How to improve marketing with data-driven audience analysis

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Find out how you base your strategy on real data and insights about your target audience.

What is a target audience?

Most companies today possess enormous amounts of data, but few can convert this into valuable insights about their target audience. The understanding of a target group therefore often becomes one-sided, and we forget to take the actual person into account. Incorporating knowledge from many different sources and platforms allows for a deeper understanding of the target audience and better targeting of communications. This way we can better communicate what the target group wants to hear, at the right time and through the right channels.

You will get insight into topics such as:

  • Possibilities for target group insights in a digital world
  • Valuable tools and data
  • SegmentingTarget group understanding
  • Use and activation of knowledge to achieve better ROI

About the speaker

Troels Ringsted Portrait

This webinar features Troels Ringsted, Head of research for Verizon Media Nordics. Verizon Media Nordics is a global deployment agency that works together with creatives to get communication out into the world. They have been involved in several brand success stories, such as Velux (indoor generation), SK-II (Marriage market), Volvo (Epic split), Sandvik (The Smash-proof guitar).

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