Exploring the Future of Transport in South East Asia

A global giant. A homegrown champion. An unwavering challenger.

The race to be crowned winner of the ridesharing war in Southeast Asia is still wide open.

The competition is fierce, with Uber and Grab jostling for top place and Go-Jek’s rampant growth and rider acquisition in Indonesia. Meltwater explores some of the key factors that are driving consumers’ decisions.

Get your free insights report and understand:

  • Tactics employed by brands to ensure long term loyalty
  • Issues that are major concerns for riders
  • The effectiveness of advertising in local markets
  • The impact of social media engagement on brand sentiment


Industry Report: Superannuation in Australia

superannuation in australia

90,000 conversations. Thousands of debates. Five key insights.

Learn how Australia’s top super funds are engaging on social. Get your free insights report and understand:

  • Where your super fund stands
  • How super influencers are shaping conversations online
  • How ethical investment is driving funds engagement
  • Unique challenges women face with funds
  • The role of forums in the financial planning debate

Knowing what works on social is the key to engaging customers and new members.

Digital Disruption in South East Asia’s Hospitality Industry

digital disruption of hospitality industry ebook width=

How have players like Airbnb and Expedia changed the game?

Millions of conversations. A multi-billion dollar industry. Huge shifts in business models and digital strategies.

With the emergence of the sharing economy, rising popularity of Online Travel Agents such as Expedia and TripAdvisor and engagement with social media showing no signs of stopping, learn how key players have adapted to this fast-changing industry.

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  • The long term effects of first mover advantage
  • How closely content and engagement are linked
  • Strategies employed by brands to boost interaction
  • The metrics that impact brand awareness

Forrester Report – The Right Way to Measure Social Marketing


The Right Way to Measure Social Marketing

Measuring social marketing is hard. If you’re going to invest time (and budget) in social media, you need to make sure you can show ROI. In this report, you will learn how to effectively measure social marketing using the customer life cycle. Key takeaways include:

  • How to measure social marketing using the customer life cycle
  • How, when, and where to reach out to your audience
  • How to pick the right metrics to measure marketing success

Forrester Report – Track Your Brand Health With Social Media


Track Your Brand Health With Social Media

Why create customer surveys when you can listen to what your customers are saying in real-time? Reboot your brand health tracking and find out how brands are using social media listening tools to:

  • Understand brand value
  • Detect shifts in the market
  • Make course corrections for the business

This report includes case studies and best practices on using social media to better understand your customers, your competitors, and ultimately your brand.

Forrester Report – Using Social Data to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

By Kim Celestre, Nate Elliott, Allison Smith with Mary Pilecki, Collin Colburn


We all have social data – and lots of it. But are you using it effectively? A brand’s social data capabilites extend well beyond social programs, and converting a flood of social media information into meaningful answers is how progressive marketing leaders are elevating the social media function to win, serve and retain customers. In this report, Forrester discusses how social data can improve overall marketing effectiveness — and describes the actions you can take today to get started.