Understanding how Amazon can affect your brand and business

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Why is Amazon a highly relevant subject for Danish companies, and how can you generate sales on Amazon?

What possibilities does Amazon provide in sales and advertising?

Amazon has marked its territory particularly in Germany, where they account for nearly 50% of total e-commerce, and where their share of online product searches has surpassed Google, just like in the USA and UK. Have you considered what opportunities and challenges you will face when Amazon enters the Danish market? You may find it necessary to dramatically change your sales process, but perhaps you will also experience opportunities that make it easier to be gain exposure to a larger segment of your target audience and therefore increase sales. This webinar will help you realize the competitive advantages that lie in proactive work and preparation for Amazon's entry into the Danish market.

In this webinar we will provide you insight into:

  • Market trends in eCommerce, and how they affect online market places
  • What makes Amazon admired and notorious at the same time?
  • Why is Amazon relevant from a Nordic perspective?
  • How do you register your brand on Amazon?
  • Overview of the various ways to trade on Amazon, including insight into various logistics models
  • Boost your Amazon sales: understand key factors for successful optimization of product content and ranking in Amazon searches
  • Advertising opportunities on Amazon

About the speaker

Speaker Ulrik Grevenkop-Castenkiold

This webinar features Ulrik Grevenkop-Castenskiold, who is partner and co-founder of Maze-One. Maze-One is one of the leading Amazon specialist agencies helping more than 80 clients from offices in Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen.

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