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Retail & Consumer Goods

We empower businesses like yours with tools to understand consumers and markets better, and build stronger, more profitable relationships with your customers.

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Retail is ever-evolving, we'll help you build what comes next.

With rapid shifts in online retail and declining high-street footfall, not to mention the heavy damage done by the global pandemic and supply chain crisis, retail and consumer goods brands are forced to be more agile and more resilient. Challenged to look for ways to succeed, we have the tools to navigate this new business landscape.


$1.3 billion is the estimated value of global retail sales via social media channels in 2023


28% of internet users state their primary use for social media is to find inspiration for things to purchase.


60% of US consumers say YouTube is the most trusted social channel for product research and purchasing, followed by Instagram and Facebook.

Products to enhance performance.

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Social Listening
Social Media Management
Influencer Marketing
Consumer Intelligence
Media Intelligence
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Turn billions of conversations into insight.

Spot online brand mentions in real-time and analyze social data to build a holistic understanding of your customers, highlighting their concerns and cares to build strategy. Then turn reports to autopilot so your team can focus on what matters.

Build a brand empire in social media.

For retail and consumer goods companies, your owned social channels are one of the first places consumers will interact with you. First impressions need to be perfect, and it’s challenging to pull that off at scale. Streamline your social media management and make building customer communities easier, while flawlessly keeping up with your online customer service.

Transform creator campaigns at scale.

Supercharge your influencer network without getting bogged down by manual tasks. Meltwater transforms top creators into long-term partners, freeing up your time for authentic relationship-building and streamlining tasks to unleash impactful results that elevate your brand, all with ROI in mind.

Uncover the insights that will build your brand.

Billions of conversations are taking place online, and buried within that mountain of data are nuggets of impactful insight waiting to be uncovered. Using smart tech and market research methodologies, we turn noisy data into focused consumer insights that help you identify unmet needs and new opportunities.

Know when the press is talking about you.

A story in the press can drive a sudden spike in sales or boost your brand, or it could be the start of a crisis. Either way, when your business is covered in online media, broadcast or podcasts, our products make sure you know about it immediately, giving you the advantage of reacting quickly to any opportunity.

Keeping up in a rapidly evolving industry.

Online Challengers

Every year a flood of new online brands appear, challenging businesses like yours for market share. You need to strategically stay ahead of new competitors.

Declining High Street

Consumers are shifting away from physical stores in favor of online. Businesses with established bricks and mortar stores need to find innovative ways to adapt and thrive.

New Kinds of Influence

Traditional media doesn't influence buying decisions like it used to. Triple the return on your influencer marketing investment (ROI) with Meltwater, because plain old public relations isn't enough anymore.

Changing Buyers

Consumer preferences have always changed over time, but today they're quicker and more radical than ever. Whether its sustainability concerns or the hottest trends, you have to keep up with consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Complex Market Dynamics

As our world swings from one challenge to another, you've never been more challenged to plan ahead. To thrive in a business landscape where stability is a thing of the past, brands need to be agile, informed and resilient.

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