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Looking for an alternative social media management solution? This image of a man holding a giant magnifying glass represents how monumental that search can feel. In this blog, we explore alternative social media solutions to Agorapulse.

The Best Agorapulse Alternatives 2024

Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Dec 8, 2023

Agorapulse is a well-known social media management platform, but it's not right for everyone. If you're reading this, you're probably searching for other options. 

We looked into the top Agorapulse alternatives to learn more about how it matches up against other platforms. Read on to learn more about the social media listening, engagement, and management options available today.

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What Is Agorapulse?

Agorapulse is a social media management software that lets users manage and publish content across six different channels: Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Business. It also includes some social media monitoring and analytics features like brand and conversion tracking and a Google Analytics integration.

What Are Agorapulse Alternatives?

The following companies offer competitive services to Agorapulse:

Read on to learn more about their pros, cons, and key features.

The Best Alternative to Agorapulse: Meltwater

When it comes to social media management, social media monitoring, and CRM, our social media monitoring platform is the best alternative to Agorapulse.

We were the world's first online media monitoring company when were founded in Oslo in 2001. Today, our suite of social listening, media monitoring, consumer insights, and influencer marketing solutions give companies the resources to do everything from social media management to competitive analysis, market research, campaign tracking, and other capabilities.

A dashboard from social listening platform Explore, highlighting the Total Mentions, Top Keywords, and Volume analytical widgets.

Meltwater vs. Agorapulse

Choosing between Agorapulse and our easy-to-use social and media intelligence solutions is a matter of looking at which capabilities are right for your business. Software review and comparison site GetApp breaks that comparison down to the numbers: Meltwater has 116 of the top features users look for while Agorapulse only has 66.

Those critical features Meltwater has that Agorapulse is missing include:

Let's take a closer look at how the two compare, starting with social listening. Our platform pulls in vast amounts of data — allowing for unlimited ad-hoc searches, unlimited mentions, and instant analytics across 15 months of social historical data and 10 years of historical news data.

Agorapulse has social listening and monitoring tools that help team members identify audiences and influencers. Meanwhile, our robust solutions have in-built, real-time analytics tools that integrate with our social media engagement and influencer marketing platforms. That way, all of your social media marketing efforts are centralized, efficient, and data-driven — a big win for any social media manager.

Here's another detail to consider: global presence. Meltwater has 50 global offices across six continents, making us well-positioned to help businesses scale up, no matter where they are.

We also have different customer support capabilities. Unlike Agorapulse, we offer unlimited training and phone support, as well as account management for all clients — not just enterprise accounts. Both of us can serve small businesses, but with better support and no costly competitive tracking add-ons, Meltwater is well-equipped to support businesses of any size looking to grow the ROI of their marketing, PR, and social strategies.

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Other Agorapulse Alternative Options


CoSchedule Marketing Suite is an Agorapulse alternative that combines project management tools, like project status tracking, with social media management tools, like auto-posting. 

CoSchedule vs. Agorapulse

Like Agorapulse, CoSchedule is geared toward small marketing businesses looking to save time. Its software helps teams collaborate with shared publishing calendars and content approval workflows. Still, G2 reviews show that users find Agorapulse easier to set up, use, and get support for across the board. When comparing these two, one factor to consider is which social channels are most important to you. Agorapulse supports YouTube but not Pinterest, while CoSchedule supports Pinterest but not YouTube. 


eClincher is a social media management software for teams as well as individual freelancers. It is best known for its social network content publishing and scheduling features.

A screenshot of an eClincher publishing dashboard for a blog about Agorapulse alternatives.

eClincher vs. Agorapulse

Truth be told, eClincher and Agorapulse have many of the same offerings. Sometimes, though, online reviews speak louder than checklists. According to software review site G2, more users give Agorapulse four- and five-star reviews than eClincher.


Hootsuite is a social media management software that currently supports dozens of social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. But don't worry - there are also some Hootsuite alternatives on the market.

Hootsuite vs. Agorapulse

According to reviewers on Capterra, Hootsuite users aren't able to easily automate or tag certain posts on the platform. With Instagram being a crucial part of many small and mid-size business social media marketing strategies, this detail could be a big one for many businesses. Another consideration is personal preference of user interface. Agorapulse has a combined social inbox, while Hootsuite separates social networks into their own columns.


Loomly helps users manage content for their social media accounts. This Agorapulse alternative also includes some workflow and project management tools, like publishing calendars, to keep marketing team members on the same page. 

Loomly vs. Agorapulse

Loomly and Agorapulse are comparable when it comes to the social media management basics, like post scheduling and calendar management. However, when it comes to G2 reviews, Loomly scores slightly higher than Agorapulse.


NapoleonCat is an all-in-one social media management platform and Agorapulse alternative with an emphasis on customer support. 

NapoleonCat vs. Agorapulse

NapoleonCat reviewers have few complaints, but the platform also has fewer features. In the end, Agorapulse is the more robust software.


Oktopost is a social media management platform specifically geared for B2B marketing.

A product screenshot of an Oktopost dashboard for a blog about Agorapulse alternatives.

Oktopost vs. Agorapulse

Oktopost is the only Agorapulse alternative on this list that does not offer a free trial. It also doesn't offer a customer segmentation tool. That said, it has features that Agorapulse doesn't, like customizable reports. Since accurate and precise reporting is a must-have for any business, this feature makes Oktopost a strong Agorapulse competitor.


Sprinklr is a customer experience management platform that is integrated across earned, owned, and paid channels.

Sprinklr vs. Agorapulse

Sprinklr and Agorapulse stand apart in ease of use. Many Sprinklr users and former users complain that the platform's software is hard to implement, overwhelming to use, and difficult to get support for. If a learning curve sounds like too much of an obstacle, Agorapulse may be the better choice for you.

Tip: Learn more about other Sprinklr alternatives

Sprout Social

One of Agorapulse's main competitors, Sprout Social is an all-in-one platform for marketers and social media managers. It lets users engage with audiences and measure performance. 

Sprout Social vs. Agorapulse

In general, Agorapulse is suited for mid-size businesses while Sprout Social caters to a wider range of users. Plus, Sprout Social pulls in social listening data from more sources, like Tumblr and Reddit. Social listening is a social marketing strategy essential, making Sprout Social an enticing option.

Agorapulse offers many features, but it's not the best fit for every business. Learn more about what the #1 Agorapulse alternative can do for your bottom line. Get in touch for a Meltwater demo today.