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The Best Shopify Podcasts To Boost Your Sales

TJ Kiely

Jul 18, 2023

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In a fast-paced eCommerce business, finding time for professional development and store improvement isn’t always easy. But listening to Shopify podcasts offers a simple way to learn a little every day. You can tune in any time it’s convenient and expand your knowledge on how to run a better Shopify store.

Whether you prefer Spotify podcasts or Apple podcasts (or another channel), we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top picks for the best Shopify podcasts that can help you sell more and build your eCommerce business:

  1. Shopify Masters

  2. Winning With Shopify

  3. The Ecommerce Roadmap

  4. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

  5. Ecommerce Empire Builders

  6. The Shopify Solutions Podcast

  7. Ecommerce Fastlane

  8. Eommerce Coffee Break with Claus Lauter

  9. Ecommerce Playbook

  10. Shopify Across the Pond

  11. Pitstop

  12. Leading Brands — Wavebreak Podcast

  13. Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast

  14. Add to Cart

Tip: We also have a list of the best eCommerce podcasts in general that could be helpful to you.

Shopify Masters

Shopify podcast, Shopify Masters

Shopify Masters is the official Shopify podcast.

Each episode features a Shopify eCommerce store owner who shares how they’re building and growing their online businesses. Learn how they turned an idea into sales, how they’re marketing themselves in the digital space, and how they’re competing against giants like Amazon and Walmart.

With nearly 500 episodes to date, there’s plenty of food for thought and action items to apply immediately.

Listen to the Shopify Masters podcast on

Winning With Shopify

Shopify podcast, Winning with Shopify

Shopify is the biggest name when it comes to eCommerce platforms that aren’t part of bigger marketplaces like Amazon. To make a splash here, sellers need to know the winning secrets behind what makes the platform tick. That’s what the Winning With Shopify podcast aims to reveal.

Each episode features successful store owners and their stories to help inspire your journey. New episodes are released every Friday, covering everything from Google advertising to customer acquisition.

Listen to the Winning With Shopify podcast on

The Ecommerce Roadmap

Shopify Podcast, The Ecommerce Roadmap

Shortly after selling her last online store, ecommerce entrepreneur Susan Bradley decided to do it all over again, this time documenting every step of the way.

This Shopify eCommerce podcast helps new store owners build a solid strategy from the ground up. Susan goes behind the scenes of successful Shopify stores to learn their sales secrets that other entrepreneurs can duplicate. She also lays out her tips and tricks in a logical path that any seller can follow.

Listen to The Ecommerce Roadmap podcast on

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Shopify Podcast, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast offers nuggets of wisdom for all ecommerce business owners, but the conversations are tailored to the Shopify platform.

Hosts Kurt Elster and Paul Reda interview some of the top-performing Shopify store owners to gain an inside look at how they’re building their businesses.

No topic is off the table — episodes feature things like sustainability, customer acquisition, Google Analytics, and how to go viral. New episodes drop every Tuesday.

Listen to The Unofficial Shopify Podcast on

Ecommerce Empire Builders

Shopify Podcast, Ecommerce Empire Builders

It’s a classic internet success story — what started as a side hustle has grown into a highly successful, multi-figure empire. Host Peter Pru has become a household name in the digital business space. He’s helped countless others build successful dropshipping businesses on Shopify and freely shares his secrets on his podcast.

Episodes dive into the nitty gritty of how dropshipping works, how to find the best products to sell, and how other successful businesses work (and how you can duplicate their successes!).

Listen to the Ecommerce Empire Builders podcast on

The Shopify Solutions Podcast

Shopify Podcast, The Shopify Solutions Podcast

The Shopify Solutions Podcast lives up to its name by giving listeners real, succinct examples and recommendations on how to grow their Shopify businesses.

With many podcasts, listeners have to pick out the most salient bits of info while wading through endless conversations. But this podcast does an excellent job of giving clear takeaways you can put to use right away.

