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Greater China Going Global: Leveraging Social Media in an Organization’s Digital Transformation Journey

Social media has become so much more than a place to connect with friends. Social media has become a place of discovery for its users, a channel of purchase, a place to be influenced. For organizations in Greater China trying to expand their business globally, it becomes imperative to leverage social media to understand the needs if their target audience.

Companies can learn what consumers are chatting about regarding their new products, services, and brands; get direct feedback from others about their experiences; and review, all in the same space.

Join us for a webinar to hear about discussion around social maturity, digital transformation and consumer intelligence. We’ll cover the following topics:

- Understanding the part social media plays in an organisation’s digital transformation journey
- How to use social data to help us understand customers better
- Why companies going global need understand their audience at a localised level
- The importance of using social data to drive actionable insights for your business strategy
- Use cases from Greater China organizations expanding globally and how they leverage social media

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