorts

Bilibili as a new source in Radarly


In order to capture a more comprehensive global coverage, Linkfluence now offers access to Bilbili data via our Radarly consumer insights platform, along with a comprehensive range of other leading Asian social media platforms. You have access to Bilibili’s posts and authors, and can specifically manipulate Bilibili data using our filters, if you need to go deeper in the analysis of this platform. 

As China becomes an increasingly important market for Western brands, it’s critical to gain a deep understanding of Chinese consumers, and by adding Bilibili data to our platform, we’re making it easier than ever to gain that insight.

New! Explore for Media Intelligence


Meltwater is upgrading all Search customers to Explore for Media Intelligence, an all-in-one experience for building multi-channel searches, refining and capturing accurate results, and briefing stakeholders with readymade reports.

All existing searches, filters, alerts, and dashboards will remain intact, making the switch as simple as possible. For more info, read the Help Center article here.

User Governance Permissions in Engage


User Governance Permissions in Engage allows customers to control their users' Engage access and permission level, at the social channel level. The new permission options are Full Access, Need Approval, View Only, No Access, and Approver. Read the Help Center Article.

New Analytics Widget (Engagement Trend by Source Type)


A new widget, Engagement Trend by Source Type, has been added to the Analytics tab in Explore.  Engagement Trend by Source Type displays the number of engagements per day, broken down by each social source.

When the widget is clicked, filters for source type and date selected are applied.
Content analytics helps you determine whether there's a fit between what a journalist has recently been writing about and your key messages and campaign objectives.
How it works

New Mini-Profile for Authors Powered by Klear and Linkfluence in Communities


Clicking an author on any tab in communities will now open a new mini-profile slide out, which includes new profile and follower info, powered by Klear and Linkfluence.
Now, you can more easily identify influencer and key opinion leaders to gather a more complete picture of their social media presence and identify partnership opportunities.

Two new widgets; plus Authors tab sorting in Communities


Two new widgets have been added to Explore and Communities: Top Author Locations and Top Occupations. Both widgets infer data about authors from their Twitter bio. You can find these new widgets on the Authors tab in Explore, and the Overview tab in Communities. Both are included in CSV exports and shareable dashboards.

Also, you can now sort the Authors tab in Communities, by Followers, Following, and Tweets. How it works

Combined Search: Filter Sets and Custom Categories available as inputs


Saved Filter sets and Custom Categories are now available as selectable inputs for Combined search in Explore and Explore for MI!

When building/editing a Combined search, users will now be able to select from their saved Filter sets, as well as saved Custom Categories. They can be used in all three boolean boxes. How it works

Klear - Mark recruit questions as required


Klear offers our customers the ability to create customizable recruit forms to promote ambassador programs and help you collaborate with your clients. We are now upgrading our recruit form capabilities, and allowing you to mark specific custom questions as required. 

  • Make sure you get your most important questions answered
  • Save time by easily sorting through respondents based on their responses
  • Save time by easily screening out potential ambassadors that don’t want to submit required answers

September 2022

More from Meltwater


Ever wonder what else Meltwater offers to help you with your PR and Marketing objectives? Wonder no more!

More from Meltwater enables you to find new features, apps, and tools that you don’t subscribe to yet, on your own time, from right within the platform.

Located on the Meltwater homepage next to the Product Overview tiles, More from Meltwater will automatically carousel through recommended Meltwater and partner offerings.

Simply click the Request Demo button inside the Meltwater application for more information. Learn how

Introducing the Meltwater Chrome Extension


Your media monitoring companion when scanning content on the web outside of the Meltwater platform, the Meltwater Chrome Extension saves time and stitches together your media monitoring stack, establishing a central source of truth for reporting accuracy and consistency.