Listen to The Shopify Solutions Podcast on

Ecommerce Fastlane

Shopify Podcast, eCommerce Fastlane

Profitable Shopify stores don’t have to take the form of a “traditional” job. The Ecommerce Fastlane podcast focuses on how to use Shopify as a passive income stream, giving you steady revenue without making it a full-time job.

Hosted by industry expert Steve Hutt, each episode features insightful interviews with leading ecommerce entrepreneurs, consultants, and experts.

Gain valuable knowledge on marketing tactics, conversion optimization, website design tips, automation tools, and more.

Listen to the Ecommerce Fastlane podcast on

Ecommerce Coffee Break with Claus Lauter

Shopify Podcast, Ecommerce Coffee Break

Presented by Shopify experts, this podcast aims to provide bite-sized episodes packed with valuable insights and actionable tips you can enjoy over a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your jam).

Take a captivating and informative journey into the world of online retail. With a focus on practicality, each episode is designed for a quick listen, making it perfect for busy store owners to build professional development into their schedules.

Listen to the Ecommerce Coffee Break with Claus Lauter podcast on

Ecommerce Playbook

Spotify Podcast, eCommerce Playbook

Ecommerce has created new opportunities for retailers, from the rise of DTC brands to the “always on” ability to acquire new customers. Of course, this has also led to an influx of new competitors, with the number of new Shopify stores growing over 200% between 2020 and 2022.

To compete, sellers need a solid strategy, and Ecommerce Playbook gives you the secret plays of top sellers that you can apply in your own Shopify store. Each episode sheds light on different aspects of running an eCommerce business and provides actionable advice to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Listen to the Ecommerce Playbook podcast on

Shopify Across the Pond

Shopify Podcast, Shopify Across the Pond

Shopify is a global Ecommerce platform, and selling strategies can vary from country to country. If you have a global presence, it’s worthwhile to listen to Shopify Across the Pond.

This podcast dives into marketing, branding, data, and trends like live shopping to inspire your action plan. Hear from brands in the UK market and their inspiring stories on how they’re attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, all with a focus on Shopify.

Listen to the Shopify Across the Pond podcast on


Shopify Podcast, Pitstop

Host Sarah Levinger helps Shopify store owners get “unstuck” and back on track. She takes questions directly from listeners and covers them in depth in subsequent podcast episodes. She also brings in experts who can help shine a light on topics like return on ad spend, workflows, and increasing revenue, all without heavy lifting.

Episodes are anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, giving you quick tips that you can listen to over breakfast. 

Listen to the Pitstop podcast on

Leading Brands — Wavebreak Podcast

Shopify Podcast, Leading Brands

Leading brands aren’t created by accident (at least, not most of them). To learn what it takes to become a high-growth eCommerce company, host Dylan Kelley speaks with industry leaders about how they’re getting the edge on their competitors.

Past guests have come from illustrious companies like Silk + Sonder, Nutrisense, Helm Boots, and Native Pet, among many others.

Topics span the full gamut of eCommerce, from general advice to specific issues like scaling a DTC brand without losing customer intimacy.

Listen to the Leading Brands — Wavebreak Podcast on

Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast

Shopify Podcast, Milk Bottle Shopify

If you're an eCommerce Shopify entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, the eCommerce with Milk Bottle Show can help.

Hosted by Keith Matthews, founder of Ireland’s most successful Shopify agency, this podcast provides invaluable insights and strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of online retail. Gain access to insider knowledge on marketing tactics that work (and those that don’t), conversion optimization techniques, branding strategies, and customer retention methods.

Episodes are usually no longer than 30 minutes, giving you great info without the overwhelm.

Listen to the Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast on

Add to Cart

Shopify Podcast, Add to Cart

A successful eCommerce store is part marketing, part SEO, part UX, and part . . . lots of other things. The most critical, though, is having the products people want to buy.

Add to Cart is a great resource for this, as hosts Kulap Vilaysack and SuChin Pak talk about the things that are worth (or not worth) the monetary and emotional investments. It’s a great look into the human psyche in terms of consumerism and may help you to spot the next big Ecommerce trends — so you can stock up before your competitors do.

Listen to the Add to Cart podcast on

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