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Looking for an alternative social media management solution? This image of a man holding a giant magnifying glass represents how monumental that search can feel. In this blog, we explore alternative social media solutions to Sprinklr.

The Best Sprinklr Alternatives 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 20, 2023

Social media continues to play a role in lead generation and reputation management. Companies need easy ways to tap into what’s being said on social so they can connect with customers in familiar territory. Sprinklr is one solution that’s up for the task. But given its size, complexity, and cost, it’s worth exploring Sprinklr alternatives, too.

At its core, Sprinklr helps you create and automate your social media campaigns. It offers support for more than 23 social media channels and makes it easy to manage content across channels.

If your goal is to improve your social media publishing or social media engagement, Sprinklr might be more than you really need. Let’s explore some of the best alternatives to Sprinklr and what makes them viable options.

We'll take a look at the following Sprinklr alternatives:


A grid from online review platform G2 highlighting Meltwater's media monitoring solution as the best choice for brands.

The Meltwater Social Media Management solution sits at the top of our list for more than the obvious reasons. For starters, we know our products inside and out, and we know how we support media monitoring and social listening better than any other solution — in addition to the publishing and community management options that make Sprinklr attractive.

Like Sprinklr, Meltwater relies on AI-driven technologies to capture conversations at scale and turn mentions into insights. Our AI solutions add context to content by understanding sentiment and how users are talking about a topic or brand. We put a lot of features and functions into our products to give brands everything they need for social listening on a single platform. Meltwater also captures more keywords, topics, and conversations than anyone else in the industry, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Meltwater goes beyond social listening data to help brands empower their entire social strategy. Aside from learning what audiences are talking about and how they’re talking about them, brands can use Meltwater to build their campaigns. Get content suggestions and ideas that connect directly with your audience. The Meltwater Suite also helps you calculate your social ROI and compare how you stack up against your competitors.

Interested in learning more about Meltwater's social solutions? .

Social Studio

Social studio.

Social Studio is another easy-to-use, AI-powered SaaS tool that focuses mostly on Instagram management and automation. It’s not as comprehensive as Sprinklr since it doesn’t include customer experience features or support other social networks.

It’s ideal for brands and companies going all in on Instagram. You can automatically create and post Instagram content based on the keywords you specify. The AI algorithm generates captions and designs visuals. You can easily tweak each post to fit your brand before it goes live. Then, schedule your posts instead of having to create content every day.

Additional benefits of Social Studio include multi-account access, hashtag generators, and custom branding. You can also take Social Studio on the go via a mobile app.

Zoho Social

Zoho social.

The makers of Zoho CRM are also the masterminds behind Zoho Social. In fact, the two complement each other to create a more well-rounded customer experience and lifecycle.

With Zoho Social, brands can...

  • create and schedule posts
  • monitor engagement
  • generate reports on their social performance.

Zoho works behind the scenes to figure out when your audience is most active. This shows you the best times to post on social and helps you optimize your posting schedule for the most impact.

You can also centralize your entire social content calendar and social inboxes. Respond to comments in real time and keep engagement in the forefront.

Zoho is a comparable alternative to Sprinklr because of its ease of use. The intuitive user interface shortens the learning curve for your entire team, helping you see value faster.

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For brands attracted to Sprinklr’s customer service solution, Zendesk provides a comparable alternative. It turns your social inboxes into a customer service channel. Brands can create standout customer experiences simply by being available and responsive to users’ needs.

Zendesk most closely aligns with Sprinklr’s Social Engagement & Sales. Both allow you to be present across all of your social channels at once. Both use a combination of AI and human expertise to provide service to customers in a timely manner. And both allow you to keep track of conversations on brand with governance tools and suggestions.

Cost-wise, Sprinklr remains a top-tier solution that might not make sense for smaller companies that only need social customer service. Zendesk is more cost-effective and easier to implement. Plus, it offers a range of integrations to make its platform even more powerful.



Agorapulse is a full-service social media management platform that handles scheduling, posting, monitoring, and reporting. Among its features are a unified social inbox for all your channels, intuitive content publishing tools, and analytics based on your audience’s engagement.

