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Maximize Retail Sales and Conversions With UGC

An illustration showing four people within the phone screens that are holding boxes that they are discussing with one another. These type of product reviews are referred to as user-generated content when shared through when done through social media.

Look at the retail brands smashing it today, and they’ll likely have one thing in common: they all make creative use of user-generated content (UGC) to maximize sales and conversions.

UGC is any public content that a customer creates about a brand or product – from photos and videos to reviews, testimonials, and comments. And it’s powerful stuff. From Krispy Kreme to Estée Lauder, the savviest brands know that UGC builds customer trust, deepens customer relationships, and increases engagement and loyalty.

If you haven’t explored UGC as a strategy before, or you’d like to make more use of UGC to engage and convert shoppers, this guide is for you.

Within the guide we’ll explore how you can:

  1. Use UGC to enhance your in-store experience
  2. Attract and convert more customers online
  3. Go omnichannel without breaking the bank
  4. Get started with UGC today

Throughout, we’ll showcase retail and e-commerce brands that are making innovative use of UGC, and demonstrate the impact it’s having on their visibility, conversions, and revenue.

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