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Mobile Apps

Our Meltwater Mobile app and Meltwater Engage app allow you to access your content and social media conversations right from your handset. Both apps are available on iOS and Android.

Meltwater Mobile App

Our industry-leading mobile app is so much more than just a newsreader.

Access your saved searches to consume and share content directly from your mobile. Tag articles, curate newsletters, and access analytics and interactive dashboards. Set up instant notifications on the searches and topics that matter most to you, with the ability to set up alerts for a fixed amount of time to allow you to stay on top of a hot-button topic or emerging crisis.

Use the ‘What’s New’ tab to stay abreast of breaking content in your saved searches. Run an unlimited number of ad-hoc searches in the Explore tab, which allows you to find relevant news articles, social media posts and broadcast clips on any topic quickly. If you’re out and about, you shouldn’t have to rely on Google searches or sifting through your social media feeds to keep up with breaking news. You can find filtered, relevant content directly through the Meltwater app.

Meltwater Engage App

Our newest mobile app, Meltwater Engage, helps you stay up to date on the conversations happening on your social channels.

With this app, you never have to miss a Facebook comment or Twitter reply while on-the-go. Quickly scroll through the conversations and comments on all your social channels without being near a desk.

Use the built-in filters to display only the content and conversations that are relevant to you. As you act upon direct messages or comments, they are marked as complete in our system, so you don’t have to worry about responding twice.