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About us

We're Meltwater

Since 2001 our suite of solutions across media, social, consumer and sales intelligence have made us the industry partner of choice for global brands making an impact.

What guides us.

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Our Vision

We harness the world’s data in real time to unlock our customer’s competitive edge.

Our Mission

We promise to always innovate, provide best-in-class service, and deliver sustainable growth through our technology and our people.

What we're known for

Where we started.

In 2001, we were two people, a coffee machine and $15,000. Our address was Shack15, an office space that sat in a shipyard in Oslo, Norway.

As the first online media monitoring company, we realized the value of monitoring and analyzing online data. We believed that shaping the world's data into insights would open the door to endless opportunity for impact. We were right.

And just like that, our footprint grew across Scandinavia, the UK, Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific. By 2008, we had feet on the ground—and a growing customer list—on every continent.

Customers in over 120 countries.

Employees around the world.

Offices across six continents.

What we stand for.

Moro [‘mo(·)ro]

The Norwegian word for "fun." We believe that in order to become truly successful, we should all enjoy what we do on a daily basis. That’s why we promote a fun, collaborative working environment, for our team to feel comfortable and inspired. We strive to partner with our customers to deliver an enjoyable experience throughout their entire journey with Meltwater.

Enere [‘e nðr’e]

In Norwegian, this means “number one.” At Meltwater, ‘average’ isn't good enough. Our goal is to build a groundbreaking company, where team members push themselves to their fullest potential, to develop as professionals, and as people. Our customers should expect that we will go above and beyond to provide a world-class product and service, and that we will always put them number one.

Respekt [re’spekt]

The Norwegian word for “respect.” We believe that it matters how a company or an individual becomes successful. We actively embrace the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our employees around the world and work to create a work environment where everyone is treated with respect and humility. Likewise, our customers should feel respected, valued, and appreciated in every interaction that they have with Meltwater.

MER [me:r]

An acronym for Moro, Enere and Respekt, which creates the Norwegian word “more.” This represents our commitment to continuous improvement and creating an environment where all employees can contribute to the company’s success.We celebrate our victories without losing our drive to improve—whether in reaching personal goals or corporate milestones, and push each other to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers, and the world.

Our Leadership

John Box

Chief Executive Officer

Lena Shishkina

Chief Financial Officer

Aditya Jami

Chief Technology Officer

Alexandra Bjertnæs

Chief Strategy Officer

Scott Gibbs

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Hackney

Chief Product Officer

Doug Balut

SVP Global Alliances & Partnerships

David Hickey

Executive Director, APAC

David Houston

Executive Director, Client Acquisition Americas

Jeff Rusignuolo

Executive Director, Client Success Americas

Bob Van Velsen

Executive Director, EMEA

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