State of Influencer Marketing Report 2021

Ebook cover for the state of influencer marketing 2021 report

How did 2020 impact the influencer marketing industry, and what key insights should every marketer have in mind when preparing for 2021? We surveyed over 5,000 influencers to bring you the most comprehensive State of Influencer Marketing Report. From influencer reach growth to the rise of Gen Z, uncover the most important findings and trends on the influencer marketing industry.



  1. Global Reach Growth
  2. Brand Activism
  3. TikTok Growth
  4. Story Usage
  5. Gen Z Market Share


  1. Brands Become Activists 
  2. Travel Impact
  3. Gen Z on the Rise 
  4. Brand Pivot to TikTok
  5. Influencer Predictions

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