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The Best Brand24 Alternatives 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 12, 2023

Brand24 social media monitoring has a lot going for it. The platform helps brands track mentions across social media platforms, podcasts, forums, news websites, blogs, and more. Brand24 helps you know what’s being said about your brand online so you can manage your reputation. It’s also a great way to find influencers, guest posting opportunities, and media mentions to boost your PR strategy. If Brand24 can do all this, surely there are Brand24 alternatives that can do it, too (and maybe more)?

There’s no doubt that social media monitoring holds value in today’s landscape. The internet is getting noisier by the day, making it harder for brands to stand out. Monitoring your brand presence keeps you in tune with your audience, allowing you to keep delivering the experiences they expect.

Brand24 offers social media monitoring in a budget price range. It monitors top social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as some websites and blogs. Users are limited to the number of keywords and monthly mentions, depending on the plan. Analytics data is kept for up to one month, which can make it difficult to track your progress over time.

Let’s explore some of the best alternatives to Brand24 and see why they’re worth applying to your social media management.

These are the best Brand24 alternatives:


Unlike Brand24, Meltwater goes beyond basic social media monitoring to empower your entire social media and PR strategy. Meltwater captures more online conversations and content than any other platform, all in real time. Reports also hold an advantage over Brand24, with attractive layouts, easy-to-read insights, customization options, and instant insights.

Meltwater Explore product dashboard showing insights from social media monitoring

Meltwater tracks the brands, keywords, and topics that matter to you. It monitors a wide range of media sources, including news outlets, social media, broadcast, print media, podcasts, and more. Turn data-driven insights and analytics into intelligence by learning the context behind them.

Ready to take a deeper look? Request a demo to walk through Meltwater social intelligence tools today.

Meltwater offers integrations for Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Analytics, and more via API to support social media management collaboration.

Compared to Brand24, Meltwater offers more robust, comprehensive coverage that helps you connect the dots between your initiatives. Data requires action. Whether you’re learning about trending topics or social mentions, Meltwater provides the tools you need to take the next best steps, all in a centralized platform.



Birdeye combines online reputation monitoring with customer experience in a single platform. It places a heavy emphasis on local businesses that cater to audiences in their own backyards. The platform boasts a number of reputation-driven features, including reviews, surveys, referrals, and lead generation.

What makes Birdeye comparable to Brand24 is its alerts. When customers leave reviews, Birdeye springs into action to help brands react to and leverage those reviews. The platform consistently seeks out feedback from customers so brands can continue growing their reputations.

Getting a bird’s eye view of your online reviews is just a small slice of an overarching social media listening and monitoring strategy. It serves an essential purpose, but Birdeye doesn’t cater to comprehensive media monitoring.



YouScan is a social media monitoring and intelligence platform. Its AI-powered technologies help brands collect and analyze what their customers are saying on social media. It covers 500,000 media sources and monitors more than 500 million data points each day.

One of its crowning features is its image recognition technology. Not all of your customers will communicate via text-based content. YouScan analyzes user-generated images to learn more about the context of images in relation to your brand.

For example, if a user posts a photo and tags your brand, YouScan’s AI describes the visual elements within the image to learn more about your audience’s preferences, likes, dislikes, interests, and more. These visual insights may prove useful in tailoring your campaigns to match your audience.



Awario is a brand monitoring and social listening tool designed to help brands keep tabs on their online mentions. The platform crawls over 13 billion web pages each day, including Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. It compares your share of mentions to competitors (share of voice) to see how much your reputation and presence are growing.

You can also conduct competitive brand monitoring with Awario. Keep tabs on what your target audience is saying about other companies in your niche. Use these insights to fill the gaps and improve your marketing strategy.

Lastly, Awario makes it possible to act on real-time conversations on social media. Its social customer service features let you connect directly with users to answer questions and follow up on comments. It’s part media monitoring, part social selling, and part customer service wrapped up into one.


