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Have you just launched a new product or service that you want to get the word out about? Maybe you want to share with consumers why it is awesome and how it is so much better than the one your competitors offer. Well, then, there is one thing you can't do without...Marketing!


Illustration showing multiple video conference screens. Top marketing conferences for 2023 blog post list.

Top 10 Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2023

A woman with long red hair looks through a pair of binoculars in this image for a blog about alternatives to social monitoring software Mention.

The Best Mention Alternatives 2023

Linkfluence A Meltwater Offering Logo - Linkfluence is rebranding as Meltwater

Linkfluence is Rebranding as Meltwater

Image showing a social listening dashboard in front of geometric symbol. Guide to using Meltwater Arabic user interface blog post.

Breaking Language Barriers: Experience the Power of Data & Social Listening with Meltwater's Arabic User Interface

A blue football helmet against a yellow background for a blog about ads during football's big night

Which Brand ‘Won’ Football's Big Night?

Image showing a pink and white megaphone next to a bar chart and arrow going up and to the right, on a bright yellow background. Blog post detailing the different between pr and marketing.

What is the Difference Between Marketing and PR?

Media Intelligence, Social Listening, Social Media Management, Consumer Insights, Influencer Marketing, Sales Intelligence & more - All in one Suite!

Image showing diverse marketing professionals implementing marketing trends for 2023

Marketing Trends To Watch in 2023

3D illustration of the TikTok logo with the South African flag inside

The Top 10 South African TikTokers 2022

3D Illustration of marketing items

What Is Marketing & Why Your Business Can't Do Without It

Illustration of a podium showing a red target with an arrow in the bullseye in the center, yellow light bulb and trophy cup on either side. Blog post on creating a successful marketing strategy.

How to Create a Successful Marketing Strategy for 2023

Digital image of people standing together with 3 on a screen

How Will Leading Agencies Use Meltwater In 2023?

A melting, pink ice cream bar for a blog about the top viral food trends of the year.

What Was the Biggest Food Trend of 2022? It Depends on How You Look at It.

Modern Marketing Team

6 Essential Roles of the Modern Marketing Team

Abstract figure listening to teacher figure on laptop screen for a blog about sales training.

Why Sales Training Is a Winning Investment

Hands playing on phones

Owned, Earned, Paid & Shared Media Explained

Green hearts float from a white turbine against hills of different shades of blue-green.

Joining Meltwater’s Global Green Council


What is (Online) Display Advertising? An Updated Guide

Image showing desktop computer with illustrated gold coin, star, target symbol and ad creation screen under a magnifying glass. Digital Marketing definition and beginners guide blog post.

What Is Digital Marketing? A Beginners Guide.

Media Intelligence, Social Listening, Social Media Management, Consumer Insights, Influencer Marketing, Sales Intelligence & more - All in one Suite!

Blue play icon

The Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

Image showing yellow cogs and gears on a bright yellow background. Industry 4.0 guide.

What Is Industry 4.0? The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Illustration of different shapes and icons to demonstrate the Philippine media landscape

Philippine Media Today: History, Definition, Types & Roles

Back-to-school supplies, including a backpack, books, and pencils, against a pink background.

What 2022 Back-to-School Trends Say about the Year Ahead

Image of white balloons with one red balloon flying away

How to Create an Effective Market Positioning Strategy

A hand holding a phone with icons showing the different types of digital touchpoints in a journey. This represents the different marketing software and tools needed.

Marketing Tools and Software: How to Choose the Best One for You

People stand underneath a giant rainbow flag in this image for a blog about five things brands should remember during Pride Month.

6 Points for Brands to Remember during Pride Month

A pile of lightbulbs against a yellow background in this image for a blog about Meltwater's Devopsicon unconference.

Devopsicon 12, Meltwater's Beloved Unconference

Silhouettes of different women from a number of cultures and backgrounds. This image is being used for a blog on International Women's Day 2022 from Meltwater.

