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Brand Management

From your brand's logo to your website, your social media presence to your customer support—these elements combined are what constitutes a brand in the minds of customers. But, there are thousands of other businesses that have a logo, website, social media presence, and website. So, how can you position your business on the market and make it stand out from the competition? The key to success is branding & brand management!


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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Brand's Tone of Voice

An image of a pink metal nut and bolt on a solid blue background. When building a branding guide, you'll need the right tools — and this blog explains the nuts and bolts of putting together an impactful strategy.

The Social Media Branding Guide

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The Ultimate Brand Awareness Guide 2023

Row of blue chairs on blue background with one chair lit up yellow. Why employee advocacy is important, blog post

What Is Employee Advocacy and Why Is It Important?

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Why Branding & Brand Management Are a Must-Have for Your Business

A pink typewriter in the center of the image with a blank white piece of paper sticking out of the top. When writing a story, every storyteller begins with an empty blank piece of paper, and this blog post describes the process of the art of storytelling.

Creating A Brand Story With The Art of Storytelling

Media Intelligence, Social Listening, Social Media Management, Consumer Insights, Influencer Marketing, Sales Intelligence & more - All in one Suite!

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Brand Equity: What it is and how to build it

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A Quick Dive into Co-Branding

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What Are Brand Ambassadors and Why Are They Important?

A large telescope set against a light teal backdrop. The telescope is a visual metaphor for the process of monitoring brand mentions on the internet, which is known as brand monitoring.

Brand Monitoring: How to Keep Track of Your Brand Mentions

A giant letter "T" with various icons and widgets hovering around it, like a pencil, a pie chart, and a graph. These icons that are involved in the editing of the letter "T" are part of the design process a designer might undergo in a brand management exercise to ensure that the size, color, and style of the letter "T" match the brand's guidelines.

What is Brand Asset Management and How to Leverage It?

This blog is a guide on how to come out on top when it comes to product branding, so this image of a pink chess piece sat atop a stack of books with fallen pawn chess pieces around the books demonstrates the winning strategy one can gain from reading this post.

Product Branding: Definition, Examples and Strategy

A set of blocks: two large yellow cubes and a smaller pink cube. The pink cube clearly stands out from the other yellow cubes, which makes this image the perfect fit for our blog on brand extensions and how to include them in your strategy.

What is Brand Extension And How To Include It Into Your Strategy?

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How Brand Reputation Impact COVID Vaccinations in Australia

Building a brand strategy framework takes finesse and balance, which is why this image of an orange sphere balanced atop a teal prism is a fitting metaphor for the skill required in assembling a brand strategy.

The Ultimate Brand Strategy Framework

A white ladder placed against a light blue wall that is leading up to a window that is a giant orange circle. The abstract image feels aspirational, like the idea of a positive employer brand image that employees and companies strive for

Employer Branding vs. Employee Branding: Definition, Differences & Examples

Why Brands Are Kicking Demographics to The Curb in Favour of Audience Insights

Why Brands Are Ditching Demographics in Favour of Audience Insights

Kim Kardashian Has 3 Things to Teach Us about Brand Strategy

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How brands have responded to COVID-19

social media guidelines

Guide: Create Staff Brand Ambassadors With Social Media Guidelines

Being on Brand or being real? What's better for social media?

Being on Brand or Being Real: Which Is Better for Social Media?

Creating a Flexible Brand Voice That Still Maintains Global Consistency

How to Ensure your Flexible Brand Voice Keeps Global Consistency

brand credibility

4 Steps Towards Building Brand Credibility

Brand promotion - social media

Driving Brand Promotion through Social Media

Brand awareness

5 Ways To Accurately Measure Your Brand Awareness

Brand reinvention world cloud

Brand Reinvention: How You Know It’s Time to Rebrand

Brand love - brand sentiment

Why we should all be analysing brand sentiment around our campaigns

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Brand Attachment vs. Brand Loyalty: Let’s Talk Ice Cream.

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How Does Your Brand Affect Your Customers’ Personal Experiences?

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3 Strategies for Integrating Regional Communications Teams

Futuristic command centre

The What, Why & How of Brand Command Centres

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3 Ways to Find Brand Advocates

Photo of 3 people working together in an office

6 Tips for Enforcing Consistent Messaging Across Your Organization

why gaming is the next brand opportunity

5 Reasons Why Gaming Is the Next Big Brand Opportunity

sunset image for brand goodbyes

Brand Goodbyes: How to Communicate a Closure

Brand crisis

5 Common Urgent Issues That Don’t Need to Become a Brand Crisis

Illustration of a woman walking through a forest with a flashlight to see analytics

Brands in Motion: How PR Can Lead the Way

designing branding for business

How to Design a New Brand Identity for Your Business

brand awareness and consistency

5 Ways to Maintain Brand Consistency As You Grow Your Business