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Media Database and Relationship Management

Tired of spending time crafting PR stories that don't get the media attention and publicity they deserve? Fed up with creating lists of media contacts for them to quickly become out of date? We understand.

Discovering relevant contacts to add to your media database can be a painstaking job, and the struggle is real when it feels like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we've improved our global media database, providing media relations teams with the critical information required to build relationships with relevant media pros and land their next big public story.

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Discover, Engage and Measure, All In One Platform

Our end-to-end Media Database and Relationship Management Platform allows communication and PR pros to:

  • Find and access GDPR-friendly contact information for relevant media audiences.
  • Distribute content directly to journalists or over the wire.
  • Optimize communication by analyzing the effectiveness of media outreach efforts.
  • Develop strong relationships with media outlets, influencers, journalists and editors.

"The Meltwater solution has enabled us to tell stories, showcase new product launches, kept us up to date on retail trends and provided us with measured feedback."

Stuart Rayner - Marketing Team, Encore


Manage and Grow Media Relationships

We believe that targeted PR outreach is a crucial component of media relations and communications, so we encourage leaders to engage with the right journalists, not the most.

Confidently find relevant journalists to reach out to knowing they are going to be interested in hearing what you have to say with our industry-leading media relations tool. Our media database has been reorganized for more targeted search, automated profile enrichment, and continuous addition of refreshed media contacts.

We're here to get your story out to the public and ensure your message hits the mark so you can spend less time creating influencer and media contact lists and more time on strategic PR matters. 

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Media Database Advanced Search for Hyper-Targeted PR Outreach

Find the right people to pitch your story with advanced search capabilities and insights into their current pieces of work. Identify relevant people and news desks to pitch your story ideas. Advanced search capabilities let you look for people & news desks that have recently published works on keywords or topics of interest. Search via publication, role, name, and location, alongside importing your existing lists and contacts to interact with directly in the platform.

Engage with the Right Media Contacts 

By regularly maintaining the quality and completeness of our database, we offer you more people to form relationships with, and in turn, more people through which earned coverage may be secured. Stand out in overcrowded inboxes by delivering curated, targeted pitching to individual journalists to foster more genuine conversations. Take advantage of context-rich profiles to help you easily find that unique information that sparks a connection. Easily collaborate with team members across inboxes & understand the conversation history to ensure you get a response. Increase pitch efficiencies with generative AI, helping you draft pitches with a few inputs, or have it review drafts for concise edits. Leverage a fully integrated wires service for guaranteed news desk pick-up.

Measure Earned Media Coverage

View reports

Showcase your success and the impact you’re creating with full campaign analysis. Engagement data is an invaluable feedback loop that helps media relations practitioners understand the relevance of targeting and messaging. With our media database tool, you can measure your effectiveness by understanding who in your list of media contacts has engaged with the story you've shared, staying on top of key metrics including:

  1. Open rates
  2. Click-through rates
  3. Bounces
  4. Unsubscribe rate

This isn't just a media contacts tool. As well as helping you distribute media, our all-in-one Media Database and Relationship Management Platform also lets you import and enrich your media lists and outreach progress. Uncover pitching best practices from across your team with Collaborative Inbox, helping you drive results.

The CRM-style relationship management functionality also provides you with deep insights into a journalist’s published coverage and online footprint. This way, you can report on the earned media generated by your outreach efforts and measure progress against your own goals and objectives. Our end-to-end campaign execution platform helps clients organize their team and ensure they never miss a deadline again!

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GDPR-Friendly Database

Rest assured that all contact details provided by our database are GDPR approved. We understand that social media is increasingly being used by PR pros, so in addition to basic contact information, our media relations database also tells you which social media platforms influencers are active on and what they have published across social media recently.

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Distribute Wires

Creating awareness around important PR announcements is simple with newswire distributions.

Press release wire distribution options within Meltwater’s media relationship management tool include circuits on a regional, national and global scale, so you can spread your press release to as wide an audience as you wish – and measure how widely it's picked up.

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Jamil Karim, Marketing and Communications Manager, Innovate BC

Jamil Karim, Marketing and Communications Manager, Innovate BC

"Meltwater enables us to ramp up our media relations efforts and directly support key media coverage for our organisation. It's important for us to build relationships, service different industries, and build awareness of our tech sector."

Tiffany Faublas, Marketing Director, West Palm Beach DDA

Tiffany Faublas, Marketing Director, West Palm Beach DDA

"The fact that Meltwater offers segmentation is brilliant. Partnering with people can leave you open to mistakes, so it was great to see that the tool segments the influencers for us. Meltwater’s organisation and level of detail provides us with the knowledge to spend way less time finding the right contacts."

Julie van Wyk, Public Relations & Customer Care Manager at Peermon

Julie van Wyk, Public Relations & Customer Care Manager at Peermon

"What you put out from a PR point of view needs to be tracked and measured. Before Meltwater, we were using a competitor but found that is was time to move into a more digital operating company. Now, with Meltwater, we are able to get accurate publicity reports, gain valuable trends and competitor insights, and easily access customised PR reports as and when needed."

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