Happy International Women’s Day, 2022!

Black and white image of a man sitting at a desk with a laptop

The Perfect Agency Pitch: How to Land New Business with Competitive Intelligence

photo of a glasses held in front of an open book

How To Use Meltwater As A Research Tool: Agency Edition

A stylized illustration of a landing page with a magnifying glass hovering over the page's search results looking for qualified marketing leads. Lead generation is a process that requires analyzing who is engaging with you marketing campaigns, emails, and ads in great detail.

A Marketer's Guide to Lead Generation (New Tips & Strategies)

A blue phone, which you may use to call a friend to engage in referral marketing by calling a friend to tell them about a product or service, set against a red background.

The Ultimate Guide to Referral Marketing

A diverse group of people with each wearing a sweater with one of the letters from the acronym LGBTQ+ on the front.

Celebrating Pride at Meltwater

A teal padlock that is unlocked among a bunch of pink padlocks that are closed.

Misinformation & Disinformation: What is it and how do you protect your brand against it?

Picture of a game controller on pink background

Esports Marketing Trends in Southeast Asia

A white alarm clock is floating in the air because it is ringing so hard. This alarm clock was set to go off to remind us of the importance of real-time marketing in our strategies.

Real-Time Marketing: Definition & Examples

An illustration of a computer with several charts on the screen, which are similar to the dashboards visible in a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

How A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Can Help Your Business Succeed

A group of people sitting around a classroom in a circle learning about Meltwater Academy, Meltwater's online training program that offers free courses in PR, social media, and marketing.

Update Your Skills Through Meltwater Academy

An illustration of a computer with graphs that are popping out of the computer's screen. The graphs resemble the type of information that a b2b marketer may be analyzing when preparing a marketing strategy.

What is B2B Marketing and B2B Sales?

A blue trophy, like the one you might win if Facebook or Twitter gave out an award for the best social media marketing campaign, is set against a blue background.

How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

An illustration of a diverse group of women against a purple backdrop

Celebrating International Women's Day, 2021

WhatsApp logo used for marketing

WhatsApp and Messenger Apps as a Marketing Tool

Two grey mail boxes on a city sidewalk. This image is being used as a thumbnail for a blog on direct marketing.

What You Need to Know About Direct Marketing

Green old fashioned telephone. Header image for blog post: why word of mouth marketing is important.

Why is Word-of-Mouth Marketing so Important?

How CPG Brands in MENA Can Benefit From Digital Marketing - Meltwater Blog

How CPG Brands in MENA Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

A man holding a robot's hand whilst standing in front of a sunset.

Q&A with Prakash Senghani: Your AI & Transformation Questions Answered

A graffiti-covered wall with the image of a man creates the illusion that a tree's foliage is the person's hair. This is an example of the tactics often used in guerrilla marketing

The Six Most Successful Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns To Inspire Your Brand

An image of a hand holding a seed that has sprouted. This image is the header for our blog about growth hacking for marketers.

Growth Hacking for Marketers

Event Marketing Strategies and Best Practices

People gathered around a table

The Rise of Converged Media [Expert Interviews]

people laughing and talking outside during daytime

Lifestyle Marketing: How To Leverage Your Consumers' Lifestyle

apple icon for marketing trends in 2020

5 Things to Learn from Apple's Marketing Strategy

Coworkers looking and pointing at a laptop on a desk

Lead Generation: The Smart Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Meltwater Social Media Festival Wrap Up

small health drinks with leaves for product marketing

Product Marketing: How To Sell a Product

An image of a bulls eye.

