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The Best Social Media Marketing Examples 2022

Samantha Scott

Feb 9, 2023

Every day, more than 4.1 billion people use social media. Social media has arguably never been more important than it is right now for brands, but many brands need some guidance on what, when, and how-to posts. That's why looking at social media marketing examples can be helpful to brands when formulating their social media strategy.

As marketers, we're more than aware of the massive potential. Social media marketing offers brands the opportunity to connect with global audiences, build a memorable brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. 

But it takes a lot more than just posting content to social media to be successful. Brands need a winning strategy to stand out, including unique creative, relevant targeting, and effective advertising.

That's where we can help. We've gathered examples of posts, tweets, and videos from brands that can inspire your social media strategy.

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The Best Social Media Marketing Examples 2022

1. Spotify: Spotify Wrapped

Why it works: Spotify gives its users a glimpse into their listen history for the year, tapping into nostalgia and reminding them of their favorite songs.

Have you ever listened to a song or artist on Spotify, on repeat? Probably so! Well, Spotify Wrapped gives you a little reminder of which songs and artists seemed to impact you the most throughout the year. It's a fascinating way to review your year, and share with your friends and followers.

It's also encouraged some amusing posts, as people joke about not wanting the songs they listen to on repeat at work, at the gym, or at night, to count towards their Spotify Wrapped summary.

It's a masterclass in creating a feature that people want to share and engage with, whether it be for the lolz or as a serious and contemplative look-back.

Even brands got in on the fun, such as this tongue-and-cheek post from Netflix:

2. Netflix: Global Rift Takeover

Why it works: By launching a campaign in global cities, Netflix got the world to pay attention to the much anticipated new season of Stranger Things.

You could argue that Stranger Things didn't need much extra hype for people to tune in when Season 4 was released in the spring of 2022. The show has a massive fan base around the world. But on the eve of the season release, Netflix celebrated its global appeal and the fans with their "Global Rift Takeover" campaign.

It was quite a flex for Netflix, drawing massive crowds in cities from New York to Tokyo to Saudi Arabia who gathered to witness light shows, projections, and Instagram-worthy dramatic visuals in anticipation of Season 4.

Tip: Take a look at some more Instagram examples to inspire you.

3. Dove - #DetoxYourFeed

Why it works: They partnered with diverse influencers to raise awareness of the thousands of toxic messages and microaggressions experienced online every day when it comes to body image.

Dove has been creating unforgettable social media marketing campaigns for more than 20 years. Every single campaign is built around its core values of inclusivity, natural beauty, and positive body image.

One of Dove’s new marketing campaigns in 2022 was called #DetoxYourFeed. They partnered with diverse influencers to raise awareness of the thousands of toxic messages and microaggressions experienced online everyday when it comes to body image.

As a marketer, B2B, or B2C brand, the ultimate goal is to grow an audience of loyal followers and micro-influencers around the world that can swing into action whenever called upon. Perhaps no brand is a better example of that than Dove.

4. Apple - #ShotOniPhone

Why it works: Apple found a way to activate their community and showcase its products all in one brilliant marketing campaign called #ShotOniPhone.

One social strategy that has been proven to increase awareness on social media is utilizing user-generated content, or UGC, to showcase your products.

In fact, 75% of people feel user-generated content makes a brand more authentic. And 90% of consumers reported that UGC has more influence over their decision-making process than search engine results. 

The #ShotOniPhone Apple marketing campaign leverages several different marketing tactics, such as online and offline advertisements, and has produced some staggering results.

The hashtag has been used more than 16 million times on Instagram alone. This is incredible brand exposure that Apple hasn’t had to pay for directly. 

UGC is a cost-effective and persuasive source of content that brands will need to help build trust, increase revenue, and encourage stronger relationships with customers.

5. Prada: Paradox with Emma Watson

Why it works: Prada worked with actor and activist, Emma Watson, to promote their new fragrance, Paradox, through a feminist lens.

