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The 13 Best Retail Podcasts 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 29, 2023

Retail’s ever-changing landscape moves at a fast pace. For retailers to stay relevant and continue serving up the best products, services, and experiences, they need to take an always-on approach to learning. That’s where the best retail podcasts come in handy — listen and learn a little each day to stay tuned into the industry.

Podcasts typically feature experts and thought leaders who give you direct insights into their strategies. And since these podcasts cover all things retail, you won’t have to waste precious time searching the internet for the latest news and trends

Add these 13 best retail podcasts to your playlist and turn your morning commute into a rich learning experience:

  1. The Retail Focus Podcast

  2. The Retail Exchange

  3. The Modern Retail Podcast

  4. Retail Gets Real

  5. Total Retail Talks

  6. RETHINK Retail

  7. The Jason and Scot Show

  8. Retailistic

  9. Retail Leader Trend Talk

  10. Retail Remix

  11. Retail Transformation Show

  12. Remarkable Retail

  13. Tell Me Something Good About Retail

The Retail Focus Podcast

The Retail Focus Podcast

This podcast covers a wide range of retail-related topics, including trends, strategies, and industry news.

There’s a new episode every week, with each episode lasting about 35-45 minutes.

Previous guests have come from big names in retail, including CBRE, EY Global, and Deloitte. Expect tips and expert insights on things like the state of commercial real estate for retail, ad spending, expansion planning, holiday outlooks, and DE&I.

Listen to The Retail Focus Podcast on

The Retail Exchange

The Retail Exchange podcast.

With 100+ episodes to date, the Retail Exchange podcast gives retailers plenty of food for thought.

Guests come from recognizable names and brands, including IKEA, Hollister, and Estee Lauder, to name a few.

This retail podcast also covers some of the hottest events and conventions in retail, such as Shoptalk Europe and Retail Week Live. Episodes can be anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour, but expect each one to have clear takeaways on things like data, automation, branding, and retail transformation.

Listen to The Retail Exchange podcast on

The Modern Retail Podcast

The Modern Retail Podcast

This weekly show (hosted by Digiday) explores the changing dynamics of the retail industry, featuring interviews with retail executives and experts who share insights and strategies for success.

You’ll hear from executives and leaders from companies that have become household names, including Hanna Andersson, True Classic, and Bark. Interviews shine a spotlight on up-and-coming brands like athleticwear brand Legends or Collars & Co. The show also offers succinct rundowns on current headlines in the retail industry, such as the implications and opportunities of Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s closures or Nike’s rekindled relationships with wholesale partners like DSW. 

Listen to The Modern Retail Podcast on

Retail Gets Real

Retail Gets Real podcast

The Retail Gets Real podcast is hosted by none other than thinktank National Retail Federation.

This weekly show discusses the impact that retail has on modern consumers and recruits executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs to share their stories. Recent episodes have covered the rise of AI in retail, making the shift from digital to brick-and-mortar, and the state of the supply chain.

Episodes tend to be on the shorter side (about 15 to 30 minutes each), giving you a to-the-point, behind-the-scenes look at the latest trends and innovations.

Listen to the Retail Gets Real podcast on

Total Retail Talks

Total Retail Talks Podcast

With more than 400 episodes and counting, Total Retail Talks remains one of the longest-running retail podcasts of its kind.

Made with the retail executive in mind, each episode features a popular retailer and breaks down its strategies, innovations, and problem-solving approaches.

Episodes are usually under 30 minutes, and bite-sized takeaways help listeners put these strategies and insights into perspective. Past topics have focused on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, omnichannel growth, member experiences, and slow fashion.

Listen to the Total Retail Talks podcast on


Rethink Retail podcast.

Rethink Retail conducts research on the retail industry, so it’s no surprise the brand’s podcast is one of the best retail business podcasts to date.

Adding expert interviews to the mix is the cherry on top, giving listeners direct insight into what CEOs and experts are thinking and doing to make a lasting impact.

Previous guests have come from brands like Hanes, Casper, eBay, Microsoft, and Adidas. New episodes drop multiple times per week and are short and to the point.

Listen to the RETHINK Retail podcast on

The Jason and Scot Show

The Jason & Scot Show Retail podcast

In today’s competitive retail environment, eCommerce is a must-have.

That’s why the Jason and Scot Show is a must-listen in terms of retail business podcasts.

This monthly show offers an extensive recap of the top trends in eCommerce, from the quarterly earnings of online monoliths like Amazon and Walmart to new product launches and technologies like AI.

There are more than 300 episodes to mine for nuggets of wisdom.

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Listen to The Jason and Scot Show on


Retailistic retail podcast.

Host Deborah Weinswig of Coresight Research explores the far-reaching corners of the retail landscape, showing the breadth and depth of the key issues faced by retailers of all shapes and sizes.

Topics like the future of loss prevention, generative AI, retail media, customer data platforms, and event review highlights like Shoptalk have made their way into the show.

Deborah includes a retail leader on every episode to gain a deeper perspective on retail trends and how they might impact retailers now and in the future.

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Listen to the Retailistic podcast on

Retail Leader Trend Talk

Retail Leader Trend Talk podcast.

From content creation for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to creating user experiences to reach your ideal customer, this podcast series covers it all.

Focused solely on top trends for driving sales, this Retail Leader offers rich insights and takeaways. Retail business owners of all sorts and sizes can learn something from these monthly episodes

Listen to the Retail Leader Trend Talk on

Retail Remix

Retail Remix podcast.

This retail technology podcast comes from Retail Touchpoints, a leader in retail research and industry trends.

Each weekly episode centers on ways brands can create new user experiences that stand out, particularly in using technology to improve the shopping experience.

Topics range from in-store merchandising, AI-driven technology, the creator economy, and marketing strategies. Expect in-depth conversations about challenges and trends affecting retailers of all natures.

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Listen to the Retail Remix podcast on

Retail Transformation Show

Retail Transformation Show Podcast

Host Oliver Banks sees the retail industry being turned on its head every day and shares transformation tactics to help business owners stay ahead.

He’s joined by real-world retail experts who have undergone their own transformations and share what works and what doesn’t.

From running an online store to balancing an omnichannel business model, industry leaders get candid on their struggles and retail successes.

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Listen to the Retail Transformation Show on

Remarkable Retail

Remarkable Retail podcast.

Going strong with over 150 episodes, the Remarkable Retail podcast is an excellent listen about modern retail and the constant need for change.

Hosts Steve Dennis (who wrote the book of the same name) and Michael Leblanc dig deep into retail strategy and innovation to help retailers keep up with the fast-paced industry.

Past guests have included entrepreneur Seth Godin, Lego’s Martin Urrutia, and Walgreen’s Tracey Brown, among other notable names and companies.

Listen to the Remarkable Retail podcast on

Tell Me Something Good About Retail

Tell Me Something Good About Retail podcast.

Topping more than 100 episodes, host Bob Phibbs holds conversations with retailers and their suppliers and what it takes to create a thriving shopping environment.

This dedicated retail podcast series shares valuable insights about retail disasters, startup companies, and entrepreneurship, getting customers to return, the shopper experience, using fashion as a DEI catalyst, and many other hot topics.  

Listen to the Tell Me Something Good About Retail podcast on

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