An illustrated version of a smartphone with confetti and social media iconography, like a heart and a Facebook like button, floating around the phone. These celebratory symbols and icons represent the engagement notifications a community manager would hope to see after implementing a new social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Building a following and using social media platforms to reach a wider audience requires a well-planned social media marketing strategy. In this guide, we’ll be looking at why social media marketing is so essential and how you can make it work for your business.


Looking for the latest social media news? This blog has it. This image of a cartoon newspaper against a solid pink background conveys the message that news is being broadcast

Social Media News: The 5 Biggest Stories of the Week

Illustration showing a large hashtag symbol in a speech bubble next to a smaller like symbol, on a purple background. header mage for best hashtags for followers blog post

Best Hashtags for #Followers

Illustration of a TikTok logo in a black and white box with three follower icons on top, on a pale pink background. The top 10 most followed TikTok accounts blog post.

The 10 Most Followed TikTok Accounts

Image showing a large floating TikTok logo symbol next to a calendar and clock on a pale pink background. Best times to post on TikTok blog post.

When is the Best Time to Post on TikTok in 2023?

person holding mobile phone with instagram on the screen

How to Post on Instagram - The Full Guide

Illustration of social media channel logos with the Philippine flag

What Are the Most Used Social Media Platforms in the Philippines 2022?

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Looking for an alternative social media management solution? This image of a man holding a giant magnifying glass represents how monumental that search can feel. In this blog, we explore alternative social media solutions to Tailwind.

The Best Tailwind Alternatives 2023

Image showing a red dress with black polkadots inside a phone, on a bright green background. Blog post on live shopping for brands.

Beginners Guide to Live Shopping for Marketers

Phone screen with an instagram icon next to the Twitter and SnapChat icons.

How to Get Verified on Instagram

White Twitter bird over light blue background. Twitter marketing strategy blog.

Creating a Twitter Marketing Strategy

An image of Instagram ads over a blue and green background

How to Use Instagram Ads — A Guide for Marketers in 2023

A computer screen with 3D charts coming out

Increase your Social ROI with Consumer Insights

Phone with heart symbols pouring out. Top social campaigns for inspiration

10 of the Top Social Media Campaigns of 2022

Illustration of someone buying online to demonstrate the power of social commerce

What is Social Commerce? Definition, Examples, Tips

Large illustration of the TikTok logo on a white background. TikTok for business blog post

How To Use TikTok For Business

Illustrated Twitter logo, smartphone, and Twitter analytics graph. Analytics for Twitter blog post

How to Use Twitter Analytics: Hashtags, Followers, Demographics

Measuring tool.

How to Measure Share of Voice: PPC, SEO and Social Media

Mock-ups of several YouTube ads hovering over a smartphone in a carousel format that give you a sense of how video marketing works. The first ad features a pair of headphones, the second ad features a video game controller, and the final ad in the series displays a blue t-shirt.

A Starter Guide to Advertising on YouTube

Media Intelligence, Social Listening, Social Media Management, Consumer Insights, Influencer Marketing, Sales Intelligence & more - All in one Suite!

Image showing 3D illustrated red Instagram like notification falling from the sky into a pile. How to get more Instagram followers blog post.

How To Get More Instagram Followers

You see a photo of Facebook Like icons as the header image for our blog about Facebook Marketing Tips.

5 Facebook Marketing Tips To Make Your Brand Successful

Illustration of people building reports

A Marketer’s Guide to Using Social Media for Lead Generation

An illustrated version of a smartphone with confetti and social media iconography, like a heart and a Facebook like button, floating around the phone. These celebratory symbols and icons represent the engagement notifications a community manager would hope to see after implementing a new social media marketing strategy.

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide

Image of a YouTube screen with video progress bar, on a light blue background. Quick tips for social videos blog post.

5 Quick Tips for Social Video Content

An illustrated image of the IGTV logo against a gradient background.

Instagram Video: How to Use IGTV for Your Social Media Strategy

Smartphone showcasing Instagram Stories

The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories

A blurry computer screen displaying the Facebook logo in the top-left corner

A Guide to Creating a Facebook Business Page

A person holding a cell phone with the WhatsApp logo displayed on screen. This image is being used as the thumbnail for a blog on WhatsApp business marketing

How To Use WhatsApp for Business in 2023

Hand holding medals on blue background

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Social Media Briefs of Southeast Asian Athletes

5 stars on a blue background for facebook recommendations and reviews

How to Leverage Facebook Recommendations for Your Business

Profitable Social Media Services for Your Agency

An illustrated image of a video play icon that appears as a red cube with a white triangle in the center. If you are marketing on YouTube, you want your subscribers to be clicking on this video icon player on the platform.

10 Tips to Grow Subscribers on YouTube (The Organic Way)

Three blue American dollar signs against a blue background. The dollar signs represent the revenue your marketing team could generate through Facebook lead ads.

How to Use Facebook Lead Generation Ads

A cartoon model of the Earth that is melting. Below the floating Earth is a puddle. In this blog post, we examine how the topic of climate change is being discussed on social media.