While it's true that micro-influencers are hugely important for brands to consider, with this partnership, Prada achieved several key things that brands can get from working with mega influencers and celebrities who already have a baked in audience of millions.

The campaign consists of four main pillars of content: a short film commercial directed by Watson, a behind-the-scenes video, an accompanying video hosted by Watson that details the products sustainability factors, and extended visual promotion on Watson's Instagram page:

Prada Instagram promotion by Emma Watson as part of social media marketing campaign

Emma Watson has made a name for herself as a vocal and feet-on-the-ground gender equality and sustainability activist over the past several years, and this is exactly why the partnership here is unique.

Prada is a luxury brand, not immediately associated with these values, so partnering with Watson is a clear bid to establish a connection in consumers minds that Prada as a brand is sustainable and forward-thinking.

6. NYX Cosmetics: Avatar

Why it works: A 3-pronged promotional campaign for the new Avatar movie showcased the creativity of various makeup artists and influencers, while keeping the Avatar branding and release date front and center for viewers.

Avatar: The Way of Water really went all out with their promotion for the new film. NYX Cosmetics created a full makeup collection inspired by the films beautiful imagery and hosted an influencer campaign on Instagram and YouTube.

The influencers created their own creative looks, tagging NYX, promoting the release date of the film, and offering discount codes for the collection.

7. airBnB: Hocus Pocus 2

Why it works: Air BnB tapped into the nostalgia of millennials who were getting a sequel to the much beloved film Hocus Pocus, with a themed airBnB, promoted by various influencers.

It's no secret that '90s nostalgia is rampant among the millennial generation. And various franchises and brands have taken notice. One of the more recent examples is the promotion for the Hocus Pocus sequel. airBnB got in on the fun with a unique film-themed rental, that they then invited several influencers to stay at leading up to the films release.

Hocus Pocus themed airbnb influencer post on Instagram

8. American Ballet Theater: Hardest Ballet Step

Why it works: A viral TikTok video brought two ballet companies to the fore over the Fall of 2022.

In one of the more surprising and delightful social media campaigns to come out of last year, the American Ballet Theater social media team posted an innocent TikTok & Instagram Reel, seemingly as part of their regular social programming, asking dancers what their least favorite ballet step was:

Least favorite ballet step, ABT social media campaign


What happened after is so jovial and off-the-cuff, yet so precise, it's unclear whether this was masterminded before the original video or if it indeed happened organically, which is precisely what makes this campaign so brilliant.

The post garnered such a response from the wider TikTok and Instagram communities, many non-dancers asking to see the most difficult step demonstrated, that ABT posted a followup.

It then transpired that a dancer from the National Opera Ballet in the Netherlands posted an Instagram Story asking members of their company the same question — without realizing it had "already been done". This prompted a hilarious rivalry to spring up between the two companies:

Social media campaign

Once this got going, each account made use of the co-produced tagging feature that Instagram introduced last year.

After the final "episode" of their rivalry was posted, they created an audio of all the hardest ballet steps mentioned in the original video which was then used by other companies on their socials.

A micro-culture was then created, where companies started nominating each other, similar to the massively successful Ice Bucket Challenge.

This campaign demonstrated how powerful social media can be for developing brand awareness and recognition, even among those who might not typically follow your content.

Wrapping Up: Successful Social Media Marketing Examples 2022

Marketing campaigns on social media in 2022 moved beyond the focus on "getting back to normal" after Covid and had a much more looking-ahead vibe. Some, like Avatar, celebrating being together at the movies, some bringing people together for the collective enjoyment of their favorite show, like Netflix did with Stranger Things.

Others simply dove into a kind of giddy mirth at being back at work, such as what American Ballet Theater did with their viral TikTok campaign.

In many ways, social media is an ubiquitous landscape for marketing. So when a brand can push through that with a truly unique, attention grabbing, and lively campaign, then it's a job well done for brand awareness and authentic engagement.

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