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Social Listening

Every day billions of conversations take place on social media: tweets, posts, comments, blogs, reviews, podcasts, and much more. Learn how to use social listening to make sense of all of that data.


Global Digital Report 2023 for Philippines

Social Media Statistics in the Philippines [Updated 2023]

Digital Report 2023 Hong Kong: Social Media Statistics

Social Media Statistics for Hong Kong [Updated 2023]

3D illustration of blue headphones for social listening.

The Ultimate Social Listening Guide - Never Miss a Social Mention

Digital Report 2023 Australia: Social Media Statistics

Social Media Statistics for Australia [Updated 2023]

A seated person looks through a large telescope in this image for a blog about alternatives to Zoho Social, a social media management software.

The Best Zoho Social Alternatives 2023

social media small business

5 Ways Small Business Can Use Social Listening Tools

Media Intelligence, Social Listening, Social Media Management, Consumer Insights, Influencer Marketing, Sales Intelligence & more - All in one Suite!

A woman with long red hair looks through a pair of binoculars in this image for a blog about alternatives to social monitoring software Mention.

The Best Mention Alternatives 2023

Digital Report 2023: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) - social media statistics 2023 cover

UAE Social Media Statistics [Updated 2023]

A blue football helmet against a yellow background for a blog about ads during football's big night

Which Brand ‘Won’ Football's Big Night?

3D illustration of social media statistics for Malaysia

Social Media Statistics for Malaysia [2022]

yellow tape measure against a coral pink background

The Importance of Social Media Metrics - Definitions and Calculations

Image showing a large TikTok logo next to a blue trending arrow going up and to the right. Top TikTok Trends of 2022 blog post.

What's Trending? The Top TikTok Trends 2022

Large TikTok logo illustration on black background. All TikTok stats you need to know

54 TikTok Stats You Need To Know [2023]

A magnifying glass hovers over the last 2 in 2022, for a blog about the top trends of the year as analyzed by Meltwater's social intelligence platform.

What Topics Were Trending on Social Media in 2022?

 mental health issues in hong kong

Mental Health Monitoring in Hong Kong: How CSRP saves lives by listening

You can see a 3D animated brain in front of a teal background

The What, Why And How of Sentiment Analysis

A clapboard, speech bubble, and coins float around a laptop playing a video in this image for a blog about YouTube statistics.

31 YouTube Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2023

You can see a blank sheet of paper leaning against a wall in a pink room

The State Of Print Monitoring With Meltwater

Media Intelligence, Social Listening, Social Media Management, Consumer Insights, Influencer Marketing, Sales Intelligence & more - All in one Suite!

A message icon with a green checkmark for a Meltwater blog about the best social listening tools, social listening platforms, and social media listening platforms

The Top 12 Social Listening Tools for 2023

A computer screen with 3D charts coming out

How To Measure & Analyse Media Coverage

Microphone and headphones on a pink background

TV & Radio Broadcast Monitoring with Meltwater: Everything you need to know

pink binoculars with a blue background for social media trends

Social Media Trends 2023: What You Need to Know

A seesaw with two orange balls balancing on one end of the seesaw. This image symbolizes the process that a marketing team may go through when weighing their different options when it comes to social media monitoring platforms.

The Top 21 Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2023

neon social media symbol showing zero likes. Top social media statistics for marketers in 2023 blog post.

70+ Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2023

Illustration of a phone showing social media apps in front of a larger screen with a direct message inbox set up, and graphs showing social media insights. Social media analytics guide

The Complete Guide to Social Media Analytics

An illustration of a man looking through a set of binoculars. The PR professional is searching for an alternative media monitoring tool to Cision.

The Best Cision Alternatives 2023

A graphic of a red-haired person stepping through purple and green plants while using binoculars for a blog about the best software alternatives to Birdeye.

The Best Birdeye Alternatives 2023

Image of a large Instagram logo on pale pink background, next to bright pink arrow following a bar chart up and to the right. Instagram statistics blog post

66 Instagram Statistics for 2023

A woman looking through a pair of binoculars during her search for a new social media management platform.

The Best Brandwatch Alternatives 2023

Image showing a large pink arrow surrounded by smaller arrows and clouds on a pale blue background.  Twitter impressions and reach blog post guide.

What Are Twitter Impressions & Reach?

Instagram trends blog post. Image showing Instagram logo on pale pink background surrounded by multi-colored dots and yellow squiggly lines

Current Instagram Trends to Watch

Illustration of a hashtag for the most trending hashtags in Australia

List of the Most Trending Hashtags in Australia

Illustration of a business Facebook page under the hood with tools. Facebook monitoring blog post.

Facebook Monitoring: How to Get The Best Facebook Page Analytics

media monitoring in the united kingdom

Media Monitoring in the United Kingdom: Everything You Need to Know

Image of a phone with Instagram analytics symbols.

