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User-Generated Content & Retail

Attract and Convert More Shoppers with User-Generated Content

Shoppers are ready to buy your product, on- and off-network. Social Commerce is expected to increase by almost 35%, growing the industry to $40B by 2022.

More than half of social media users have discovered new products on Instagram. People are shopping the boards on Pinterest and buying directly from TikTok live streams via live shopping. Brands are using this social momentum to accelerate customer journeys, increase sales, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and build brand affinity like never before.

Led by TINT's Senior Marketing Manager S. David Ramirez, we'll explore one of the most powerful strategies in a retailer’s digital toolkit that will give you a competitive edge as we approach the holiday shopping season.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What Social Commerce is and how it impacts your sales.
  • How the buyer's journey has changed as consumers bounce between sites, applications, and social networks.
  • Strategies to incorporate UGC into all aspects of the purchase lifecycle.
  • How to leverage changing consumer sentiment to build connection and brand affinity, especially with millennial and Gen Z audiences.
  • Real-world examples of brands that engage customers and increase sales across social.

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