  • Ditch the copy and paste, work faster - The Chrome Extension auto-captures the article title, journalist name, summary, image, and hyperlink, eliminating the need to manually copy and paste and work across multiple screens.
  • Stitch together your media monitoring stack and establish a single source truth for reporting accuracy and consistency - The Meltwater Chrome extension works alongside your daily monitoring workflows and centralizes all tagged and added content in the Meltwater app for greater reporting accuracy and consistency.
  • Make sure nothing slips through the cracks - News breaks every second. Though Meltwater captures nearly all of it, the Chrome extension gives you immediate, full confidence articles are found in Meltwater when others come looking for them.

Monitor Enhancements


Monitor your brand mentions, competitors, and industry trends, within the same omnichannel view.

  • Save, load, and manage multiple Monitor views, allowing for more organization, customization, and collaboration, with easy view switching via a new drop-down menu.
  • Introducing a more intuitive workflow for adding, and editing streams, and inputs. With new color-coded input chips, and the ability to update input options on the fly in two clicks.
  • Increases inputs to 5 per stream, and increases the number of streams per monitor to 5 per view, allowing for 177% increase in inputs per single view.

New Topic Analysis tab in Explore, plus new Analytics tab widgets


Topic Analysis is an exploratory research tool that resides in a new tab in Explore designed to help you understand the underlying meaning of the topics within your results. It gives users better tools to synthesize key themes in conversations from a set of results, as well as understand the general tenor of those results.

We have also introduced new widgets on the Analytics: Total Engagement, Most Engaged Content, Top Editorial Sources, and Top Shared Links.

New DingTalk Integration


At this point, nearly all organizations use some form of collaboration tool to conduct business. Adding to our integrations arsenal, we are now introducing a DingTalk integration to receive Meltwater Alerts. Customers can now receive automated, AI-powered alerts sent directly to their dedicated DingTalk channels.

Explore Homescreen Refresh


The Explore homescreen has been refreshed to include separate tiles for each search type in Explore: Keyword search, Advanced search, Combined search, and Compare search.

Also, labels have been moved from their own column beside the saved searches table to nested under a new searchable dropdown filter menu.

New NLP Improvements in Radarly (Named Entity Recognition / Keyphrases)


The number of supported languages in Radarly for the Named Entity Recognition and the Keyphrase extraction has ben expanded! Keyphrase extraction has increased from 14 to 76 languages, and named entity recognition has increased from 11 to 20 languages.

AI-Powered Company Search in Explore


Company Search suggests and auto-generates a query comprising all relevant brand mentions, social handles, and known aliases. What does it mean for you?

  • Save time, work faster - Company Search lessens the need for writing boolean, pathing you to insights faster.
  • Gain a more accurate picture - Gain a more accurate picture of your brand, market, and competitors by capturing all known and relevant brand mentions.
  • High-quality results for novice users - AI-powered search helps novice users arrive at high-quality search results.

State-of-the-Art Models for Assigning Sentiment and Identifying Keywords


Leveraging state-of-the-art AI models, Meltwater now provides industry-leading language coverage for Sentiment (218 languages) and Word Clouds (90 languages). Analyze key topics in more local and regional languages using our word clouds.

August 2022

LinkedIn Owned Data in Explore


Explore customers with Engage can now see your owned LinkedIn posts and comments in Explore searches and dashboards! LinkedIn is now its own selection under the source type filter for Explore customers with a connected LinkedIn company page in Engage/Social Analytics.

LinkedIn Logo

Explore Search Improvements


We’ve been working on making improvements to our Explore search experience, by expanding and upgrading some already available features.

  • expanded emoji searching
  • extended punctuation and currency support
  • expanded handling of apostrophes
  • improved handling of Full-width/Half-width characters
  • upgraded support for searches in Thai, Khmer, Lao (Laotian), and Mynamar
  • wildcard performance optimizations

Advanced User Permissions

User Permissions

Grab control with Advanced Permissions. Advanced Permissions let you define user access across all Meltwater modules. User options include Viewer, Admin, and No Access. Reduce risk and improve governance! Learn how.

Klear Mega Summer Bundle!