The Ultimate Instagram Analytics & Insights Guide

Five illustrated people stand in a group connected by dotted lines and icons, for a blog about Meltwater and Twitter's new fashion report.

Using Social Listening for Market Research: How We Made 'The Fashion Industry's New Era'

Magnifying glass. Take a look into the top Chinese social media platforms

How To Stay On Top With Meltwater's Chinese Social Media Monitoring Tool

1 US dollar banknote against a white background for showcasing how much media monitoring costs

How Much Does Media Monitoring Cost?

The Twitter logo appears on a 3D blue tile in this image for a blog about Twitter stats for marketers and brands.

34 Twitter Stats Marketers Need To Know

Meltwater won seven awards from G2. Here two badges displaying the awards for Best Marketing Products and Best Software are featured in the center of the image with text above that reads, "2022 Best Software Awards".

Meltwater Celebrates G2 Best Software Awards Wins

Image of various charts showing media monitoring reporting analytics

How To Create Media Monitoring Analysis Reports

An image from a blog on social media reporting of a series of teal cylinders stacked in ascending order to form a graph. There is a pink sphere atop the tallest teal cylinder.

The Complete Guide to Social Media Reporting

A bright pink lightbulb hovering in the air in front of a pale blue background. This image is used to describe a blog post outlining several ideas on how to use social walls in your marketing campaigns.

How To Use a Social Wall With Examples

pink mannequin woman looking into mirror

Fighting Fake News on Social Media


How to Win More New Business for Your Agency, With Social Listening

A young man sitting on his laptop looking at a report on a paper on his table

3 Social Listening Use Cases for Pandemic Marketing

four arab women against a grey wall looking at their smartphones

The Top 3 Social Media Trends for the Middle East

stacks of coins

How Social Listening Can Help the Finance Industry

media monitoring in dubai and the uae

Media Monitoring in Dubai and the UAE

social listening in dubai

Social Listening in Dubai and the UAE: A Wealth of Opportunity for Marketing, PR & Comms

woman sitting in front of computer

Creative Ways to Use Social Listening Tools

Wales' skyline of Cardiff Bay and Millenium Centre.

Media Monitoring Software for Wales

why now is the time to practice social listening

Why Now Is the Time to Practice Social Listening

Team discussing items on a whiteboard

5 Ways to Turbocharge Your PR With Media Monitoring

social media

Why Social Listening is Important at All Levels of Business

Checklist Icon

14 Reasons Why Companies Choose Meltwater for Media Monitoring

product launch

The Ins and Outs of PR for Product Launches

Social listening HR

4 Ways Social Listening has Influenced HR

burning newspaper

5 Ways to Battle Fake News and Maintain Brand Integrity

Social Media Listening Tools trend-spotting

How Social Media Listening Tools Are a Trend Forecaster’s Best Friend

me too movement friends

#MeToo – How One Tweet Inspired a Movement

Futurists analysts and forecasters naval twitter feed

Influential Futurists, Analysts, and Forecasters to Follow

Top Ten PR & Marketing Podcasts You Need to Be Listening To

Executive decision making

Using Alternative Data & External Signals for Decision Making

two girls with shopping bags and a cell phone in hand looking at the screen while smiling

How To Understand Your Consumers’ Voice With Review Tracking

Infographic: Should I Trendjack on Social Media?

Two doors with grey steps leading up to them. One door is yellow, the other is blue.

Media Monitoring Tools in Ireland – What You Need to Know

media monitoring in scotland

Media Monitoring in Scotland – A Brand Gateway in a Promising Market

Greta Thunberg speaks through a microphone against the backdrop of a green sign

Social Media Reactions: Greta Thunberg, UN Climate Action Summit 2019

Image collage of photos

Australian Media Landscape: Players, Influence, and Power

Women's world cup champions

Women’s World Cup 2019: Social Media Analysis

uk global esports wave

Is the UK About to Catch the Global eSports Wave?

social media insights from democratic debate

Social Media insights from the second Democratic Debate

Hand holding a fried chicken drumstick with a black background.

If we were Jollibee, what would we be listening to?

Hand holding a phone with buildings in the background.

Are You Aware of the Social Media Trends Shaping Greater China?

Brunette woman in glasses using her laptop while seated at a desk

Social Media Monitoring Before, During and After a Crisis

man holding mobile phone with laptop on the desk

Media Monitoring Boolean Query Guide

Infographic: Mo Salah Scores on Social

Media Monitoring Companies in India: How to Put Public Data to Work

Three blue circles with one word in each - with, trending and topics".

Staying on Trend: The Importance of Monitoring Trending Topics Online

5 important questions to ask media intelligence vendors