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The 11 Best Branding Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

TJ Kiely

Jan 25, 2024

Harnessing the many moving parts of branding is no simple feat. That’s why you should enter the world of branding podcasts, where each episode is like a mini crash course in the art of branding. These audio gems are equal parts informing and entertaining, giving you an enjoyable experience as you take your brand to new heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned branding expert or a new marketer eager to dive in and start making an impact, podcasts are a great way to unlock your brand’s true potential. You’ll learn the secrets of the world’s most successful brands, discover new brands that are trending hot, and hear case studies about what works and what doesn’t in today’s market. 

Add these branding podcasts to your professional development routine and start building a powerful brand you can be proud of:

  1. No BS Agency Podcast

  2. JUST Branding

  3. Making the Brand

  4. Brand Design Masters Podcast

  5. The Logo Geek Podcast

  6. Let’s Talk Branding

  7. The Brand Strategy Podcast

  8. Brand Banter Podcast

  9. The Real-World Branding Podcast

  10. The Unified Brand – Branding Podcast

  11. Brands on Brands

No BS Agency Podcast

No BS Agency branding podcast on Spotify

Branding agency master Pia Silva hosts the No BS Agency Podcast. Her agency model is designed to help branding experts work smarter, not harder, by simplifying their approach. She traded the traditional retainer model for one-day branding intensives and now teaches her followers how to do the same. Her no-frills truth bombs keep listeners engaged and make learning fun.

Pia features multiple subject matter experts on her podcast to share how they’ve conquered branding challenges and how they’re applying a no-BS approach in their own agencies. Service providers can learn how to run leaner without sacrificing quality or results — and ultimately do less work for bigger profits.

Where To Listen To No BS Agency Podcast

JUST Branding

Just Branding Podcast

Hosted by Jacob Cass and Matt Davies, the JUST Branding podcast goes beyond surface-level discussions — it dives deep into strategies and techniques that shape successful brands. The hosts focus on real-world branding experiences from renowned industry professionals. You’ll hear in-depth conversations with brand strategists and designers who share their personal journeys, lessons, and invaluable advice for marketers.

The hosts also don’t shy away from controversy. Through thought-provoking discussions and the occasional disagreement, they share new angles on familiar subjects. Past topics include storytelling, brand naming, brand identity, design, and neuroscience, leaving marketers with plenty of food for thought.

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Where To Listen To JUST Branding

Making the Brand

Making the Brand Branding Podcast

Host Brianne Fleming talks about marketing with a pop culture twist on the Making the Brand podcast. Pop culture, including music, TV, and social media, can have a tremendous effect on branding. That’s why you’ll hear your fill about Barbie, Taylor Swift, American Idol, and other fandoms that can teach you a thing or two about good branding.

Using fun, easy pop culture references makes this podcast relatable to marketers of all ages, no matter how long you’ve been in the profession. Brianne breaks it down into simple, easy-to-digest insights that brands of all sizes can apply to their own strategies. And with nearly 100 episodes to date and more on the way, there’s plenty of content to fawn over.

Where To Listen To Making the Brand

Brand Design Masters Podcast

Brand Desing Masters Podcast

Hosted by Philip VanDusen, Brand Design Masters Podcast takes things back to the basics and shows marketers the exact construction blueprints other brands are using to build and grow powerful brands.

VanDusen brings together some of the most brilliant minds in the industry to share their insights and experiences. Each episode delves deep into the world of brand design, exploring topics such as storytelling, visual identity, and consumer psychology.

Each episode explores topics like storytelling, visual identity, and consumer psychology. He puts into perspective how successful brands achieve their goals. Marketers can unlock new ways of thinking about branding and create memorable experiences for customers.

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Where To Listen To Brand Design Masters Podcast

The Logo Geek Podcast

The Logo Geek Branding Podcast

A logo isn’t everything in branding, but it is something. Your logo is one of the first things customers see, and it’s one common way they come to associate your brand with your products, services, and personality. That’s why The Logo Geek Podcast is one of the best branding podcasts out there — because visual imagery can help or harm your brand.

Hear from host Ian Paget as he discusses the ins and outs of successful graphic design. He speaks with designers and entrepreneurs from around the world about how they approach logo design and bring a brand to life. Freelancers and professional designers benefit from the podcast, too, with conversations focusing on how to get clients, how much to charge, and how to sell design services.

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Where To Listen To The Logo Geek Podcast

Let’s Talk Branding

Let's talk branding podcast

This weekly branding podcast hosted by Stef Hamerlinck discusses all things brand strategy. Most episodes feature industry experts and brand representatives who dish on their experiences, tips, and problem-solving approaches. Each episode offers fresh perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of branding.

With more than 140+ episodes to date, marketers have a treasure trove of insights at their disposal.

Previous topics have included AI in branding, brand health, and brand tracking, the creator mindset, and the power of humor in branding, among many others.

Where To Listen To Let's Talk Branding

The Brand Strategy Podcast

The brand strategy podcast

Designed for creative entrepreneurs, The Brand Strategy Podcast focuses on elevating brands in practical and intentional ways. Hosted by Bonnie Bakhtiari of B is for Bonnie Design, she speaks about her real-world experience in building thousands of successful brands. With nearly 300 episodes to date and new ones launching every two weeks, marketers can learn tried-and-true strategies to level up their brands.

Previous topics include how to write copy that converts, personalized marketing, content marketing, and how to use AI tools like ChatGPT in branding. This podcast blends classic advice with emerging methodologies along with real-life examples of her suggestions in action.

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Where To Listen To The Brand Strategy Podcast

Brand Banter Podcast

Brand Banter branding podcast

A relatively newer podcast compared to other branding podcasts, Brand Banter Podcast is the collaboration between two friends who met in high school and now share their experiences and passion for advertising and branding.

They feature conversations with industry professionals on everyday branding trends, how to execute on brand campaigns, and how to reverse engineer what other brands are doing.

Where To Listen To The Brand Banter Podcast

The Real-World Branding Podcast

Real-world Branding

Hosted by Bill Gullan, President of Finch Brands, The Real-World Branding Podcast lives up to its name. Bi-weekly episodes feature a branding practitioner who is pulling the strings behind their branding efforts. You won’t find theoretical advice here, just real-world applications in a variety of common and niche industries.

Finch Brands has worked with an impressive portfolio of clients, including Nutrisystem, Conair, Fathead, Splenda, and Samsung. They provide consultancy services for brands that have become household names, and Gullan combines this level of expertise with conversations with other experts to help listeners succeed.

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Where To Listen To The Real-World Branding Podcast

The Unified Brand – Branding Podcast

The unified brand - branding podcast

From brand building to brand strategy, The Unified Brand leaves no detail untouched. One of the fundamental rules of branding is consistency, which lends to a brand’s strength and longevity. Host Chris Outlaw helps listeners find their hidden superpowers and use those powers better than their competitors.

Experts from leading companies, agencies, and niche businesses alike share their thoughts about brand identities, positioning, differentiation, and more, all with the goal of helping you walk away with a plan.

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Where To Listen To The Unified Brand Podcast

Brands on Brands

Brands on Brands podcast

Focused on equal parts personal branding and content marketing, the Brands on Brands podcast helps solopreneurs build credibility and authority in their respective spaces. It’s designed for content creators, consultants, coaches, and other creatives to help them leverage similar branding techniques and strategies to those used by larger companies, but with a personalized look and feel that behemoths simply can’t duplicate.

Past topics have covered everything from building social proof and publishing content to optimizing your web presence for search engines. Host Brandon Birkmeyer invites multiple experts to join the conversation and share their experiences, tips, and strategies that you can put to work right away.

Where To Listen To Brands on Brands

Find More Branding Podcasts with Meltwater

Learning about the best branding podcasts has plenty of benefits. For starters, these podcasts give you direct access to experts from some of the world’s most renowned brands who get branding right, and you can peek inside their strategies. You’ll also get a dose of learning and inspiration in every episode to help you grow your brand like a pro.

But there’s another benefit worth exploring — finding the best branding podcasts to uncover more marketing and advertising opportunities for your brand. Podcasts like these are looking for guests all the time, giving you a place where you can share your story and demonstrate your expertise. 

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