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Meltwater Consumer Insights
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AI Enabled Consumer Insights

Consumer attitudes and behaviors are constantly evolving, as they adapt to an ever-changing world. Our consumer insights platform combines our best-in-class social-data stream with AI and human expertise, to uncover actionable insights that empower businesses to make better-informed decisions at every stage of the brand lifecycle.

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Understand what really motivates your customers

The internet provides a wealth of data about consumer behavior if you can turn that data into insight. Social media, consumer reviews, comments, forums, blogs, podcasts, videos; the number of channels where consumers can voice their opinions grows every year.

For brands, the problem of consumer research is no longer about how they can get customers to share their opinions, but rather how they can extract customer insights from the millions of opinions that are shared online every day. And that’s where Meltwater's Consumer Insights Reports can help.

The Meltwater consumer insights platform has access to an unrivaled pipeline of real-time social data, but it’s what we do with that data that really makes a difference for our customers. Our team comprises data scientists, market researchers, and consumer insights specialists with deep expertise in consumer research and audience insights across numerous vertical industry sectors.

This enables us to structure our data intelligently, paying close attention to the context and specific nuances of our customers’ markets. This means we can go beyond basic social listening and help them find high-value consumer insights.

Market research for the digital age

No more waiting months for costly conventional market research programs to deliver results. With our consumer insights platform you get instant access to the consumer insights you need, whenever you need them. And because we use real-time social data, you’re always seeing the most up-to-the-minute picture of what’s happening.

The world moves too fast to wait for focus groups and surveys. We help you keep your finger on the pulse and understand the customer completely. Get real business value across the entire brand lifecycle, including areas such as:

Our insights and analytics tool empowers every user to carry out ad-hoc research based on live consumer data in a fraction of the time it would take for a conventional market research survey to be completed.

Built on worldwide social data, for global insights

To give you accurate, actionable insights across every use case our platform uses social data from a comprehensive range of sources. And because business is global, so is our data. 

As well as the major western social media platforms, we also include access from all the leading Asian services, to ensure you get the full picture. We can even plug in your own data, such as Net Promoter Score, surveys, and customer feedback. 

Our data sources include: 

  • Social: X, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, Pinterest, LinkedIn
  • APAC: Naver, Vkontakte, Line
  • Media: Online News, Broadcasts, Blogs, Reviews, Comments, Forums, Message Boards, Print
  • First Party Data: NPS, Survey, Reviews, CRM
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Brand equity tracking

Our consumer insights tool gives you an unparalleled insight into what consumers say about your brand when they think you’re not listening. In other words, you get unfiltered, honest opinions that get to the real truths about your brand, and your competitors, based on unprompted consumer discussions in social media.

  • Use the whole social web as your focus group to analyze large datasets on demand
  • Tap into spontaneous feedback unbiased by interview questions
  • Make meaningful comparisons thanks to industry-level and competitive benchmark drivers

This means your marketing team can easily measure the impact of all campaigns, whether they include digital, social, print, broadcast, or any other format, using consistent data and metrics across all channels.

Meltwater illustration of target groups and audience segmentation

Next generation audience segmentation

Segmentation based on simple demographics isn’t enough anymore. These days, audiences gravitate towards online tribes based on complex interactions and relationships, with shared ideas, values and behaviors. Audience segments are more fluid and intertwined, so marketing professionals need a more sophisticated audience insights tool to gain an accurate understanding of them that goes far beyond what conventional demographics can deliver.

Our smart audience segmentation technology can help you research the different communities that exist within your broader target audiences, empowering you to target them more effectively with highly optimized marketing campaigns that make a powerful impact. Detailed audience insights will give you an understanding of the shared affinity they have for brands, media, influencers, and more.

It can give you the edge in:

  • Strategic planning and positioning
  • Content and messaging strategy
  • Innovation, product and market development
  • Influencer and outreach strategy

“Thanks to Meltwater Consumer Insights, we were able to work with our media and creative agencies to develop content for the right people on the right platform, and with the right channel of communication.”