Push and Pull Marketing: Differences and Synergies

Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI: Definition, Measurement & Improvement

Pink miniature grocery cart on light pink background. Blog post on transactional marketing vs relationship marketing

What Is The Difference Between Transactional Marketing And Relationship Marketing?

two people looking at a screen for data analysis

The Top 3 Things to Know About the Future of Marketing

man holding mobile phone with laptop on the desk

Trends shaping the virtual banking industry in Hong Kong

empowering africa: women who are rising and inspiring us all

Empowering Africa: The Women Who Are Rising and Inspiring Us All

photo of a colorful makeup palette with a black background

What Is Omnichannel Marketing?

photo of a glasses held in front of an open book

An A-Z Dictionary of Marketing Terms and Definitions

A department store window with mannequins and discount signs. In this article we will focus on the marketing mix and introduce to you the 4Ps as well as the 7Ps of marketing

The Marketing Mix: Boost Your Business with the 4Ps & 7Ps of Marketing

A close up of hands working on an email marketing campaign.

How to run a successful email marketing campaign

People walking in the street protesting, holding black lives matter signs

Black Lives Matter: A movement That Should Matter to All

marketing communication strategy

Why You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

Red telephone against a white background

Don't Miss Out On The Power Of Conversational Marketing

A highway at sunrise

The Road to Recovery: Strategies for the Post-COVID 19 Era

photo of a woman sitting in front of her laptop

How Has Covid-19 Changed the Future of Marketing? 7 Expert Opinions

eng-0303-digital transformation strategy

How to Kick Start a Digital Transformation Strategy


Calls to Action: 50 That Sell and 10 That Repel

Millennials and Gen-Z on smart phone

Marketing to Millennials & Gen-Z

Woman at laptop, busy on her cell phone with a computer screen in the background.

Meltwater Named One of the Top 50 Best Products for Marketers in 2020

Photo of a little girl helping to plant

5 Steps to Building a Nonprofit Campaign

event networking

Make Your Presence Felt: The PR and Content Marketing Guide to Productive Events


JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and more double down on tech innovation

man with a microphone hosting a panel discussion

How to Connect With Your Audience in the Digital Age

eng-032020-timely marketing message

4 Ways to Ensure Your Marketing Message Is Timely

person on a laptop typing

How to Use Black Friday to Your Business’ Advantage

Man writing on a notepad while using the Meltwater platform on his laptop

Infographic: Supercharge Your Marketing with Statistics

maintain brand consistency

4 Traits of the Modern Marketer

Marketing Reporting using a laptop and a screen in the office.

How to Write a Marketing Report

Mobile first

What Do We Actually Mean by ‘Mobile First’?


The 6 Principles of Persuasive Communication

Person holding cell phone with various social media icons displayed.

Meltwater Selected for Facebook Marketing Partners Program

Starting a trend illustration

Start a Trend with This Essential Ingredient

A man standing on top of a building looking over the city lights wearing a cape.

5 Things a Successful Marketing Manager Does Every Morning

What to use Instead of AVE – Shares

What to use Instead of AVE – Shares


4 Brands Making a Nostalgia-Driven Comeback

black friday social media shoppers

Black Friday: 3 Big Box Retailers’ Social Media Approach

5 B2C vs. B2B Community Marketing Differentiators

5 B2C vs. B2B Community Marketing Differentiators

reporting metrics kpis

How to get your inbound marketing reporting off the ground

3 things to learn from beyonce's marketing strategy

3 Things to Learn from Beyonce’s #adidasxIVYPARK Marketing Strategy

Photo of a smartphone with a podcast running

10 Podcasts to Enhance Empathy, Expand Your View of the World, and Help You Get Better at PR

Airline - travel and tourism

External data factors impacting airline profits

Effectively Communicate with Clients

8 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Clients

India marketing campaigns banner illustration

Tips From the Top: India’s Best Marketing Campaigns

A woman on an escalator

What Digital Transformation Means for the Future of Retail

Fjord product release

Everything you need to know about our Fjord Product Announcement: Advancing Analytics to Insights

What to Consider Before Deciding on a Multiple VS Single Vendor Approach

Managing your Global Brand’s Digital Footprint: Deciding on a Multiple VS Single Vendor Approach