The platform also includes social listening to help you discover relevant trends. Use these insights to create better content for your audience and see how your social media engagement stacks up against competitors.

In comparison, Sprinklr also offers social listening functionality, but it’s not a key focus. Social listening is part of its Social Engagement & Sales piece. It taps into conversations that aren’t directly related to your brand but could provide helpful insights.

For brands that don’t need all the extra bells and whistles of a unified customer experience marketing platform, Agorapulse is a much better and less expensive Sprinklr alternative.

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Postoplan’s biggest advantage is its social media management automation features. It's a one-stop social media monitoring tool to help marketers save time on content creation and posting.

Postoplan is ideal for teams. It allows for an unlimited number of users and projects, along with 24/7 posting and bulk scheduling. It also centralizes your content library and puts a photo editor and more than 2 million images within your reach.

You can integrate Postoplan with Slack, WordPress, and other services to streamline collaboration.

In terms of being a Sprinklr alternative, Postoplan is more like a complementary tool. It schedules and manages social content, whereas Sprinklr focuses on engagement and the next best actions. However, Sprinklr also offers post publishing and tracking, so Postoplan could be a replacement for brands only looking for this piece.


BuzzSumo has become a category leader for simplified web-based topic discovery. Just input your desired keywords and BuzzSumo will send you daily updates of content related to those terms.

See what other brands are creating, who is getting the greatest share of voice, and how those topics perform on social media. Use that intel to create your own spin on popular topics instead of guessing what to talk about.

In addition, BuzzSumo can help you find relevant influencers in your niche and perform basic media monitoring. Know when someone is talking about your brand or a competitor. Get alerts about relevant events that might not be on your radar.

Compared to Sprinklr, BuzzSumo isn’t nearly as comprehensive. Sprinklr covers 35+ different outlets and information sources. Sprinklr also allows you to directly engage with your audience, whereas BuzzSumo is primarily used for discovery and ideation. 



The pinnacle of all-in-one CRM software, Salesforce is a favorite tool among sales and marketing teams in large enterprises. It’s primarily a sales automation platform, but it also provides value in the social media management space.

Because it explores the 360-degree customer experience, it naturally includes some built-in social media functionality. In its customer service arm, set up a custom workflow to engage with customers on any channel. Brands can automate much of the process to provide more streamlined experiences.

Salesforce’s power lies in its comprehensive nature. Since it covers all aspects of the customer journey, it can give brands more insight into customers’ needs, desires, preferences, and interests. This can help to empower a social media strategy simply by having all of your customer data on a single platform.

Both Salesforce and Sprinklr offer unified functionality. However, Salesforce leans a little more toward sales while Sprinklr is more commonly used by marketers. Both can be costly investments and take time to set up and start seeing value.

Did you know? Salesforce Social Studio will soon be closed down. Learn how to prepare for the Salesforce Social Studio Sunset sunset.


Hootsuite is one of the leading cloud-based choices for social media management. It’s designed to simplify post creation, scheduling, and analysis, all from a single source. Since Hootsuite tracks your social media performance, it also helps you get more insight into your audience’s preferences.

Hootsuite data creates a wealth of opportunities for social marketers. For starters, you can optimize your post times, content length, and other metrics that could spur more engagement.

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Get the Best Sprinklr Alternative

Given the cost and complexity of Sprinklr, it’s worthwhile to explore the above best alternatives to Sprinklr. For brands that want the social media management features of Sprinklr with the bonus of social listening and media monitoring, Meltwater gives you the best overall value.

Meltwater combines media monitoring, social listening, brand management, and competitive analysis under the same umbrella to help you create a truly comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

We offer the most comprehensive cross-channel media monitoring service in existence, helping you keep tabs on your brand through print, broadcast, social media, podcasts, websites, and more.

We also help you turn your social listening data into action-worthy insights. Protect your brand, find new opportunities, and create content your audience cares about. It’s a full-service platform that’s affordable for small and large enterprises alike.

Get a demo to see Meltwater in action!