  • Boolean support for Influencer keyword search - find influencers that mentioned multiple keywords using AND / OR boolean operators. (Ex. Fashion AND Travel)
  • Campaign list view - offering both a table view of all campaigns with columns to filter and sort by.
  • Use saved templates in connect messages - use saved templates everywhere you can chat with influencers in Klear.
  • New connect toolbar - the new toolbar in the connect tab of campaigns offers several new options including attach file, send tracking link, send agreement, send payment, send coupon code, and saved templates!
  • Instagram Reels in Campaigns - Instagram Reels are now included in campaign data.
  • New Instagram Reels Badge - in influencers’ content tab and in campaign data.
  • Enhanced custom variables - expansion of current custom variables to now offer no limit to the number of variables that can be added per influencer. Additionally, all variables will be saved to your account, and whenever an influencer is added to a campaign, all of their variables will be automatically added to that new campaign. Variables are also present in broadcast messages, allowing you to add a personalized touch to mass messages!
  • Manually select content for collaborators - Decide which influencer content submissions your collaborators see by manually selecting the content that collaborators will see. Then manually add each submitted content to the collaboration portal, which includes a new “Awaiting Feedback” status.
  • Social channel customization in Recruit form - no longer requires Instagram, allowing users to specify which channel(s) to request influencers connect.
  • Add own terms to Recruit form - add a link with your own terms and conditions when building a Recruit form, rather than using the built-in Klear Ts & Cs.

July 2022

Full Instagram Reels Support in Engage


Instagram Reels data has been added to the Instagram Overview report in Social Analytics in both the Total Engagements and Engagement Breakdown widgets. There is also a new Top Reels section! Reel videos also now appear in the Instagram Benchmarking report!

Instagram Reels can now be scheduled and published directly from Engage!

Instagram Reels comments and replies also now show in Conversations and behave the same as typical Instagram posts.

TikTok Analytics Support for Social Analytics in Engage


Support for TikTok Analytics in Social Analytics! TikTok profiles can now be connected as an owned channel, and analytics are available in Social Analytics via a new TikTok Overview dashboard!

Meltwater Asset Library with New Media Uploader and Publisher Integration


Introducing the Engage Asset Library, powered by our new media uploader! A central place for storing, sharing, and managing your social media visual assets - AND the ability to add media directly to posts from either the Asset Library and/or other supported integrations via the new media uploader.

Instagram Reels Results in Explore for Social Listening


Instagram Reels data is now automatically included within Instagram results within Explore for Social Listening. This includes monitored accounts, competitors, hashtags, and owned connections (owned only for clients with Engage or standalone social analytics). Owned connections also included comments and replies on Reels.

Introducing a new Publish module in the Engage Mobile App


The Engage Mobile app has added a new tab: Publish! Expanding beyond Conversations and My Tasks, the Publish tab consists of a content calendar feed view, providing a glance into scheduled and published content. Users can edit message details including schedule time, assignments, and tags.

Export to Google Slides for all Shareable Dashboards!


Exporting to Google Slides has been added to all Shareable Dashboards! Share dashboards directly into your Google Slides instance, for quick sharing and collaboration.

Shareable dashboard and CSV exports in Communities!


Shareable dashboards have been added to Communities via Actions! All eight widgets from the Overview tab are included. A CSV download option has also been included for the Communities and Authors tabs.

New Universal Search Bar (USB)


The Universal Search Bar (USB) is a new toolbar that allows you to search for existing assets, help articles, and run ad-hoc Explore searches, straight from the homepage!

Introducing Facebook Group Analytics

A Facebook-approved application that allows you to analyze the conversations in your Facebook Groups. Intuitive Dashboards showcase key insights, offering a view of the underlying posts/comments. Offering powerful analytics, thanks to Meltwater’s Natural Language Processing and support for filtering/comparing between groups, and control over date ranges and date granularity.

Visual Analytics Searching


Visual enrichments are a major leap forward in AI-powered analytics. Visual enrichments let you gain insights about your brand in non-verbal/non-textual content posted on news, blogs, and Reddit. Visual enrichments allow users the ability to search the context of an image, rather than traditionally only text for news, blogs, and Reddit documents in Explore. Visual enrichments allow users to search for specific logos, celebrities, genders, etc, via newly dedicated boolean. We offer 11 different enrichment types. Learn how.

