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PR Reporting

We get it - without the right PR reporting tools, measuring PR KPIs and visualizing analytics can be a painstaking task. At Meltwater, we know how important it is for communications and public relations professionals to be data-driven, especially when it comes to proving the ROI of their work at the end of the year.

Meltwater PR Reporting helps teams easily gain insight into the coverage that’s making an impact, connect the dots between paid, earned, shared, and owned media (PESO), and present findings in an easily digestible format. Discover how you can work smarter not harder and answer the “what, why, and what next?” with Meltwater PR reporting.

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It's easy to prove your value

It’s no secret that when it comes to reporting, for years public relations have lagged behind their digital marketing counterparts. That's why Meltwater has dedicated more than 20 years to bring owned media measurement up to the same standards as fellow departments. 

Whether you’re looking to prove the ROI of your work with presentation-ready reports delivered to you with the click of a button or have a more advanced reporting need that requires help from our team of experienced analysts, we’ve got all your reporting needs covered.

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Interactive in-app dashboards

Most leading PR software and media monitoring PR tools, including Meltwater, feature in-app dashboards. Interactive dashboards provide a real-time perspective into trends and themes based on the information you are monitoring in your searches.

PR Dashboards within Meltwater's PR software can easily be shared with stakeholders too, so they can also understand the impact of your media relations efforts, earned media, and communication team’s business contributions.

The PR metrics you need

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    Media Exposure: How much media coverage a particular search is getting over a selected time period.

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    Potential reach: The number of potential viewers that have been exposed to a brand, product, event or topic over a specified date range.

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    Social media reach: The number of potential viewers that have been exposed to a particular message on social.

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    AVE: Assign a dollar value to public relations coverage.

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    Sentiment: How coverage is broken down by tonality (neutral, positive and negative) over time for a brand, product, event or topic.

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    Share of Voice: The amount of media coverage your brand, campaign or product received compared to your competitors.

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    Heat Maps: How coverage is broken down by country. Meltwater’s media monitoring dashboards allow you to further drill down in your main areas of focus.

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    Social media reach vs social media volume: Compare the media exposure for social content against the social reach of the post sources.

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    Top Posters by Reach: What prominent social profiles and brands are posting about a brand, industry, or competitors.

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    Top Social Posts: A summary of the social content with the highest social reach value within a given date range.

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    Top Posters by Volume: How coverage of a brand, product, event, or topic is broken down by posters.

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    Trending Themes: Keywords and key phrases that are most frequently associated with a brand, product, event or topic.

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    Web traffic: How much traffic news and social media coverage is driving

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    Social Echo: The real-time number of social shares for any editorial document such as a press release.

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Work smarter, not harder with automated PR Insights reports

Time is precious, don’t waste it performing tasks that can be made more efficient through automation.

Meltwater’s AI-driven automated PR Insights reports analyse both your media coverage and also gives you the opportunity to create branded, customized and presentation-ready public relations reports in one click.

Our automated reports reduce the need for data analysts and are efficient and comprehensive. They allow public relations teams to understand the interplay between what is being said about their brand in the news and on social media, and showcase the digital impact of their earned media.

Graphic illustration of monthly reports

Monthly reports

Audience: Your manager (and potentially their manager too)

Use case: Measurement shouldn’t only come into play once a PR campaign finishes. In order to be truly strategic, PR insights gathered from your PR tool should influence planning, implementation and measurement stages.

Monthly media monitoring reports are used to determine whether you’re on the right track with numbers, for example, that your press releases are engaging your media database in a positive manner. This type of analytics report gives you insights into day-to-day tasks so you can shuffle resources and do more of what’s working.

Graphic illustration of quarterly reports

Quarterly reports

Audience: Senior Director and/or VP of Communications, CMO (and potentially CEO)

Use case: Here you’re not just tracking trends, but presenting and defending results. Do your press release KPIs demonstrate business value? An effective quarterly analytics report will be able to account for every dollar spent and how that expenditure contributed to business goals.

