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Press Release Distribution

Struggling to create awareness around important announcements? You're not alone. Creating engaging content is one thing, but getting it in front of audiences that care is another.

After a PR professional writes a press release, they need a way to distribute it. This is where a press release distribution service becomes handy. We understand different needs require different solutions, that's why we offer a number of ways to help get your press release seen.

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Newswire Distribution

Newswire Distribution is a press release distribution service integrated into Meltwater's media intelligence suite, giving PR teams the luxury of broadly distributing press releases to websites and media outlets whenever they'd like, whether it's in real-time or scheduled.

This type of distribution takes a press release and puts it 'on the wire', an electronically transmitted service providing up-to-the-minute media content to news desks and journalists. With over 100 newslines to choose from, Meltwater's Newswire press release distribution service helps PR professionals gain targeted, guaranteed PR coverage.

Meltwater's Newswire press release distribution service assists you with spreading your message to as wide an audience as you wish, whether that means targeting local, national or global audiences. This particular form of press release distribution includes print and broadcast outlets, online sites, databases and your choice of industry trade publications. This release distribution method also includes real−time, full−text feeds via the complete AP satellite network, online FTP and content syndicates.

Illustration of Meltwaters Press Release Creation Tool

Meltwater Wire Distribution via GlobeNewswire

  • Top-tier, real-time wire distribution
  • Fixed pricing structure
  • No word cap on non-financial releases
  • Include 2 images in your press release
  • Unlimited hyperlinks included in your press release
  • Issue earnings releases and market-moving financial news that meet all regulatory requirements for companies traded publicly in the United States or Canada
  • Utilize professional translation services to ensure that press releases resonate with international audiences
  • Track engagement to understand the performance of the press release
Illustration of Meltwaters Influencer Discovery Tool
Find the right influencers to increase your reach

Meltwater Influencers

If your PR team wants to take a more tailored approach when sending releases, explore our Influencer distribution service which is also integrated into Meltwater's media intelligence platform.

PR spam is a real problem and using this press release distribution method helps to eliminate this by allowing you to personalize outreach and get in front of targeted journalists, social media users with a large reach, bloggers, and online audiences across social media who have expressed a clear interest in the subject of your release. For example, this press release distribution service lets you search for PR contacts based on filters such as beat, role, or keywords in their recent articles.

Increase relevance and reach

Hyper-Targeted PR Outreach with Keyword Search

  • Search for media contacts, build focused distribution lists, engage directly through personalised outreach, and measure the success of your press release all-in-one platform
  • Benefit from our innovative Keyword Search feature which scans related content from authors so you can fine-tune your lists of contacts
  • Analyse key press release distribution metrics such as open and click through rates, reading time and monitor for new articles that are published as a result of your efforts
Illustration of Meltwaters keyword search for media contacts

"Meltwater has radically changed the way we do PR and press outreach...It's much faster and more efficient."

Massimiliano Colonna - Communications Coordinator, Search for Common Ground

How does a Newswire distribution service compliment Influencer Outreach?

PR Newswire Integration

Coverage from a presswire is essentially paid media rather than earned media. Because it’s paid this form of press release distribution service, guarantees a certain amount of media coverage.

Pitching to Influencers

On the contrary, PR coverage from interacting with a media contact is earned media. You’re selling to a media representative, not a machine. When PRs pitch to media contacts, they can create very personalized communication and build lucrative media relations.

When to use PR Newswire Integration

This type of distribution service is good if you’ve got general news content that you want broad coverage on. Examples might include company announcements, new board members, funding & investment news, financial news etc.

When to use Pitching to Influencers

If you’ve discovered a media contact who writes about content that's similar to the story you want to distribute. For example, using this press release distribution tool you can find specific tech writer that often profile female CEOs.

How to engage through PR Newswire Integration

Most journalists subscribe to Newslines. Newswire services help them identify new stories & fact check content. More often than not, journalists do not interact with them. Local papers & online sites will automatically reprint the release verbatim or pull the subject title from press distributions. They are also used by individuals in other roles, such as assignment editors, who distribute the press releases to their writing staff based on their area of interest or beat.

How to engage through Pitching to Influencers

If the email looks like a brochure or a release, they’ll probably delete it or mark it as spam. If the email is personalized and shows you’ve done some research, they're more likely to respond as the release content is relevant and resonates.

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Mark Carpenter - Sr. Director of Media Relations and Online Communications, ISRI

Mark Carpenter - Sr. Director of Media Relations and Online Communications, ISRI

"The new platform makes it easy to see why you do media outreach...I can capture the number of hits, reach, ROI, and advertising value and share this with our leadership team."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"I like to arrive in the morning, log into Meltwater, and get insight into everything that's happening, instantly."

Marcela González - Marketing and Communications Manager, Air France Chile

Marcela González - Marketing and Communications Manager, Air France Chile

"Monitoring is both a thermometer and a guide. It alerts us to customer sentiment, guides our actions, and introduces us to valuable new media resources."

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