Using Social Media to Combat Climate Change

An icon of a YouTube video player with icons of hearts and "Likes" floating around the video in a heart-like shape. This is the type of engagement most marketers dream their YouTube video marketing strategy will generate.

Ultimate Guide to YouTube Marketing

Pink 3D Instagram logo camera with like icons. Hero image for How to do Instagram Marketing blog.

How To Be Successful With Instagram Marketing

Megaphone sending a WhatsApp Broadcast

All You Need To Know About WhatsApp Broadcast

A smartphone that has various objects like a pair of shoes, a suitcase, a credit card, and lipstick all flying out of the screen and into the real world. This image illustrates the growing shift toward online shopping, and in particular social commerce through platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace

A purple conversation bubble with three hearts cut into it that resembles the icon that appears when you get a "like" on your Instagram business account

How to Use Instagram for Business

A collection of objects, like a bullseye target, bar chart and magnifying glass, that are meant to represent social media marketing metrics small businesses could evaluate

How To Boost Your Small Business With Social Media Marketing

An image of a cartoon phone with stylized chat bubbles appearing around the screen against a solid pink background. Each of the four chat bubbles are a different color, symbolizing the different threads that marketers can engage in on Reddit.

The Ultimate Guide to Reddit Marketing

Picture of WhatsApp logos linked together

How To Create And Use Whatsapp Ads

arabian woman holding her smartphone to take a photo

A Quick Guide to Social Media Marketing in the Middle East

Hand holding phone featuring LinkedIn login page

How to Build A Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

A team meeting casual

A Beginner's Guide to Social Media for B2B

Facebook Messenger app icon on a phone

10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Ideas

A yellow, red and blue target with a dart in the middle.

How to Target Your Social Media Promotion

illustrated image of a purple background with a woman in blue sitting on a phone screen using her own smartphone

Social Media Experiments: What You Can Learn by Testing

3 Things Your Business is (Still) Getting Wrong About Social Media

3 Things Your Business is (Still) Getting Wrong About Social Media

Instagram marketing India

Big Instagram Changes Ahead for Indian Marketers and Users?

successful social media strategy flirting peacock

The Secret to a Successful Social Media Strategy? Flirting!

WhatsApp and Messenger Apps as a Marketing Tool

WhatsApp and Messenger Apps as a Marketing Tool

Image of a phone with the Facebook App loaded.

3 Tips for Scaling Social Media Processes

social media brand awareness

Is social media as a brand awareness tool right for you?

social media breakfast illustration

How Social Media Went from Exciting to Ingrained in Our Lives

Abstract motherboard graphic with Instagram logo and rows of people.

Instagram for Business: What Changed with the API?

Getting PR Traction with Facebook Distribution of Press Releases

4 Facebook Metrics Every Company Should be Measuring

social media in Ramadan banner

Social Media: A Guide to Building an Effective Ramadan Strategy

social media marketing on a budget

4 Tips for Nonprofit Social Marketing: Small Budgets, Big Impact

paid social illustration

How to Use Paid Social Media Ads to Boost Earned Media

social media campaigns

Top Social Media Campaigns of 2019

localize social media campaigns

How To Localize Social Media Campaigns

christmas ads

The History of Christmas Ad Campaigns in the UK (and 2019’s top 5)

Key Lessons from Asia's Best Social Media Campaigns of 2019

A hand holding a phone with the Instagram app open

B2B Brands That Are Nailing It On Instagram

A man in a suit holding a mobile.

5 Reasons Executives Should Increase Social Media Presence

Avengers: Endgame – Deep Dive into the Social Media Realm


Top Social Media Campaigns in Indonesia

the gamification of social media

The Gamification of Social Media

Two hands, each holding a cell phone - one phone is white, the other is black, both on the same Instagram image but different view formats.

Social Entrepreneurs: 5 Consumer Brands that Started on Social

photo of an open laptop from above

3 Recipe Sites’ Social Strategies

Image of human brain on blue background. Psychology of social media blog post

Psychology of Social Media: The Science Behind Why People Share Online

5 film festivals using social media

5 Film Festivals Using Social Media the Right Way

get twitter right with high tech saas

Get Twitter Right with High-Tech SaaS

music festival social media campaign

3 Music Festivals with Successful Social Media Strategies

A golf ball on grass.

3 Golf Tournaments Using Social Media for Major Impact

Child planting a plant.

5 Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Getting PR Traction with Facebook Distribution of Press Releases

Facebook Algorithm Change – Now What for Brands?

Three illustrated TVs showing these TV shows respectively (Left to Right): Red TV: Stranger Things; Green TV; The Walking Dead; Blue TV: Pretty Little Liars

The 5 Best Social Media Campaigns for TV Shows

5 Quick Tips for Social Video

How to Run a Successful Social Media Advertising Campaign

instagram marketing

Instagram Marketing: 20 Excellent Examples and Ideas from Top Brands

Instagram logo and an icon symbolising a woman.

How to Leverage Instagram for your Business in South Africa

how social media affects your health

How Can Social Media Affect Your Health?

facebook vs twitter differences on social media

Facebook vs. Twitter: Social Media Strategy Differences