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The Voice Referendum Active Display - Australia

The ‘Voice Dashboard’ tracks data across news, broadcast, and social media channels in Australia and globally, capturing the share of voice and engagement of the Yes and No campaigns, as well as trending themes, key opinion leaders’ positioning and key moments in the lead up to the referendum. 

Harnessing Meltwater’s suite of AI-powered solutions - Explore, Engage, Klear and Radarly, 4.86 million mentions across social media, online news, broadcast and print articles published since 1 January 2023 were analysed in real-time to uncover key insights on The Voice referendum.

The dashboard includes:

  • Share of Voice, trend and engagement comparison for 'Vote Yes' and 'Vote No' Campaigns
  • Trending Keywords
  • Top hashtags
  • Key Opinions Leaders for each campaign
  • Top editorial and social feeds

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