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Newsletter and Website Newsfeed

Keep your stakeholders informed by sharing the most relevant content from your search results. Our newsletter and website newsfeeds allow you to curate a hand-selected feed of articles to share via branded email newsletters or a newsfeed that is distributed through the Meltwater platform but customised to your look and feel.

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Share Results and Inform Stakeholders

A digital newsletter or newsfeed allows you to easily send out information to employees, customers, investors or other relevant community members and helps you keep key stakeholders informed.

With the Meltwater Digital Newsletter you can:

  • Share relevant media coverage with the entire organisation, or key stakeholders, in a customised email template.
  • Showcase select news or social media content on your website or intranet.
  • Share results and inform stakeholders.

Keep your stakeholders informed by sharing the most relevant content from your search results in two distinct ways:

  1. Our newsletter will allow you to curate a selection of articles, which you can customise and share with your company.
  2. Our Newsfeed product allows you to showcase positive news or social media content on your website, adding third-party validation. Newsfeed can also be used on an intranet for internal communications and can be integrated into Slack or other corporate messaging applications.

Meltwater Newsletter Capabilities

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    Customisable & editable summaries

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    Incorporate social sharing icons

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    Automatically expose article bylines

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    Supports organisational brand guidelines

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    Add translation button(s)

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    Flexible HTML design

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    Add content

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    Supports ad-hoc coverage annotation

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    Gmail, Outlook and mobile responsive

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    Hard-coded summaries

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    Showcase hit sentiment

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    Include analytics; Reach, AVE, Social Echo

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Internal Communication is Critical

The Covid-19 pandemic also changed the requirements for internal communication solutions. As mobile working became the “new normal”, companies needed to ensure that all of their employees and stakeholders were kept in the loop for any critical developments and company updates.

One example of this is how marketing and communication departments have turned into real-time communication hubs for their companies and are now being asked to drive better internal communication. This has accelerated the need for digital solutions since information needs to be distributed as and when it happens.

Different groups within the company require different types of information and it's important to tailor and personalise that information according to the recipient’s own goals and focus areas.

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Executive Team

Important market developments, real-time & mobile, curated and individualised

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Industry-relevant developments, diverse updates based on individual interests

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Supply Chain

Market monitoring, risk scores, infrastructure-related news

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Customers, Partners & Investors

News in conjunction with internal data, financial news, company updates

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Get Smart About Sharing

In order to reduce manual time spent curating internal newsletters and creating reports, there are digital solutions that companies can use that do the heavy lifting for them. For example, communication with the execution team can be provided via a mobile app. If the information is time-critical and needs to be tailored, it can be sent directly to the management's cell phone via push notifications.

The digital newsletter is another way of providing regular information to the various stakeholders within the company. The use case for such comms is very dynamic. In the simplest case, this can be a classic press review with a highlight of the most important information about the company's reputation. However,  market intelligence newsletters that include information about competitors, suppliers and key accounts are more popular with sales teams, for example. HR departments, on the other hand, can create an employee advocacy newsletter to position the company and employees as thought leaders, via ready-to-share content for LinkedIn.

 If you have to give information to the entire workforce, a media center on the intranet is a good way to automate the flow of that information. Categorisation enables the reader to focus on the information that is most exciting to them.

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Promote Your Hard Work

The role of a communications professional does not stop with earned media coverage. We’ll help you create a newsletter that matches your organisation’s brand. You can simply select the coverage you’d like to share and you’re ready to schedule or send, without leaving the Meltwater application. Our customers use newsletters to:

  • Share company media mentions
  • Provide commentary on key stories to executives
  • Compile market and competitor debriefs
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Showcase News and Social Mentions

Use software to add beautiful, dynamic content to your website to promote recent news, brand mentions and interesting social media mentions. Our Newsfeed is customised to match your brand, and you're able to hand-pick the content that you want to display. In this way, you can:

  • Showcase positive brand exposure to investors, customers, employees and executives.
  • Stream customer testimonials from social media.
  • Easily build content marketing into your programmes by featuring industry insights from traditional and social media.

"A major benefit of using Meltwater is that we easily gain an overview of online media coverage or mentions on social media and can tailor the internal newsletters. This is how relevant and correct information gets to the right people."

Siri Grude - Group Marketing Manager, Kverneland Group

But What is the Best Format for a Newsletter?

An internal company newsletter could be perceieved as just another email in our inbox, right? So the design element is crucial to whether or not your readers are encouraged to engage and click through. Today, you can use a professional newsletter template or customise your own using Meltwater. Have a look at our Newsletter Templates here.

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Improve Internal Communications with Employee Engagement

Employee advocacy is key to building and protecting brand reputation, so it makes sense to cultivate a strong internal culture. And, an in-house newsletter is a key component of a strong employee advocacy programme. Now that internal newsletters are easier to produce, why not get started today?

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Dave Burdeniuk, Director of Government and Media Relations, SaskEnergy

Dave Burdeniuk - Director of Government and Media Relations, SaskEnergy

"We work hard to earn the trust of the company's leaders, as well as the government. Meltwater helps us deliver on the challenges of communicating accurately and immediately."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"I like to arrive in the morning, log into Meltwater, and get insight into everything that's happening instantly."

Beverley Coussement, Public Relations and Communications Practitioner, NAMDIA

Beverley Coussement - Public Relations and Communications Practitioner, NAMDIA

"I really enjoy the Meltwater app. With everything being done on phones, I like the fact that I have the app on my phone and can still follow what's happening on social media, wherever I am."

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