Certain programmes will enable you to clearly tie dollars spent to revenue. For example, placing links in your press releases that lead to landing pages, that lead to sales. Others won’t, but you’ll still want to explain the business benefits of your results.

Graphic illustration of annual reports

Annual reports

Audience: CMO, CEO, Board, Investors

Use case: At the end of every fiscal year, the executive team makes decisions about next year’s budget. Your report will inform their longer-term strategy, it therefore focuses less on tactics and KPIs such as the reach of your press release. This is your opportunity to make a case for additional PR software, tools, resources, and programme spend.

"Many times we need a report as soon as the communication is sent out, and Meltwater’s reporting is excellent for our purposes. The reach metric is huge for us."

Alessandra Raulino - Press Officer, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Graphic illustration of campaign reports

Campaign reports

Audience: Same as monthly or quarterly reports, depending on campaign size

Use case: Campaigns should kick off with a very specific goal, for example, launching a new product, entering a new market, or getting the word out about a specific promotion, event, or theme. Your campaign report then tracks your success using a variety of metrics available in Meltwater's PR software, enabling you to report on relevant public relations outcomes.

Graphic illustration of crisis reports

Crisis reports

Audience: Depending on the crisis and its trajectory, this could range from your manager to the board

Use case: You’ll want to show how PR and social media helped quell the controversy, turned news and social media conversations around, and got back to typical levels of volume and sentiment. While benchmarking will help guide you every step of the way, you’ll want to be sure to report on what’s going on at any moment too, for example, if your media relations efforts are resonating, or how your press release addressing the crisis is impacting social media chatter. During a PR crisis, having access to PR software that offers automated real-time dashboards is critical.

Curious on how this could help you?

Customize your reporting

Measure what matters with custom scoring

Fed up with “one size fits all” PR software that doesn't truly measure your goals? With our innovative Custom Scoring feature, PR professionals can finally see the impact of coverage and media relations, measured in a way that they define.

We understand that not all coverage is created equal and certain publications within your media database are your priority. PR Custom Scoring, a new addition to our PR tool, lets you define the criteria that you are looking to measure, applying weight to the media mentions most important to you, like those coming from certain publications or mentions surrounding your CEO, spokespeople or business growth areas.

What’s more, the adaptiveness of the new model means you can edit the scoring at any given time as your business needs change so you’re always able to determine the value of a given public relations article. 

Illustration of Meltwaters custom scoring for PR reporting
Illustration of example of Meltwaters customized manual reports
Outsource your reporting and save time and cost

Professional Services

While quantitative media analysis helps you understand the ‘what’, sometimes it can be tricky to get to grips with the ‘why’ without the help of savvy PR software and human qualitative media analysis. Qualitative media analysis gives public relation professionals context into numbers.

If you have more advanced reporting requirements or don’t have access to analyst resources internally, you can lean on our professional services team.

Meltwater analysts enrich Customized Manual Reports with quantitative and qualitative analysis so you have instant access to the 'what, why and where' of emerging themes impacting your organization. Whether you want to build better audience personas, understand trends to make sure your brand stays relevant or keep tabs of your competitor's movements so you stay agile – our reports are custom built to ensure we have you covered on all levels.

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Alessandra Raulino - Press Officer, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Alessandra Raulino - Press Officer, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Many times we need a report as soon as the communication is sent out, and Meltwater’s reporting is excellent for our purposes. The reach metric is huge for us."

Donatella Del Gaudio – Head of Communications and Media Relations, European Olympic Committees

Donatella Del Gaudio – Head of Communications and Media Relations, European Olympic Committees

"Meltwater is more than just a media monitoring tool for the EOC; it gives us commercial direction and helps us to make strategic data driven decisions. What has made our partnership even more successful has been the reactivity of the Meltwater team. They have been open, responsive and flexible right from the start."

Casey Nikoloric - Founder and Managing Principal, TEN|10 GROUP

Casey Nikoloric - Founder and Managing Principal, TEN|10 GROUP

"Meltwater is making a big difference. Our clients will look at these reports and the impact of the coverage we’ve generated over the last month and go ‘wow.’"

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