Optimise your advertising on social media with the right content

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Achieve success with your adverts on Facebook and Instagram through quality content

By using the right content, brands can strengthen their advertising, KPIs, and ultimately their conversion rate and ROI. In this webinar, PL & Partners share their experience regarding what types of content brands should be using to get more out of their advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

This webinar will provide you useful advice on topics including:

  • What type of content is working well right now
  • How to adapt content to your target group, placements, and channels
  • How to use your content for your customer journey
  • How you can easily get started making your own content
  • Understanding how content and paid advertisements interact together

About the speaker

Marcin Gasienica Portrait

Marcin Gasienica is Senior Creative Product Specialist for PL & Partners and provides advice- and produces content for the agency's clients in conjunction with advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

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