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The Best Brandwatch Alternatives 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 12, 2023

Brandwatch is a popular social listening and media monitoring software. It helps brands learn more about their audiences. Listening to your customers on social networks helps you figure out their needs. You can also find out what they’re not getting from your competitors. With so much a stake, you might be wondering if there are other Brandwatch alternatives to consider.

The simple answer: Yes! Let’s look at some of the best Brandwatch alternatives that may better suit your needs.

These are the best Brandwatch alternatives:



Meltwater is a leader in full-service social intelligence. It offers brands a full suite of products to monitor their online presence. Our platform takes social listening several layers deeper. We offer comprehensive coverage to capture more online conversations than any other platform.

Meltwater is ideal for:

Meltwater’s intelligence helps make sense of the social data it collects, so you can:

  • Understand the impact of your online activities.
  • Gauge audience sentiment.
  • Discover how you stack up against your competitors.

Meltwater is also ideal for driving your influencer marketing strategy. Social listening and intelligence can help you find who leads online conversations. Discover who makes a difference, even if they don't have influencer-level followings. 

Interested? Request a demo to learn more and walk through Meltwater's social media tools!

Meltwater and Brandwatch share some similarities. Meltwater allows you to manage all of your social media channels from a central location. It eases collaboration for teams when creating, scheduling, and publishing content. It offers access to consumer insights. And it continually updates the data to reflect the most current and accurate records.

Our use of AI technologies like natural language processing and machine learning helps us deliver real impact. Combining those technologies with human expertise, we provide actionable insights for your business. So, there's no more struggling to make sense of reports and metrics that don’t add value to your bottom line.

Netbase Quid

Netbase Quid focuses on brand intelligence. The platform is designed for mid- and large-sized enterprises. Its core features include trend analysis, crisis management, brand health, and competitive intelligence. The platform aims to deliver brand perceptions from key consumer bases. That helps brands learn more about their place in the market and how they compare to competitors.

Netbase Quid lacks the social media focus offered by Brandwatch and Meltwater. Its products aren’t tailored for social marketing, but the insights it generates may prove useful in a social strategy. 


The Synthesio media monitoring tool uses AI technologies to help you get a deeper understanding of your target audience. Like Meltwater, it uses scalable social listening to find emerging topics, trends, and patterns, so brands react quickly. Synthesio goes deeper than surface-level conversations to see how your audience talks about particular topics. Brands can use this intel to find what makes their audiences unique and discover ways to make stronger connections.

For quality social listening data, Synthesio offers a great solution, but its pricing may be out of reach for smaller enterprises and teams. Synthesio’s power lies in social media and doesn’t encompass all types of media monitoring.



For finding social media trends, BuzzSumo offers one of the most user-friendly tools. It monitors topics and keywords across all social channels to inspire your content ideation.

This tool is a favorite among content marketers and creators because of its easy-to-use workflows and interfaces. It saves them hours in coming up with new content ideas. It's a one-stop shop to discover the content your competitors are creating and see what kind of traffic it’s getting on social media.

Best of all, BuzzSumo offers a 30-day free trial.


Talkwalker leverages AI-powered technology to ingest billions of consumer signals every second. This media monitoring tool combines real-world consumer intelligence with social listening. Doing so helps it generate insights that companies can take action on immediately. Talkwalker offers a great way to stay on top of changing preferences and habits.

Brands can apply their findings to their:



Another Brandwatch alternative is Brand24. It combines media monitoring and online reputation monitoring in a single platform. It monitors brand mentions across many outlets, including:

  • Podcasts
  • Social media
  • Online forums
  • News sites
  • Blogs
  • Videos, and more.

But, its greatest strength lies in online reputation management.

Brands receive alerts when customers leave reviews (both positive and negative). That helps companies respond. Audience sentiment analysis technology provides context behind mentions. That helps brands see how mentions influence their reputation.

It’s a helpful alternative, but it does have a few limitations. For starters, each plan has a limit on how many keywords you can track at one time. To get real-time data and multi-account access, users need a pro or enterprise-grade plan. That costs 4x-6x more than the basic plan.

Tip: Learn more about the best Brand24 alternatives.


Khoros (formerly Spredfast) is a customer engagement platform that supports digital contact centers. Contact centers can reduce call volume and enhance the level of service by optimizing the customer experience.

More consumers are reaching out to brands via social media and other channels. Companies need an efficient way to:

  • Keep track of conversations
  • Anticipate customer needs
  • Personalize each experience

Khoros combines social media management in a single platform to create marketing opportunities. Khoros enables brands to:

  • Measure campaigns
  • Get customer insights
  • Automate workflows to provide the next best step for every customer



Qualtrics gained a leg up in the social listening space when it acquired Clarabridge. The platform now has the power to understand audience sentiment and intent.

Qualtrics cater to brands looking to improve the total customer experience. A better experience stands to improve a company’s reputation – and ideally, its market share.

The platform takes a multi-prong approach by:

  • Sending perfectly timed surveys
  • Tapping into conversations people are already having about a brand
  • Personalizing user experiences 


Social listening is a big part of the customer experience. That's why it’s a big part of Sprinklr’s all-in-one experience platform. Companies can become more customer-centric by collecting actionable insights on their audiences. AI technology analyzes product feedback and other data at scale. This helps identify market needs, competitor offerings, and relevant trends.

Ideal for large enterprises, Sprinklr’s cloud-based solution benefits several key areas, including:

Automation does most of the heavy lifting. That allows teams to use their time to make a difference instead of sifting through reports.


Audiense is a consumer insights platform that’s purpose-built for audience segmentation. When you identify customer common denominators, you can make better marketing decisions.

Knowing your audience beyond basic demographics is becoming more critical to business. Customers are expecting personalized experiences from the brands they do business with. Connecting with customers in unexpected ways gives brands a better chance to cut through the noise and stand out for the right reasons.

Audiense finds hidden connections throughout your target audience. This helps you learn more about their interests, needs, wants, and goals. Use these insights to create niche content that speaks to each customer on a more personal level.

Putting Social Listening into Motion

Social listening is a critical piece of the digital marketing puzzle as online competition increases. Social media remains a key place to hear your customers and step inside their shoes, even on matters that do not directly relate to your brand. Understanding needs, wants, interests, preferences, and moods, you can improve your marketing approach. You can make stronger, more valuable connections.

Brandwatch offers many desirable social listening features. But Meltwater can help you take social listening further with more features and functionality.

At Meltwater, we’ve turned social listening into social intelligence. We monitor and analyze millions of topics and conversations in real time. We give brands the best insights into their audiences and make it easy to take the next best step. Learn more when you schedule a demo.