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The 18 Best Social Media Podcasts 2024

TJ Kiely

Apr 9, 2024

Want an easy way to get knowledge, insights, and practical tips for social media marketing? A social media podcast delivers value and inspiration on demand.

Listening to podcasts is a shortcut to learning. Hear from industry experts and experienced professionals who are successfully navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media. Learn from their trials and errors so you can power your own strategy.

We’ve rounded up the best social media podcasts to help you gain a deeper understanding of various social media platforms, audience behavior, content creation, advertising techniques, and engagement strategies.

We will focus on this list of social media and social media marketing podcasts:

  1. The Pubcast

  2. Savvy Social Podcast

  3. Social Media Secrets

  4. The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

  5. The GaryVee Audio Experience

  6. Social Media Lab

  7. Perpetual Traffic

  8. Social Pros Podcast

  9. The Science of Social Media

  10. Social Media Marketing Podcast

  11. Online Marketing Made Easy

  12. The Content Marketing Playbook

  13. Social Minds

  14. The Instagram Stories

  15. Social Zoom Factor

  16. Good Social Media Podcast

  17. The Art of Online Business

  18. Hashtag Authentic

The Pubcast

Social media podcast The Pubcast.

Facebook expert Jon Loomer shares tips, strategies, and case studies on how to leverage Facebook and other social media platforms.

With more than 10 years of episodes, this podcast has covered just about every aspect of Facebook for business purposes, from making algorithm-friendly content to ethical considerations.

Listen to The Pubcast on

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Savvy Social Podcast

Social media podcast Savvy Social Podcast.

Curious to learn the “why” of social media marketing? The Savvy Social Podcast was made to answer this very question.

Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, the podcast breaks down the reasons that having a social presence is a must, then covers a wide range of in-depth topics on how to go about making social media work for you.

Listen to the Savvy Social Podcast on

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Social Media Secrets

Social media podcasts Social Media Secrets

Social media guru Rachel Pedersen hosts a weekly podcast geared toward agency owners.

Pedersen spills the secrets to social media success, diving into platform-specific tips, skills, trends, algorithms, do’s and don’ts, and even leadership tips to help agencies start or grow their businesses.

Listen to the Social Media Secrets Podcast on

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The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

Social media podcast Marketing Happy Hour

One of the best marketing podcasts for entrepreneurs and small business owners, the Social Media Marketing Happy Hour covers topics and tips you can apply today.

Conversations center on how to use social media as a marketing tool and a path to growth. Previous topics have included Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, growing your email list, scaling your business, sales funnels, and customer experiences, among others.

Listen to The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast on

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Social media podcast The GaryVee Aduio Experience

Social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk (also known as GaryVee) shares his thoughts on all things social media, marketing, and business.

He’s built a solid reputation with his practical advice and motivation, making him a clear leader in the social media space. Episodes are about the length of a one-way commute (anywhere from 15-30 minutes or so), making it easy to work this podcast into your schedule.

Listen to The GaryVee Audio Experience on

Social Media Lab

Social media podcast Social Media Lab

A podcast created by social media management tool Agorapulse, Social Media Lab digs deep into the science of social media.

They bust the myths of social media marketing so listeners aren’t wasting time on tactics doomed to fail. Episodes answer real users’ questions and offer first-hand data to support various marketing methods and strategies.

Listen to the Social Media Lab Podcast on

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Perpetual Traffic

Social media podcast Perpetual Traffic

Hosted by Tier 11, this podcast delves into the world of paid traffic and social media advertising.

Experts discuss strategies and case studies and interview other big names in social media to help businesses optimize their paid ads. They’ve created more than 450 episodes to date, giving you plenty to listen to and learn from.

Listen to the Perpetual Traffic Podcast on

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Social Pros Podcast

Social media podcast SocialPros

Created by Convince and Convert, the Social Pros Podcast is one of the longest-running podcasts of its kind.

Hosts Jay and Adam cover all aspects of social media content marketing and offer actionable tips to help you win in a crowded space.

They recently topped 500 episodes, with most episodes lasting less than an hour.

