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Consumer Intelligence

Discover what your customers really think, want and need.

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Always-On Consumer Intelligence.

Meltwater brings market research into the social media age. Don't just move the needle. Coordinate across global offices and teams from a single source of truth, enabling big leaps forward in strategy and results.

By applying AI, data science, and market research expertise to a live feed of global data sources, we transform unstructured data into actionable insights allowing better decision-making. Meltwater consumer intelligence is designed to respond to the complex needs of large, global organizations.


On average, between 60% and 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics. (Forrester)


Brands can increase marketing efficiency by 10% to 20% by doing data-driven marketing at scale. (McKinsey)


Brands that do data-driven marketing at scale well can increase net sales value by 3% to 5%. (McKinsey)

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Consumer intelligence that drives your strategy.

Market Research, But Better

Insight based on proven research methodologies with modern analytics technology.

Smarter Audience Segmentation

Segment audiences based on behaviors, attitudes, influence-levels and more.

Never Out of Date

Built on live social data to always give you a real-time view of the world.

Discover the Unknown

Automatically identify new insights in data that you might not have even considered.

Share Intelligence Easily

Easily share dashboards with your colleagues, even if they don't have a login.

Uncover high-value insight for your business.

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Turn data into strategic advantage with Meltwater.

Next Level Data Analysis
Market Research Expertise
Discover What You Don't Know
Next Level Data Analysis
Market Research Expertise
Discover What You Don't Know
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Our data is intelligently structured and aggregated by AI so it can analyze and understand the topics and categories being shared on social media to deliver quick insights. This provides you with accurate results and allows a multi-dimensional analysis bringing you actionable insight to make more informed decisions.

Our tools were created by and for market research specialists, with proven experience in delivering accurate insights for decades. That real-world expertise combined with the power of AI and social data has built a solution with unparalleled accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Market consumer insights research helps answer questions about your customers, but how do you know if you're asking the right questions? Meltwater can automatically explain and detect trends and patterns in the data that can open the door to new insights in areas you have yet to explore.

An industry-leading feature set.

Shareable Dashboards
AI Contextualized Explanations
Expert Data Structuring
Image and Video Recognition
Global Social Data
Always-On, Real-Time Insights
Audience Segmentation
Brand Analysis & Trend Detection

We empower our customers.

The platform allows us to listen to real people's voices and understand what our brands mean to them, in their own words. Then, there is less room for ambiguity.

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Florence Rainsard

Global Consumer Insights Director, Pernod Ricard

Fueled by the most complete dataset.

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Transform insight to impact.

Learn how advanced consumer intelligence can unlock your business’ potential.