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The Best Mention Alternatives 2024

Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Dec 18, 2023

On the hunt for a media monitoring and social media marketing platform? If so, you may have come across Mention, a software suite that lets marketers monitor web and social media conversations about their brands. From its publishing tools to its analytics features, it likely checks off multiple boxes on your must-have list, but there are also many similar software platforms out there.

To help you stay on track while you consider your options, we compiled this look at some of the leading alternatives to Mention. Read on to learn how each alternative measures up, starting with a quick overview of Mention.

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What Is Mention?

Mention is a social media monitoring and management tool that lets users listen to, analyze, and engage in web and social media conversations about their brands. Along with social media listening and publishing tools, it offers keyword search alerts, data reports, an API, and integrations with Zapier and Slack at higher pricing tiers.

What Are Mention Alternatives?

Some of the top competitive alternatives to Mention are:

Let's take a closer look at each one and how they compare. 

The Best Mention Alternative: Meltwater

The Meltwater Suite of PR and social media solutions is solidly the best alternative to Mention.

We give organizations all over the world the tools they need to turn social and traditional media intelligence into data-driven marketing strategies.

A dashboard from social listening platform Explore, highlighting the Total Mentions, Top Keywords, and Volume analytical widgets.

Our data-rich Meltwater Suite of solutions includes:

Last but not least, we offer extensive customer support and education options like an online knowledge bank, customer community, and 24/7 access to our global team of representatives.

Meltwater vs. Mention

As an alternative to Mention, the Meltwater suite stands out in many areas, starting with analytics capabilities. Explore, our social listening and analytics platform, lets users conduct unlimited ad-hoc searches for keywords, hashtags, and brands. By comparison, Mention caps the amount of data users have access to, with a 5,000-mention, 2-alert limit for its lowest-priced tier.

Data limits aside, Meltwater Explore also listens to more global news content, broadcast media, and social media sources, as well as other web content like podcasts, than Mention does. This ensures that our users can discover conversations about their brand, no matter where they're happening online. Plus, our easy-to-read analytics dashboards turn data into actionable insights you can easily put to work with Engage, our social media publishing platform. 

Plus, Klear, our influencer marketing platform, gives Meltwater users even more opportunities to leverage insights and engage audiences. While Mention has great brand management tools, it has limited influencer identification and management features.

Finally, Meltwater reporting tools allow for a greater scope of analysis (like year-over-year comparisons) than Mention's tools do. With it, comms and marketing teams can better measure and communicate performance. As a whole, the Meltwater suite helps organizations of all sizes use data to make better marketing and business decisions, making it the number one alternative to Mention.

Other Top Alternatives to Mention

Meltwater comes out on top in our rundown of alternatives to Mention, but here is how other top options compare.


Mentionlytics is a social media monitoring tool that helps users keep track of online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors. Its features include hashtag monitoring across Instagram and Twitter, review monitoring of top review sources like Google and Facebook, and an influencer identification tool.

A Mentionlytics dashboard showing ring and line graphs of brand name mentions, for a blog about top alternatives to Mention.

Mentionlytics vs. Mention

Many of the features we just named make Mentionlytics a great tool for brands looking to execute social media marketing campaigns, especially small businesses. It also offers higher monthly mention limits and more user and social profile access at each pricing tier than Mention. Notably, Mention offers broadcast media monitoring (for U.S. and Canada sources) while Mentionlytics does not. Both offer two-week free trials to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs.


Brand24 is a social listening and analytics tool that monitors brand name and keyword mentions across publicly available social media and web sources, including blogs, videos, and reviews. Its affordable plans are good options for budget-conscious brands that are ok with monthly mention and keyword limitations.

Brand24 vs. Mention

Both platforms access data from the top social platforms, but Brand24 has slightly more social data sources. Its higher-tier plans offer monitoring on podcasts, Reddit, Twitch, Medium, and Quora while Mention's do not. According to G2 reviewers, one of Mention's big strengths is its clean, easy-to-use dashboards that display mentions and analytics from all sources in one place. But keep in mind that those dashboards — along with reporting tools — are not available for individual plans. One-person teams looking for analytics and reporting capabilities may be happier with Brand24. When it comes to higher-tier plans, brands with narrower media monitoring and social media publishing needs should take a look at Mention.

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Agorapulse is a social media management tool that includes social listening across X (Twitter), Instagram, and Youtube, as well as profile mentions across X, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. It also offers a mobile app for all of its pricing tiers and up to two years of data retention for its advanced and custom plans.

A screenshot of an Agropulse inbox for its social monitoring tool for a blog about top Mention alternatives.

Agorapulse vs. Mention

Agorapulse is primarily a social media management platform, though it also has key social listening features, like sentiment analysis.

That said, Mention may be a better fit for data-driven marketers who want to analyze their brand presence across the web and social web. It monitors a wider range of social media platforms at its higher pricing tiers, including TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

When choosing between these two, be sure to check out Agorapulse's 30-day free trial compared to Mention's 14-day one. 

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Critical Mention

Critical Mention is a media monitoring platform that searches for keyword mentions across social media and the web, as well as international TV and radio stations and other sources.

Reviews on Capterra and G2 show that users love its reporting features and access to broadcast coverage.

Critical Mention vs. Mention

Like their names, Critical Mention and Mention have similarities in their social media and web monitoring capabilities. They are more distinct when you look at their wider product offerings. For example, if podcasts are an important part of your strategy, Critical Mention is a winner with its dedicated podcast monitoring tool. It also offers a media contacts database and an API. On the other hand, brands and agencies looking for a social media monitoring and publishing platform will prefer Mention's tools.


Talkwalker is a consumer intelligence platform that features web, social media, video, image, and podcast monitoring. It also has a Hootsuite integration to give users added social media management capabilities.

And like Meltwater, it offers AI-powered sentiment analysis in multiple languages, which is great for brands and agencies working in international markets.

A screenshot of the Talkwalker dashboard showing a line graph of mentions over time and a ring graph of share of topics for a blog about alternatives to Mention.

Talkwalker vs. Mention

According to G2 reviews, some users find that Talkwalker has a steep learning curve while many praise Mention for being user-friendly. Usability is an important factor to consider for organizations of all sizes but especially for larger ones that might have many team members accessing the tool. At the same time, Mention's social media publishing automation features will also appeal to small teams with big marketing duties and profiles on multiple social media channels.

Talkwalker does offer integrations with multiple CRM, project management, and social network management apps like Hootsuite and Tableau. However, Mention also has a wide range of platform integrations, including those with Zapier, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Overall, choosing between these very competitive options may come down to your organization's social media publishing needs.

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Mention is a great tool for many kinds of organizations looking for an in-depth understanding of their online and social media presence. Still, it's not the best option for everyone. If you're looking for social media management tools and intelligence solutions that can put your data-driven insights to work, Meltwater has you covered.

Schedule a demo to see how the Meltwater suite of solutions helps businesses make more strategic marketing moves.