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Media Relations

Achieve maximum PR impact.

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Scale media outreach without sacrificing relationship building.

Why can't these two go hand-in-hand? Cultivating connections with journalists, bloggers and influencers is key for generating positive press. The catch? Building out robust media outreach targets takes time. Strategic automation gets you that time back to do what machines can't: make human connections.

Pitch stories that resonate, every time.

Forge long-lasting media relationships.

Having solid relationships with journalists is the key to success. A tactful approach to outreach can build and strengthen these essential connections.

Unlock new promotional opportunities.

Today bloggers, podcasters and influencers are counted as equals among traditional journalists. Expanding your media database can uncover untapped audiences.

Get more bang for your buzz.

A moment in the spotlight doesn't mean it’s time to rest. Repurpose, redistribute and find the next opportunity with detailed analysis of your outreach.

Let's get your message out.

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Cultivate mentions that matter.

Media Database
Press Release Distribution
Measure & Analyze
Media Database
Press Release Distribution
Measure & Analyze
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No more looking for needles in haystacks.

Discover and access GDPR-friendly contact information for relevant media audiences using keyword search features. Generate lists of journalists who are actively writing about topics you care about.

Distribute press releases when it’s convenient for you.

Whether scheduled or in real-time, get your press releases out to websites and media outlets when you need to. Target local, national or global audiences with over 100 newslines to choose from. The choice is yours.

Show stakeholders the value of your work.

Up-to-date PR Dashboards let your teams know the direct impact of your media relations, earned media and communication team’s contributions. Report on metrics from AVE to SOV and everything in between.

Our customers inspire our innovation.

Meltwater has helped us be more strategic and less reactive when it comes to securing coverage. We can now build a better picture of the media landscape as well as our own position.

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Matt Horwood

Senior Communications Officer, Stonewall

An industry-leading feature set.

Team Collaboration

Prevent double-pitching, centralize your team’s expertise.

Enriched Database

Connect with the right media contacts and land more coverage.

CRM Functionality

Customize profiles, search for all people, and upload contacts.

PR Assistant

Stand out in a crowded inbox. Generate pitches and press releases with generative AI.

Robust Search

Cultivate high-performing media lists with our robust search tool.

Suggested Journalists

Save time finding new contacts with AI-automated recommendations.

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Start making meaningful connections.

See how fast your PR scales with a robust media relations solution.