SentiOne falls more along the lines of customer service, but it leverages social listening and media monitoring to deliver. Using AI-powered technologies, the platform scours the web to collect public brand mentions and analyze them for consumer insights.

Unlike Brand24, SentiOne helps brands take the next step in becoming part of those conversations. Customer service teams can manage conversations across all their social channels from a single platform. The platform offers conversational AI chatbots and voice bots to help teams quickly respond to customers at scale.

It’s a simple way to fully manage your brand reputation on social media. However, it doesn’t allow brands to address mentions and feedback beyond social media and online review sites (e.g., a blog post or news article).


Mentionlytics falls within the same price range as Brand24, making it one of its top competitors. However, a few key features stand out that make Mentionlytics a better Brand24 alternative.

First up, the AI-powered Social Intelligence Advisor. It delivers personalized, actionable insights and advice that helps brands know what steps to take next. Instead of being presented with raw data, the platform helps users better connect the dots.

There’s also the Boolean search that lets you filter your results as much as you like. A Boolean search uses words like AND, OR, and NOT to pinpoint specific data insights. This feature isn’t available with Brand24.

Mentionlytics offers more thorough data sources and compiles its findings into easy-to-read formats. The intuitive user experience tends to be better than that of Brand24, giving you more quality for the price.



Cision is primarily a public relations platform that supports brand growth through media relations. Connect with journalists and media outlets in your niche to increase your chances of relevant coverage.

While Cision is most widely known for its media communication features, it also offers potent social listening technology. This is a great way to monitor the media coverage you’ve earned and the subsequent organic conversations. The platform scours the internet in search of brand mentions and opportunities to help you stay competitive. Keep track of your brand journey from a single platform.

In terms of being a Brand24 competitor, Cision offers more features and functions. It's a bit more complex to use and tends to cater to larger enterprises, which can also mean a higher price tag.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM

Cloud-based Agile CRM makes it easy to put action behind your media monitoring and keep relationships thriving. As with most CRM solutions, Agile CRM is largely used as a sales tool. Social monitoring isn’t its primary job, but it is included as a feature in each of its paid plans.

It combines sales, marketing, and customer service in a central platform. Its all-in-one functionality is also available as a mobile app, allowing you to take your social strategy on the go. An easy-to-use interface helps teams start leveraging its features quickly.

It also offers a number of API integrations to make a feature-rich media monitoring tool even more powerful. For media monitoring, social plugins for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn prove beneficial. 

Agile CRM offers a free basic version to help you get to know some of its features. Think of it as a free trial before you commit to a paid plan, which gives you instant access to social monitoring. It’s a good option for brands on a budget or those that don’t need the power and sophistication of a dedicated social monitoring tool.

Honorable Mention: Hootsuite

Hootsuite isn’t necessarily a social listening and intelligence tool, but it can help you monitor and manage your social reputation. Primarily a social scheduling tool, you can centralize your posting and communications from a single platform. Keep a close eye on comments, reviews, conversations, and more, then respond to these opportunities to grow your brand.

Tip: Learn more about the best alternatives to Hootsuite.

Honorable Mention: Oktopost

Another social engagement tool, Oktopost doesn’t focus squarely on social monitoring. However, it’s worth a mention because of how it simplifies your social content strategy. Plan and schedule posts from a single place. Measure how your audience responds with a user-friendly analytics dashboard. Engage in conversations with your social audience. And keep all of these details under one umbrella to get a 360-degree view of your customers.

Choosing the Best Brand24 Alternative

While Brand24 provides beneficial basic features for social media monitoring, brands may be able to get more for their money by choosing a Brand24 alternative. Brand24 is a small company and caters to other small companies on a budget. Most of its social data and features are geared toward budget pricing and doesn’t offer the detailed sophistication of a platform from a larger company.

At Meltwater, we support uninhibited brand growth by providing real-time data without limits. Get a free demo and see how we can empower your brand monitoring strategy!