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A giant Instagram logo with a pink background. This image is being used in a blog post announcing the release of scheduling and publishing for Instagram Stories and Carousel posts through Meltwater.

Product Update: Scheduling Instagram Stories and Carousel Posts

Ryan Hansen

Oct 19, 2021

Fear of missing out is not exclusive to us as individuals. Brands experience it, too.

Your team might be asking itself: If our brand is not active across today’s popular social network, are we risking relevancy? Are we losing mind-share with our audience?

Take Instagram. Although 87 percent of Instagram users use Instagram Stories, only 36 percent of businesses regularly post Stories. 

That's a missed opportunity for a lot of brands. The reason? Scheduling and publishing content across different social media networks in various social media formats requires coordination, patience, and time.

So, you may be asking yourself: Is there an app for scheduling Instagram Stories?

Well, today, Meltwater is excited to announce we’re making the process of scheduling and publishing Instagram Stories and carousel posts easier for brands!

Social media managers can now use our Engage product to build story and carousel content in advance, schedule a future post date, submit for pre-approval, and receive reminders before posting. No more professional FOMO.

Let’s unpack what it all means! 

Why Schedule Stories and Carousels in the First Place?

A quick recap for any social media managers just tuning in. 

Can you schedule Instagram Stories? The answer is: YES!

But, some may still be wondering: Why should you schedule your Instagram Stories in advance?

Well, there are a lot of reasons. 

1. Save time around scheduling 

By scheduling your Instagram content ahead of time you can begin formalizing a process around posting content to your social media channels, meaning you can make more time for planning and creating content. Having more time for these two things means that you’ll be able to start posting more frequently. 

Plus, our platform can help alert you to the best time to post on social media, so you can trust that your posts and stories are going out at the optimal time. 

2. Ensure brand consistency with built-in approvals 

Using a social media management platform for scheduling your content allows you to create a governance structure that means you don’t have to worry about your social media intern going rogue on Instagram because they are publishing everything natively. Instead, you can assign user permissions and workflows to ensure a smooth publishing process. 

3. Engage your audience more frequently

Publishing consistently across your social media channels helps you develop familiarity with your audience and establish your brand’s personality within your market. In a world where consumers spend 2 hours-plus per day on social media, consistently publishing and engaging across social channels keeps you relevant, modern, and top of mind with your audience. 

The media landscape today is fragmented, which means brands have to be active across multiple social media networks if they want to engage with their audiences. We’re excited to offer our customers the ability to schedule and publish Instagram Stories and carousel posts through the Meltwater platform to help them reach their audiences in new ways. 

- Johnny Vance, VP of Product Marketing

How to Schedule Instagram Stories?

All Meltwater Engage customers can now schedule, pre-approve, and publish Instagram Stories and carousels.


Because of Instagram-related limitations, no third-party solution can directly publish Instagram Stories and carousel posts. You can still build content, place it on the calendar for visibility, and submit it for pre-approval. You’ll just need to use the Instagram app for the final step of posting the content, with Meltwater alerting you in advance and helping you import the content. 

That’s it! Are you ready to eliminate your Instagram FOMO? The Meltwater platform makes scheduling Instagram Stories, carousel posts, and grid posts simple, so you can spend more time creating content that engages your audience. Plus, our platform allows you to schedule content across platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so you can save even more time.

Don’t have Meltwater Engage? See Engage in action by scheduling a demo with one of our team members today: