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Social Media Trends 2024: What You Need to Know

Fionn Kientzler and Khalipha Ntloko

Mar 1, 2024

Social media continues to play an increasingly important role in marketing and sales, for companies big and small across the globe. And the social platforms we use have kept us on our toes with new updates and features to assist in our social marketing efforts. 2023 was full of updates from our favorite social media platforms, and it means that 2024 is going to be a lively year for marketers.

That’s why we researched and explored what social media trends to look out for next year, so your social media strategy can stay up to date and successful throughout 2024.

Table of Contents

Social Media Updates — Summary by Platform

Before we get into predicting the social media trends of 2024, here's a summary of social media updates from 2023:

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  • Launched new text-based ‘Threads’ app
  • Introduced Broadcast Channels for one-to-many messaging
  • Video posts are now Reels only
  • Users can download public Reels
  • Improved Reels editing and analytics for creators, including Reels Trends Hub
  • Expanded the Gifts monetization option for creators to more markets
  • Businesses can now receive payment directly within their DMs
  • Users can add DM Themes
  • AI-generated stickers for Stories and DMs

X (formerly Twitter)

  • Under the leadership of owner Elon Musk, Twitter rebranded as X, complete with new logo
  • Launched two new subscription tiers, X Premium and X Premium+
  • New Ads Revenue Sharing Program for Creators
  • Subscription program for eligible Creators
  • No longer displays headlines on posts linking to news articles


  • Ad-free subscription option now available in Europe
  • New Facebook Reels creation tools
  • Facebook insights and analytics for personal profiles
  • Augmented reality (AR) & multi-destination ads on Reels


  • TikTok Shop launches in US
  • Introduced new text-only posts
  • Caption length increased to 4,000 characters
  • “Why this video” feature introduced so users can understand recommendations
  • Passkeys at login introduced for iOS
  • Expanded monetization opportunities for creators
  • Announced STEM feed

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  • AI-powered collaborative articles
  • "Community Top Voice" badges
  • New "Starred" messages inbox feature
  • Newsletters added to Featured section
  • New "Focused" inbox to help separate spam messages
  • Ability to schedule posts on Company pages
  • Upgrades to Document Ads, including retargeting and new metrics


  • Creators can remix clips into Shorts
  • Reactions available in live stream chat for iPhone & iPad
  • Stories no longer available
  • New revenue breakdowns in YouTube Analytics
  • YouTube Shopping affiliate program rolled out to eligible U.S. creators
  • Creators can now upload podcasts in YouTube Studio

Based on the updates we saw happen in 2023, here's what we predict the social media landscape will look like in 2024.

1. AI Tools and Features

It may seem like the buzzword of the day, but there's no denying that AI capabilities are continuing to grow and social platforms have taken notice. Sites like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube will be looking for ways they can keep up with this tech trend, introducing AI tools and features into their ecosystems.

A screenshot of the new Instagram search bar that incorporates Meta AI

For example, Meta introduced an AI search bar in Instagram, pictured above.

We predict that AI will be a much bigger this year for businesses operating on social media. Chat bots are getting more sophisticated and better at predicting customer needs and answering questions. Social advertising as well could see a lot of improvement and innovation from AI tools.

2. Augmented Reality

Like AI, this current social media trend will definitely continue to grow, particularly when it comes to advertising and product promotion. Social networks are increasingly posting content that offers an augmented reality (AR) experience rather than a fully immersive one. It's particularly useful for brands partnering with social platforms: users can “try on” products virtually and therefore make more informed decisions when purchasing online. AR is also popular at sporting events and various other experiences such as museums, galleries, and theater.

Snapchat has long been a frontrunner in this space — they've partnered with Amazon, adidas, Cartier, and a number of other brands to promote AR features — others are quickly catching up. Meta has partnered with more than 700 brands to expand their AR capabilities, and it's likely that in 2024, we'll see more AR features being released across our favorite social media platforms. In turn, we'll also see a lot more marketers utilize AR in their digital marketing campaigns and advertising.

social media trends facebook updates and augmented reality ads

Advantages of using AR in your 2024 social media strategy: 

  • Personalized user experience
  • Allows users to experience your product before purchase
  • Encourages sharing & user-generated content

3. Social Commerce is on the Rise

Despite slow adoption in the west, social commerce activity is very high in Asian countries and social platforms are continuing to implement social shopping features in hopes that western audiences follow suit.

TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram have all been investing this social media trend and we're sure to see more and more features that support an easier shopping experience as well as easier ways for businesses to promote products.

pinterest shop feature for social media trends 2024

Consider the fact that having a TikTok Shop can shorten the customer journey, since audiences can buy the products that they like on social media right on the platform. This is as simple as adding a "Buy Now" button and starting some live shopping streams (although there are some extra steps to successfully setting up your social media store).

Advantages of social commerce for your business in 2024:

  • Provides an enhanced and seamless customer experience
  • Increased sales via mobile consumers
  • Increased audience engagement and traffic

4. More Variety in Content Types

Previously on this list of social media trends, we've highlighted the importance of vertical and short-form video content. Which was one of the biggest shifts when it came to the kind of posts that generate engagement. However we are now seeing an arguably even bigger shift: backwards.😮

That's right. Platforms like Instagram are taking steps to make photo posts cool again, and even TikTok has encouraged photo sharing as well as longer videos, and they've even started encouraging videos shot in landscape mode.

And while YouTube has made a strong push for their version of Reels, YouTube Shorts, long form video content is still a primary focus for the platform.

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Screenshot from social media expert Matt Navara discussing TikTok push for horizontal content

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Advantages of incorporating different styles of content:

  • Interactive, immersive and more engaging
  • Reach more audiences
  • Both off-the-cuff and more polished videos and photos valued by algorithms

5. Inclusivity, Authenticity, and Transparency

Sparked by online movements such as #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, along with transparency around how inclusive brands really are, this year has been one where making more meaningful decisions and actions around diversity and inclusion was the name of the game. 

With purpose-led marketing taking centre stage, online audiences now want to put their money behind the brands and businesses that align with their values and show true investment in addressing social issues. This means that staying silent about issues that your target audience passionately cares about should be avoided. 

In the same breath, audiences are standing behind the brands who are authentic and can be transparent with them. Owning up to mistakes and allowing your brand to be authentically "human" when a crisis strikes on social media can go a long way in the eyes of your audience. Use Meltwater for real-time alerting, so you can pick up on brand mentions during a crisis, then respond in a prompt but transparent way. 

On the other hand of the spectrum, audiences are also becoming more aware of performative activism, and are simply not going to accept it. Thus businesses need to ensure that their content and brand messaging when addressing such issues is be well-informed. 

When it comes to inclusivity, a brand that marketers can take a page from is Fenty Beauty. This beauty brand has become known for being inclusive - both in who the target audience of their products are, as well as the influencers used for campaigns and the repurposing of user-generated content from their inclusive audience. 

Dove is another great example of being authentic and diverse in their marketing campaigns. Their Real Beauty Pledge aims to appreciate women of all ages, sizes, and races, highlighting their desire to be more diverse and inclusive. By featuring real women, instead of models, in this campaign, their brand messaging of building body confidence in young girls and women remains authentic and genuine, which resonates well with their target audience.

Advantages of being more inclusive, authentic and transparent:

  • You earn the trust and respect of audiences
  • Higher reach and increased customer pool
  • Builds stronger connections with audiences

6. Livestreaming Isn't Going Anywhere

Video content has firmly cemented itself as a strong social media trend, including when it comes to livestreaming. 

In a study from Livestream, they reported that 80% of audiences would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog. To add to this, Influencer Marketing Hub recently revealed the following stats on live streaming:

  • The online live streaming industry has grown by 99% between April 2019 and April 2020
  • By 2026, the live video streaming market is expected to grow to $149.34 billion
  • Twitch has more than 15 million unique daily visitors and 3 million content creators, or broadcasters, as well as 500,000+ active daily streamers
mobile phone live streaming a concert

If you are yet to utilize the latest social media trend that is livestreaming, consider this your nudge to go for it. Going live on social media has been one of the most popular ways for people to consume content and brands can truly benefit from this trend to grow their online presence.

You can also explore the advantages of live shopping!

Advantages of going live: 

  • Authentic and interactive
  • Inexpensive
  • Creates high audience engagement
  1. Don't ignore AI
  2. Make use of social commerce
  3. Augmented reality is a game changer
  4. Expand beyond vertical and video 
  5. Be inclusive, authentic and transparent
  6. Go live

If you'd like to learn more about capitalizing on the trends discussed above for your own brand, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!