Upgraded Source Profiles in Media Relations

Media Relations

We’ve upgraded Source Profiles in Media Relations to include:

  • A new look and feel, showcasing a cleaner design and more appealing layout of Source profile info, social media channels, reach, etc.
  • More Twitter info: photo, bio, # of followers, Tweets, Twitter authority score, etc.
  • Media Channel: includes the various media channels, ex. Paper, blog, radio, television, etc.
  • More data and tabs! More data for research, divided amongst tabs: Overview and Staff, as well as Recent Articles and Recent Tweets.
  • Staff tab: upgraded view into all journalists for a source, with options to search, sort, view their profile, and add to a media list.

Autocomplete for quotes, parenthesis, and brackets in the Advanced Boolean Editor


When writing boolean via the advanced boolean editor, Meltwater will now autocomplete the closing punctuation for quotations, parentheses, and brackets. What this means is that when typing a quotation mark, the closing quotation mark will automatically be applied around the word/phrase you type. Same for parentheses and brackets. Highlighting and wrapping words/blocks of text is also possible for quotation marks, parentheses, and brackets.

Two New Facebook Alerts: Breakout Post and Likely Boosted, plus Pause Alerts

Smart Alerts

We've introduced two brand new smart alerts! The Breakout Post alert analyzes your owned Facebook posts and alerts you when the engagement on one of your posts is trending higher than the average post engagement for your page over the last 7 days. The Likely Boosted Post alert analyzes monitored page Facebook posts, then predicts and alerts you when a post is likely boosted. We've also released the ability to pause alerts for all recipients.

Meltwater Alerts icon

Introducing Meltwater Communities


Communities is Meltwater's new audience discovery tool. It finds influential authors whose tweets match your query and provides insights into their demographics and interests. It offers a deep dive into audience-specific insights, allowing users to explore the individual authors and add either whole communities/subcommunities, or individuals, to an authors list to use in Explore searches for alerts, dashboards, digests, etc.

June 2022

Introducing Active Display

A news and social media command center, Active Display converts your Meltwater Explore searches, along with 1st and 3rd party data, into advanced visual analytics fit for large screens inside your office. Think command centers, communal areas of the executive suite, on a sales or customer support floor, etc. Ask your account manager for more information today!

Advanced Boolean Editor Enhancements


The Advanced Boolean editor enhancements for Explore allow users to more efficiently edit boolean queries by adding support for highlighting keywords such as operators, numbers, strings, and parentheses, and separated lines for easier organization of larger, complex strings.

Owned Social Analytics now available via the Meltwater API


Introducing owned Social Analytics in the Meltwater API for Facebook and Instagram!

Fetch account-level metrics, and the top posts (with post metrics) for the owned FB & IG accounts you have connected to Meltwater. Access these features by either writing code to call our API, or by using our Tableau connector.

New Contextual Content Stream in the Earned Media Measurement dashboard


Clicking into a spike or widget within the Earned Media Measurement dashboard will now display the specific articles related to that metric via the right-side content stream. This allows you to drill into spikes and metrics to see the documents driving that trend.

Tags available as inputs for the Earned Media Measurement dashboard


Tags can now be selected as an input when selecting searches in the Earned Media Measurement dashboard! This allows for analysis of a curated set of documents you've tagged in Explore or Monitor.

Export Shareable Dashboards to PPT & PDF for Engage


Create a report from Social Analytics dashboards, allowing you to share the insights gained, outside of Meltwater, in the format of your choosing. PPT and PDF are especially exciting, as these allow you to integrate these reports into your own corporate reporting structures.

A computer sitting on a desk top

Expanded Language Detection in Explore


Automatic AI-powered language detection in Explore has been expanded to 240 languages, dialects, and variations! Easily segment and filter by more specific and regional languages, to further your business objectives and discover new markets.

