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Report: Media Public Opinion & Industry Impact of Fukushima Discharge Treated Wastewater

Photo of an underwater scene

On August 22nd, 2023, the Japanese government officially announced that they would start releasing radioactive wastewater into the ocean on August 24th. As of the evening of August 29th, the cumulative dissemination volume of this incident had reached 11.56 million times and 1.61 million times in China and overseas respectively. On August 24, the daily discussion volume reached 4.82 million times and 270 thousand times in China and overseas respectively.
The governments of Hong Kong and Macau have banned the import of seafood from 10 Japanese prefectures since August 24th.

Generally, even against the background of this incident, there was still relatively limited discussion among netizens in Hong Kong and Macao about Japanese seafood and Japanese brands. Japanese brands with business in Hong Kong and Macao faced less pressure on public relations than those companies in Mainland China.

The report includes:

  1. Public opinions on global social media
  2. Industry insights and Brand Impact
  3. Meltwater insight Sharing

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