Crisis, Not Catastrophe: Minimize Damage When Trouble Hits

Crisis can hit at any time, but the threat is much greater in this increasingly digital world. Digital media has fundamentally changed the pace, volume, and reach of news and social media stories. We’ve opened up two-way communications on every front and any friction can spark a crisis. 

We've seen an influx in the demise of many companies who failed to have a solid crisis comms plan in place. Join Meltwater’s on-demand webinar and hear Elliot Nichols, Head of PR at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust share actionable advice that will enable you to be prepared, react appropriately and move your organisation beyond a crisis. 

During the on-demand webinar you’ll learn:

  • Key components your crisis comms strategy should cover
  • How to use data to improve positive stakeholder engagement across channels
  • How to differentiate a social murmur from a real reputational threat
  • Tips around tracking, analysing and reporting up the command structure
  • Understanding the impact a crisis has left

Watch the recording now.

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