Topic Search Now Available


The ability to search by topic in Explore! Topic-based categorization is available for searching in Explore. Choose from 350 topics! Topics help you get insights quicker, by making search results more relevant.

YouTube video comments


Introducing YouTube video comments in Explore results! Find sampled comments that math your keyword search from the most productive and relevant channels on YouTube. Also introducing the new replyUrl: boolean operator!

Influencer Product Gifting


Easily share product gifts with influencers as a non-monetary form of payment. Automate manual elements of the ordering process, all within Klear. In the campaign brief, curate the available gifts, the total number of gifts, and the total value of gifts, per campaign, for influencers to choose from, then automatically send their selections through Shopify for fulfillment!

Collect Multiple Networks on Recruit Forms


Customize the social network(s) on your recruit forms for clients to Sync to Klear. Choose from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter!

Consolidated Search Type Navigation


The option to switch between search types (Keyword, Advanced, Combined, Compare) or convert a Keyword Search to an Advanced Search has been moved from the purple actions button to under the specific search dropdown menu. A message has been placed under the purple actions button alerting users to the change.

Collaborator Feedback; Share sales data with influencers; Add content via influencer profile in campaign; Product Gifting stock check


  • The collaborators portal now allows all collaborators to see each other’s feedback via feedback threads.
  • Introducing the option to share the sales information generated by each influencer’s individual coupons and tracking links, directly with each influencer, via the campaign portal!
  • When manually adding posts to a campaign, you now have the option to load an entire influencer profile from the influencers already added to the campaign, and select multiple posts to add via their direct social feed, directly within Klear!
  • See how many available units they have in stock per product when selecting and adding them to the gifting workflow.

May 2022

Upgraded Context Rich Contact Profiles

Media Relations

We’ve upgraded Contact Profiles in Media Relations to include:

  • new look and feel, showcasing a cleaner design and more appealing layout of journalist contact info, social media channels, Media List presence, etc.
  • More Twitter info: photo, bio, # of followers, Tweets, Twitter authority score, and more!
  • More data and tabs! More data for research, divided amongst tabs: Overview and Interactions, as well as Recent Articles and Recent Tweets.

Split by Category in Compare Search


Segment multiple saved searches by one or more attributes using saved custom categories from Explore, in Compare! Save time by eliminating the need to create and save more searches, while running faster, more granular analyses. In the past, if you wished to compare Tesla, Mercedes, and BMW based on price, comfort, and performance, you created 9 searches. Now, you just need your 3 brand searches and 3 custom categories!

Meltwater Home Page Upgrade


We've upgraded the Meltwater home page to highlight the most important areas for you. Each home page order is unique to each user. Each product tile also includes direct links to specific Meltwater Academy courses, allowing you to get the insight you need faster. We've also updated the Guides and Resources section to include the most helpful resources for Meltwater users. Log in today and have a look around!

Export Explore Searches to PPT and PDF


Meltwater Explore is famous for being the only social listening product for running instant, unlimited searches. Now, you can easily export the resulting analytics from those searches into PPT and PDF exports. Export the analytics, customize what you wish, and share it internally.

Filter by Premium News Sources in Explore


When searching for news content, sometimes you need to isolate stories from premium sites. With the new Premium License filter, you can do just that! Filter down to only include news from premium sites, to find the results that matter most to you.

Klear: Influencer Management Improvements

Social Influencers

Klear has released several updates to improve your influencer management activities! New filters and tags for organizing influencers in your campaigns. Add videos to your mood board, to increase content alignment with influencers. Create and save unlimited email templates for sending comms to your influencers.

Bulk Add Content


Add Content allows you to add any document into our system which is hosted online by its own URL address. To help you save time, you can now upload up to 50 documents at once, with the option to bulk tag, and an automatic source check against the Meltwater database.

Engagement data included in results for TikTok, Twitch, Pinterest, Weibo, Wechat, Little Red Book, and Douyin!