Listen to the Social Pros Podcast on

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The Science of Social Media

Social media podcast The Science of Social Media

Buffer’s podcast explores the latest social media trends, research, and strategies in social media marketing.

Each week, the Buffer team answers users’ questions and provides actionable tips to develop a marketing strategy that works. Episodes are typically short (about 10-15 minutes each) to give you bite-sized information without the fluff.

Listen to The Science of Social Media Podcast on

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social media podcast Social Media Marketing

Developed by Social Media Examiner, the Social Media Marketing Podcast has published weekly episodes since 2012.

This 45-minute show often features experts sharing their best tips, strategies, research, and insights. With things changing quickly in this space, host Michael Stelzner (who also founded the company) helps marketers stay on top of evolving trends with ease.

Listen to the Social Media Marketing Podcast on

Online Marketing Made Easy

Social media podcast Online Marketing Made Easy

A podcast by Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Made Easy covers a wide range of marketing topics, many of which directly impact your social media marketing strategy.

Throughout her 600+ episodes, Amy gets candid about her own struggles in marketing, facing rejections, scaling businesses, and other inspirational advice. She also offers actionable tips that marketers of all stages in business can apply.

Listen to the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast on

The Content Marketing Playbook

Social Media Podcast The Content Marketing Playbook

Content strategist Josh Culler shares strategies for marketers and businesses to improve their content creation.

With social media being a hot spot for sharing content, this podcast is a must-listen for social media marketers. With more brands and companies creating content, it’s getting harder to stand out. There’s a lot of great content out there, and this podcast covers everything from niching to actionable step-by-step strategies.

Listen to The Content Marketing Playbook Podcast on

Social Minds

Social media podcast Social Minds

Craving data behind the experts’ social media suggestions?

Social Minds is a great resource that shares real case studies on what works and what doesn’t in social media. The podcast often features expert guest interviews and the most recent social media news and headlines to keep you in the know.

Listen to the Social Minds Podcast on

The Instagram Stories

Social media podcast The Instagram Stories

For brands doubling down on Instagram, the Instagram Stories podcast is a must-listen.

Each 30-minute episode dives deep into the Instagram platform, including new features, tools, strategies, and algorithm changes. Marketers can learn what makes the IG platform unique and how to build a successful online business here.

Listen to The Instagram Stories Podcast on

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Social Zoom Factor

Social media podcast Social Zoom Factor

Host Pam Moore was named one of Forbes’ top 10 social media influencers and shares her insights and experiences on her podcast.

Tailored for marketing leaders in small organizations and enterprises alike, this podcast helps marketers integrate social media with content marketing, experiential branding, digital marketing, and martech.

There are nearly 300 episodes to date, each one packed with digital marketing savvy that anyone can put to good use.

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Listen to the Social Zoom Factor Podcast on

Good Social Media Podcast

Social media podcast Good Social

Social media was designed to help us stay connected to those around us, near and far.

In the midst of the latest TikTok trends and IG crazes, it’s easy to forget what makes social media social. The Good Social Media Podcast changes that by sharing and celebrating feel-good, behind-the-scenes stories on social channels.

Marketers can learn a thing or two through these authentic stories that break boundaries and humanize the digital experience.

Listen to the Good Social Media Podcast on

The Art of Online Business

Social media podcast The Art of Online Business

A podcast by Rick Mulready, The Art of Online Business covers various aspects of the topic — and you can’t have an online business these days without social media.

He talks about marketing, entrepreneurship, advertising, and marketing on a macro and micro level. Many of his guests are content creators, online course creators, coaches, and solopreneurs who want to create an impact without hassle.

Listen to The Art of Online Business Podcast on

Hashtag Authentic

Social media podcast Hashtag Authentic

A podcast specifically for the creative entrepreneur, Hashtag Authentic offers great reminders about displaying your authentic self on social media.

It’s truly the best way to grow an audience, and the strategies you learn here allow you to show the best version of yourself without feeling cheap, fake, or desperate.

Listen to the Hashtag Authentic Podcast on

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