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Influencer Marketing

The rise of the influencer marketing space – today a $10 billion industry, growing 50% per year – is one of the clearest examples of how social media is transforming traditional marketing. These days having a business website, presence on social, PR coverage, and your own content isn’t enough to compete. We'll dive into the intricacies of influencer marketing to help ensure that you're equipped with the insights needed to be successful in this space.


A picture of an influencer in a mobile phone and other influencers liking his content

How to Use an Influencer Marketing Hub

Illustration showing three different sized wrapped packages being held up by multi-colored balloons, surrounded by clouds, on a purple background. Influencer gifting blog post and guide.

How to do Influencer Gifting [+ Influencer Gifting Note Template]

A pink and green magnet pulls heart and thumbs up icons to a laptop.

7 Examples of the Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Image showing a large yellow star in the middle of a gold medal, on a light gold background. Blog post for the best 13 influencer marketing platforms.

The 13 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms, Tools & Software 2023

Image showing three purple profile cards with a pink arrow pointing at a profile picture. The best influencer management tools blog post.

The Best Influencer Management Platforms & Tools [2023]

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The 20 Biggest Australian YouTubers

Media Intelligence, Social Listening, Social Media Management, Consumer Insights, Influencer Marketing, Sales Intelligence & more - All in one Suite!

3D illustration of a TikTok logo and the Australian flag for our blog listing the top Australian TikTokers

The 20 Best Australian TikTokers

3d Illustration of fitness equipment and the South African flag to display the list of top South African fitness influencers

Top South African Fitness & Sports Influencers

Image with a hand holding a phone surrounded by social media symbols. Blog post image for Important Influencer Marketing statistics

The Most Important Influencer Marketing Statistics for 2023

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How Do You Measure the ROI of Influencer Marketing?

Illustration of a social media profile picture and bio with a big red x next to it. Spotting fake influencers on social media, blog post.

How to Quickly Spot Fake Influencers

A 3D rendering of an Instagram post with the South African flag in the center in the shape of a heart with several emoticons floating around it

The Top 10 South African Instagram Influencers

A pair of pink and blue sunglasses on a pink background. The sunglasses appear ad if they are being photographed for a fashion photoshoot that an instagram influencer in South Africa may share on his/her account.

List Of The Top South African Fashion Influencers

Three cartoon renderings of credit cards in pink, orange and yellow on a solid purple background. If your influencer marketing campaign is successful, then your customers are likely to pull out their credit cards for real.

The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

Illustration of a person holding a pink megaphone in front of a phone. Working with micro influencers blog post

Why Micro Influencers Matter

A series of shapes moving along the ground in what looks to be a race. Behind each shape is a white trail, giving the appearance of movement. This image is being used as the header image for a blog on How to Build a Successful Influencer Strategy because, like a race, many companies are competing with one another for the most likes, traffic, and engagement on social media.

How to Build a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

Illustration of a phone on a light green background with like, comment, and email symbols. Finding the best influencers blog post

How to Find the Right Influencers to Partner with Your Brand

A phone screen featuring a profile picture and a large  "follow" button, for a blog about rules of engagement for influencer marketing.

4 Rules of Engagement for Influencer Marketing

3D Illustration of a megaphone and social icons as the title image for the top Australian influencers

Top Australian (Instagram) Influencers [2022]

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Using TikTok for Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

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The Top 5 TikTok Influencers in the Philippines

An illustration of a user profile icon that could represent an influencer on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn that a brand may collaborate with for a social marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube

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The Rise of Influencer Marketing in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Young asian woman with her hand under her chin, listening, thinking, with a blue background.

Why Your Idea of Influencer Marketing is Outdated

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How to Build an Influencer Strategy for Social Enterprises

Photo of a man holding up a digital like icon from Instagram

7 Ways You Can Do Better at Recognizing Your Influencers

influencer management while working remotely from home

#WFH: 5 Ways To Manage Your Influencer Campaign While Working From Home

Smartphone Instagram feed

Boost Your Influencer Marketing with Our Top 5 NGO Influencers

Young, smiling woman looking at her cell phone.

How Nonprofits Can Identify and Work with Influencers

9 Elements Successful Influencer Marketing Agreements Contain2

9 Elements Successful Influencer Marketing Agreements Contain

5 fashion brands using social media

5 Types of Instagram Influencers You’ve Definitely Seen Before

Photo of employees having a team meeting

Build an Employee Brand Ambassador Program

A laptop on a desk with the LinkedIn homepage open

The Ins-And-Outs of LinkedIn Influence

Photo of a female influencer

4 Top Paid Influencers You Probably Never Heard Of—But Can Learn From

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The Power of Influencer Marketing: Fyre Festival Case Study

Instagram stories social influencers

How Key Influencers Can Help You During Crisis Communications

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3 Simple Ways the Australian Superannuation Industry Engages Brand Influencers on Social