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Sales Intelligence

Maximize your sales outreach.

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Are your sales pitches falling flat?

As a sales professional you've got to be on you A-game with outreach because there is always someone right behind you ready to jump in. Optimizing your prospecting strategy is key. With competitive sales intelligence and sales intelligence tools, you can achieve higher conversions, reduce churn and encourage customer loyalty.

Smarter sales decisions start here.

Execute more accurate prospecting.

Throwing spaghetti at the wall doesn't yield results. Improving the accuracy and relevancy of your outreach will engage the prospects that will convert.

Get back crucial time.

When you automate sales processes you not only reduce the capacity for human error, you free up your sales teams to do the things that machines can't.

Strengthen customer relationships.

Once a client signs on the dotted line, the challenge becomes keeping them invested. The key is staying relevant by leveraging sales intelligence tools.

Smash your sales goals.

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Elevate your outreach with Meltwater.

Competitive Intelligence
Real-Time Alerts
Customized Insights
Contact Data
Competitive Intelligence
Real-Time Alerts
Customized Insights
Contact Data
Meltwater competitive intelligence table analyzing Netflix

Competitive Intelligence

With advanced competitive intelligence you can pinpoint your next best customer while staying informed. Easily identify business opportunities and growing trends to scale your business.

Real-Time Alerts

Get immediate notifications for key events that directly impact your prospects and customers including acquisitions, funding announcements, partnerships, ESG news and more. Harness this data to tailor outreach before competitors swoop in.

Customized Insights

Discover the insights that will drive business value, delivered straight to your inbox. Don't waste your time with labor intensive searching, where it’s all too easy to miss critical articles or social posts. Set up targeted lists to get the information when you need it.

Engage Faster

Access accurate contact information for over 150M individuals, complete with email addresses, phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles. Easily connect with key decision-makers, accelerating your ability to close deals and achieve success faster. Search by: Job Title, Seniority, Department, Hiring Date, Location

Our customer's success says it best.

Owler’s competitor research ability really is priceless. That single source of truth for our account research leading to incredibly reduced research time has made a huge difference for us.

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Trevor Shan

Business Development Manager, Openprise

Key features.

Competitive Intelligence Graph

Access to over 45 million competitive relationships.

Unparalleled Data Access

Extensive network of over 15 million private & public businesses.

Seamless Tool Integration

Competitive company insights without leaving your CRM.

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It’s time to own your ROI.

See how our sales intelligence solution can keep you one step ahead.