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Media Intelligence

Media insights that drive your business forward.

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Everything that happens in the real world leaves a digital trace online.

Which means today it's essential for your business to create a holistic view of the media landscape, not only to get an accurate pulse of your brand health, but also to seek out growth opportunities. Media intelligence illuminates hidden insights and can be your guide on everything from your SEO profile and competitive intel to managing crises and measuring brand equity.

Guide your business forward with media intelligence.

Grow your share of voice.

The online world is noisy. You need to be strategic and creative to break through the chatter. Find the audiences who will listen.

Understand the market with clarity.

Behind what your audience says online is data revealing their needs and desires. Find emerging trends before they go mainstream.

Detect and manage brand crises.

Online chatter about your brand can start brewing quickly. Confidently spot sentiment shifts and spikes to determine how to act.

What's being said about your brand?

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Turn media intelligence into business impact.

Monitor Unlimited Keywords
Real-time Alerts
AI-Powered Reporting
Monitor Unlimited Keywords
Real-time Alerts
AI-Powered Reporting
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Track topics that matter to you.

Meltwater gives you the power to monitor and analyze 15 social media channels, TV & radio, 270,000 global news sources, print media, and over 20,000 podcasts. That's a lot of data.

Spot surges in topic discussions.

Surprises are a thing of the past with detection alerts for conversation spikes. Giving you the opportunity to jump on timely trends, prevent crises and join vital industry conversations.

Prove your earned media ROI.

Illustrate the real and tangible value of your work with dashboards that detail data-driven media analysis. Then build and share reports with your team on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs...

One of the biggest challenges we had was putting that all together into a comprehensive, insightful presentation that would allow us to really have a clear picture of where we are across the board, also a deeper dive into the insights from there. Previously we had numbers, but we didn't know what was behind the numbers.

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Lauren Hackett

Senior Vice President Global Communications, The Economist

An industry-leading feature set.

Custom Scoring

Apply different weights to the mentions most important to you.

Spike Detection

Be notified when search volume is higher than your baseline.

Sentiment Analysis

Measure how your brand is perceived in online news and social.

Social Echo

See a real-time number of social shares.


Customize mobile-friendly templates to highlight your PR wins.

AI Overviews

Quickly grasp the news most relevant to you in a daily report.

Comparative Reports

Benchmark your brands, regions, and products with automated insights.

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What will you monitor first?

Explore what a media intelligence solution can do for your business.