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Social Media Publishing Platform

Take control of your content scheduling with a social media management tool that's built for marketing and PR professionals.
Meltwater’s all-in-one platform lets you manage your brand's presence across all its social accounts, in the same tool that provides your social analytics and PR coverage monitoring.

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Powerful Social Media Scheduling Tools

Keeping your social networks up to date with fresh content is essential for driving engagement. With Meltwater you can easily schedule posts across all your channels from an intuitive content calendar, which means you’re free to focus on doing your best creative work instead of wasting time manually posting content every day.

Automate your social media publishing across:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • X
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

With an integrated asset-editor and the ability to make custom edits for each channel, it's never been easier to fine-tune your content format for different social media platforms, before you publish. No matter how big your portfolio of owned social channels, Meltwater's social media publishing tools help you stay in control, making sure your content is properly formatted, optimized, and consistent across all of your properties.

A Scalable Solution for All Businesses


Flexible pricing models to match your client growth, logical approval processes for easy collaboration with in-house team members, and analytics tools that streamline reporting. 


A robust, all-in-one social media publishing and management tool with top-performing workflows that help marketing, PR, digital, and customer service teams stay aligned on social.

Small Business

Build an on-brand social media presence that will help your business grow, no matter how limited your marketing resources.

Illustration of Meltwaters Social Media Content Creation Process
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A Platform for Collaboration

Built-in workflows streamline the content drafting and approval process, so you can be sure that quality remains high, even when you’re publishing at scale.

Assign publishing and community management tasks to specific team members, to make certain that nothing falls through the cracks and no opportunity is ever missed. 

Collaborating across in-house teams and external agency partners is simple, with role-based dashboards that give each user easy access to only the features they need - streamlining their workflows and limiting the potential for human error.

Meltwater's analytics tools empower you to build reports with one click and dashboards that can be automatically shared with key stakeholders to keep them updated on your performance on social media. These reports can be tailored to different expertise levels, so no matter what their level of social media knowledge, your executives can stay informed of the KPIs that matter to them. 

Get the edge

Benchmark Content Performance Against Competitors

Our industry leading social analytics tools show you exactly how your content performs across all channels, and you can even plug in your competitors’ channels to benchmark against their performance.

Performance reports include visual content galleries, so you can see at a glance which images and videos drive the most engagement. This gives you the insight you need to continually optimize your content strategy and outperform rivals.

You won't need to be a social media analytics expert to decipher our reports and understand what makes your best-performing content so successful. Meltwater's dashboards provide clear insights that make it easy to explain your results to all stakeholders, even those who don't use any social networks apart from LinkedIn! 

But if you're the kind of data-driven marketer that likes to get deep in the weeds, our platform lets you tap into the raw social media data, so you can export to your favorite analytics tool. 

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Illustration of Meltwaters Organic Social Media Benchmark Dashboard

"By far, the biggest efficiency we have seen is having all social media channels in one place - meaning that we can quickly respond to fans across many regions with ease."

Hazel Tan, Marketing and PR Executive

Graphic illustration of woman controlling community management

Take Control of Community Management

With Meltwater’s Unified Inbox, you’ll see all of your comments and messages in a single inbox. Being able to read and respond to everything all in one place means you don’t waste time signing into each social media channel multiple times every day, and community management becomes a much less time-consuming process. 

You can either respond directly to comments and messages, or assign them to another team member to deal with - using our intuitive community management workflows.

Graphic illustration of earned, paid, shared and owned media

Earned and Owned Social Media, Together at Last

As well as getting all of the comments and messages from your owned social channels in the unified inbox, you’ll also see earned brand mentions on social media and PR coverage from news media in there.

PR, digital, and marketing teams are increasingly converged, so there’s no reason their data and tools should live in separate silos. We know that media coverage drives social conversations, and often the news media takes its cues from trending social media topics, so our platform lets you analyze the relationships between all kinds of brand mentions and coverage.

 With Meltwater, whatever your role, you get everything you need in a single platform.

Automate Compliance in Social Media

You wouldn’t distribute a press release or broadcast and advert for you brand without rigorously checking it meets your standards, so why publish social media posts without applying the same scrutiny?

Ensuring your social posts have undergone the appropriate QA checks, as well as being in line with your organization’s compliance requirements, doesn’t need to slow down your social media content pipeline.

Meltwater’s easy-to-use social media management tool enforces workflows that ensure every single social media post your team wants to publish is properly approved by the right people before it goes live.

Social Media Fails are a thing of the past!

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Social Media Publishing Capabilities

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    Analytics across earned and owned media

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    Manage multiple social handles and teams

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    Content and campaign planning, scheduling, and publishing

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    Social customer service and care

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    Community management

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    Governance and workflow management

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    Custom dashboards and reporting

Graphic illustration of people exploring user generated content

Easily Integrate User Generated Content

More brands are waking up to the power of including UGC in their social media content strategy. Content created by your brand's biggest fans is proven to boost engagement and adds an element of authenticity which is hard to achieve through professionally produced content. 

Meltwater's social media management tool can help you identify the right kind of UGC for your brand, secure the legal rights to publish it, and then schedule it along with the rest of your content. 

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A Social Media Strategy for Success

The world's leading brands and agencies know that social needs to be front and center in their marketing strategy these days, and to make that happen you need a heavyweight social media management tool. 

Whether you're the only person handling social media in your organization, or you're part of a much bigger team, the right tools will help you achieve the best outcome with whatever resources you have available. 

With Meltwater you'll be able to build a strong brand presence across all the major social media platforms, drive audience engagement, and be sure that your investment in social is contributing to your overall marketing goals

A tailored solution

Whether you work for an agency, a brand, a global enterprise, or a small business, our social media management tool can be tailored for your specific requirements and has the flexibility to scale with your organization as it grows and evolves.

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Matthew Wurst, Head of Brand Marketing Operations, 360i

Matthew Wurst, Head of Brand Marketing Operations, 360i

"For us, Meltwater Social's ultimate value is aggregating content and data in one place and centralizing communication protocols to enhance workflow and reduce cost and labor."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"Our campaigns are based on market trends. We use Meltwater to evaluate what other leading brands are doing before deciding how to align ourselves to global trends and remain in the forefront."

Christine DiNardo, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Christine DiNardo, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

“When we were working to sell in the need for a social media publishing, engagement, analytics, and listening tool, our Meltwater account team worked with us to build a really robust report, which is when the problem with bots showed up. It’s SUCH a pleasure to work with our reps Jeannette & Emilia.”

Illustration of Meltwaters social media content scheduling process

Social Media Scheduling Tools That Just Work

Using Meltwater's platform to build your brand's profile across the top social media channels is easy:

  • We'll help connect the social networks that your brand is using (including X, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn) and set up each of your team members with the right level of access to the platform, so that they have all the tools they need, but nothing else to distract them. 
  • Upload images, video and other social media content to the asset library, so it's easy for your team to find. 
  • Draft your social media posts in the platform, and seamlessly tailor different versions that are perfectly formatted for each social network you want to publish on. 
  • Use the social media scheduling tools to add posts to the publishing calendar, giving your team a complete view of which content is scheduled and when. 
  • Before they can be published, all social media posts are put through your customized approvals process to ensure nothing gets shared before it's completely ready. 
  • Comments and feedback from fans and followers across all of your social media accounts are shown in a single unified inbox, so you never miss an opportunity for engagement. 
  • Use the built-in social media analytics platform to understand which content is performing best, what isn't working, and why. 

Frequently asked questions

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