Influencer Marketing - How to get started

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This webinar was held on 22.03.2018

Good advice from a Social Influencer

Most companies have either already tried or considered working with Influencer marketing. But how does it work? What are the important things for a company to consider? And how does an Influencer work with planning, content, and performance? In this webinar, you will gain insight into Influencer Marketing from an Influencer's perspective, and get good advice on initial research and subsequent metrics.

In this webinar you will gain insight into:

  • How to get started with Influencer Marketing - Important steps and considerations
  • From an Influencer's perspective: What, how, and why?
  • Examples of content
  • Campaign planning, areas of responsibility and alignment of expectations
  • Measurement & yields

About the speakers

Carla Mickelborg Portrait

Carla Mickelborg has more than 70,000 followers on her Instagram, 65,000 subscribers on YouTube, a blog, and several other social platforms where she engages with her many followers on a daily basis. In addition to being a successful Influencer in her own right with experience from a number of partnerships with various companies, Carla also has her own business, where she works with marketing and campaigns utilizing Influencer Marketing. In this webinar, Carla will speak from an Influencer's perspective about how companies can get started with Influencer Marketing.

Sarah Mai Stokholm is Digital Marketing Manager for Meltwater with experience in advising in research and metrics in Meltwater's Social Influencer Platform. With broad experience in research and metrics in social media, in this webinar, Sarah provides good advice on how to get started with Social Influencers.

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