Nicolas Fleisch – National Communication and Digital Content Project Manager, Hyundai France

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Trend forecasting you can rely on

At the heart of consumer insights is the ability to plan strategically for the future, and we have the industry’s strongest tool for forecasting consumer trends. It can identify emerging signals in your market, with the help of our team of industry specialists, and empower you to analyze and interpret those signals into meaningful predictions about changes in consumer behavior.

  • Consumption moments
  • New social aspirations
  • New brands or new product usages
  • Key cultural moments

Easily research, identify and assess these signals to build an understanding of their likely strength and growth over time, so you can make business decisions with a higher degree of certainty. Whether you're planning advertising and marketing campaigns, media buys, developing new products, or trying to predict consumer behavior, trend forecasting gives you the intelligence you need to get it right.

Consumer Insights Maturity Assessment

Understand where your brand sits in the market and uncover active opportunities to improve your organization's consumer insights capabilities. The abundance of online consumer data has created an opportunity for brands to develop a deeper than ever understanding of their customers, competitors, and markets. Assessing the consumer intelligence maturity of your organization helps you make the best out of online consumer data.

Meltwater Consumer Intelligence Suite
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Competitive Benchmarking

Our platform allows you to compare segments with baselines or other audiences and create benchmarks with different segments, countries or even competitors. This way you can view competitors from the perspective of your online consumer.

We can help you research your competitors' marketing activity and performance, to give you market insight into how you compare against other players in your industry. This can also help you build a picture of which type of consumer they're trying to target with their campaigns, so you have the choice to include them in your own marketing programs.

What makes Meltwater Consumer Insights different?

We apply AI, data-science, and human market-research expertise to a comprehensive social data stream, enabling us to uncover consumer insights that regular social listening cannot. Our powerful analytics platform is intuitive enough for any user to perform their own marketing research into consumer behavior and acquire a clearer understanding of their customer journey, but when combined with the unique vertical industry expertise and consumer research know-how of our team, it can deliver consumer insights that give your business the edge.

If you’ve reached the limits of what you can do with your existing social media listening tools, and you’re ready to move onto more sophisticated use cases, Meltwater should be your next step.

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Streamlined Insight

Audience-Centric Social Listening

Market research is traditionally expensive and time-consuming. Once you have a better idea of who makes up your different segments, you can monitor all conversations they engage in to better grasp what they like and what they talk about without having to run a direct focus group.

From there, you can plan how best to speak to them through your campaign messaging. Plus, you can spot the trends when it comes to consumer behaviors in the short, medium and long term.

Meaningful Messaging

Targeted Content Strategy

Generating valuable content that appeals to different segments of your audience can be difficult. But when you can intricately analyze the data, and see what each segment is sharing or interacting with, you can find out what resonates with your key consumer and craft your own content accordingly. 

Adapt your targeting and drive high-performance marketing and advertising campaigns, at scale. Improve customer experience by pinpointing areas for improvement and the facets of your brand that your consumers love. Create a more meaningful customer journey online. 

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Florence Rainsard, Global Consumer Insights Director, Pernod Ricard

Florence Rainsard, Global Consumer Insights Director, Pernod Ricard

“Meltwater Consumer Insights was one of the key enablers that helped us become a truly consumer-centric organization.”

 Christian Veysseyre, Director of Social Media Intelligence and Evaluation, Danone

Christian Veysseyre, Director of Social Media Intelligence and Evaluation, Danone

“It’s very important to understand how visible our brands are. What people say about our brands, but also the tone they use. Meltwater has so much data on what people say about us.”

Nicolas Fleisch, Media and Advertising Officer, Hyundai

Nicolas Fleisch, Media and Advertising Officer, Hyundai

“Thanks to Meltwater, we were able to work with our media and creative agencies to develop content for the right people on the right platform, and with the right channel of communication.”

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