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On-Demand Webinar: Exclusive Super Bowl LVIII Analysis

Super Bowl On-demand Webinar

Customer sentiment and brand reputation are shaped long before the customer tests a product, makes a purchase, or connects to your contact center. They are informed by every direct and indirect message and moment of truth, and few moments are bigger than the Super Bowl.

Featuring an exclusive analysis of customer reactions and brand sentiment during the Rihanna and Usher Super Bowl halftime shows, and real-world insights from STAUD’s Head of Growth & Marketing, the webinar will help you understand – and more meaningfully connect with – existing and potential customers. You’ll begin turning curious buyers into lasting advocates.

We will cover:

  • How customers reacted to the Rihanna and Usher Super Bowl halftime shows, and how you can capitalize on that cutting-edge intelligence
  • How to measure the impact of every moment of truth on customer sentiment and brand reputation
  • How brands balance core values and accessibility when pursuing growth opportunities
  • How to turn customer sentiment data into stronger customer journeys and more effective sales and marketing endeavors
  • How to connect with customers on a more human level, building an audience that is excited to support your brand – and not just use your latest product

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