Engagement data will now appear on results in the content stream for TikTok, Twitch, Pinterest, Weibo, Wechat, Little Red Book, and Douyin! Engagement metrics on results provide additional context for how relevant a result might be to a search. For example, looking at all TikTok results mentioning my brand vs just results with over 1000 views, as results with over 1000 views might hold more weight, vs a TikTok with only 10 views.

April 2022

Now Supporting Instagram Carousel Posts


You can now schedule and post multi-image Instagram posts within Meltwater Engage! Add up to 10 images, schedule alongside other platforms, and publish without having to go through the mobile app.

Instagram Link in Bio


Convert your Instagram followers into website visitors. When publishing to Instagram, you can generate a unique link and associate the post with an external site. 'Link in bio,' as it's known, helps you route Instagram followers to your blog, newsletter form, or a product page.

Instagram interface

The Most Comprehensive YouTube Offering for Social Media Management!


Manage your presence on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine! With Meltwater's Engage solution, you can schedule and publish videos, interact with fans, and view posts and channel analytics.

Twitter Competitive Benchmarking

Social Analytics

Compare your owned handles against those of your competitors or peers to assess overall audience growth, top performing posts, messaging effectiveness and more with the Twitter Competitive Benchmarking dashboard!

Events Type filter for Events Alerts

Smart Alerts

Pick the event types that matter to you. The Event type filter allows you to customize your Events alerts to only those most relevant to your use case. Choose from over 35 events!

Meltwater Alerts icon

Klear: Campaign Affiliate Data

Social Influencers

Aggregate all of your affiliate metrics per influencer for a campaign! The affiliate tab has been added to the Measure section of campaigns and offers a dedicated view focused on conversions, sales, and revenue. View sales data by products sold or influencers. And even pay affiliate fees via Klear pay!

March 2022

Klear: Predictive Mode Enhancement

Social Influencers

We've made enhancements to our predictive campaign capability! View total campaign predictions for all users in a campaign, export predictive data to CSV to share with team members, and see a complete metric breakdown to understand how each number is calculated.

Earned Media Measurement dashboard available in Analyze


The Earned Media Measurement report allows you to measure and understand the drivers of earned media metrics. It consolidates the most relevant metrics and trends into a single dashboard. Share insights from the dashboard in either a PPT or PDF format!

Filter Broadcast Content by TV or Radio


A new subfilter option has been added to the Broadcast source type filter, allowing for the selection of Radio or TV as a filter.

February 2022

An Industry-First In Converged Media Reporting

Social Analytics

Your consumers and campaigns are omnichannel. Why should your reporting be any different? Our Paid, Earned, and Owned dashboard unifies omnichannel performance metrics into one easy-to-view report. Track your success and learn how channels work together to drive engagement and exposure.

Introducing Meltwater for Universities!

Universities have unique marketing and communication objectives. Meltwater for Universities helps you attribute media coverage at a department, faculty, and academic level, and track the complex interplay between research, citations, and social and news media.

New Alerts for Keeping Your Social Accounts Fresh


If you are a user of social media software, you are familiar with the stress of keeping your social media account tokens from expiring. With new email, in-app, Slack, and Microsoft Team alerts, you'll easily stay on top of your token connections and prevent any loss in data or functionality.

Klear: Set Your Preferred Currency


A new currency selector allows you to set your preferred display currency when using Klear! Choose from one of 35 currencies. Once you do, Klear will update everything from estimated pricing to campaign budgeting and performance metrics. 

January 2022

Klear Integrates With the World's Most Popular Ecommerce Solution


Connect Klear to your WooCommerce sites, generate and share coupons with your influencers, and measure the success of your partnerships.

Klear Integrates with Slack, Powering Faster Collaboration with Your Influencers


You can now communicate with your influencers where you spend most of your time, Slack. You'll start responding to influencers faster while keeping your team on the same page.

Explore Plus Media Relations, Better Together


Customers who use our Explore solution for multi-media searches and our Media Relations solution for journalist searches can now perform both tasks in one place.

News and information move fast. You need an easy-to-use experience to get ahead.