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10 Top Indonesian YouTube Influencers

Sue Howe

Nov 3, 2023

In the fast-paced digital landscape of the 21st century, Indonesia has emerged as a hub for its growing number of influential internet personalities, which is expanding as quickly as its social media market (source: Navigating Indonesia's Social Media Marketing Landscape).

The Indonesian YouTube landscape features the rise of the e-sports industry, giving birth to an abundance of gaming enthusiasts. Along with them, the country's fitness influencers inspire with their transforming stories, motivating individuals to choose a healthier lifestyle. Many have been inspired by their experiences to embrace better lives, demonstrating that anybody can achieve major improvements with determination and discipline.

The charm does not stop there: Pioneers in Indonesia's fashion industry merge traditional styles with modern forms in novel ways, giving social media users expert advice on the latest trends in the world of apparel. Similarly, Indonesian cosmetic influencers have seen a boom because of the wide range of knowledge they provide on their channels. As the digital age progresses, the rise of NFT enthusiasts must be noticed; with this comes influencers who've been creating content to educate the masses about these digital assets' potential and use cases in today's evolving world.

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The unique content constantly rolled out contains charm and charisma that has won over Indonesians and social media users worldwide. These influencers have successfully started a YouTube channel and leveraged the platform, mastering YouTube marketing to grow their unique brands.

The following list of YouTube influencers in Indonesia has been created with our Meltwater social influencer marketing platform.

This article unveils the crème de la crème of Indonesia's YouTube influencers scene:

  1. Ria Ricis (@RicisOfficial1795)

  2. Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina (@RansEntertainment)

  3. Halilintar Family (@GENHALILINTAR)

  4. David Brendi (@GadgetIn)

  5. Jerome Polin Sijabat (@nihongomantappu)

  6. Nessie Judge (@NessieJudge)

  7. Manca (@MILYHYA)

  8. Ria SW (@riasukmawijaya)

  9. Agung Hapsah (@AgungHapsah)

  10. Keanu AGL (@keanuagl9834)

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Ria Ricis (@RicisOfficial1795)

As Indonesia's most-followed YouTube influencer, Ria Ricis has become a cultural icon in the country's social media landscape. She became known as the "squishy queen" on Instagram after gaining millions of followers with her entertaining posts about squishy toys. Seeing the potential in a larger audience, she moved her content to YouTube, which has since seen exponential development in its subscriber base.

With her move to YouTube, Ria Ricis continued gearing her content towards more family-friendly videos. She emphasized harmless pranks that included the whole family to highlight their strong relationship. The most memorable parts of her content were the times she spent with her daughter, filled with sweet moments and humorous antics. These heartfelt depictions resounded well with audiences because they celebrated the pleasures of family and parenting. She strengthened her relationship with her audience by focusing on material that would appeal to families, making her mark as Indonesia's top YouTuber.

Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina (@RansEntertainment)

Originally just a little family YouTube channel, Rans Entertainment has expanded into a full-fledged media company. The growing gaming and e-sports industry is only one of the various entertainment frontiers they've entered as part of their growth plan, as they've expanded towards many branches in the entertainment industry, such as music and TV. The development demonstrates Rans Entertainment's capacity to change and respond to shifting tastes and trends in digital media.

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, the driving forces behind Rans Entertainment, have played a crucial role in developing the channel's mission and programming, and their plans for Rans Entertainment extend beyond those of a simple family business. With the couple's aim to take Rans Entertainment to the next level and its track record of producing high-quality videos, Rans Entertainment has firmly established itself as one of Indonesia's most popular media companies and YouTube channels.

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Halilintar Family (@GENHALILINTAR)

Family, honesty, and relatability have proven to be powerful assets in the digital era, as demonstrated by the GENHALILINTAR YouTube channel. Halilintar Anofial Asmid and Lenggogeni Faruk, along with their 11 children aged between 10 and 28, run the channel. Their rise to fame began during their global travels, where their large family consistently drew the attention of onlookers eager to capture photos with them. Recognizing the public's fascination with their unique family dynamics, they released "Gen Halilintar: My Family My Team" in 2015, chronicling their adventures without the aid of nannies or caregivers.

Their prominence soared even higher in 2016 with the debut of their family-centric reality show on Trans TV. From there, their popularity grew, and their YouTube channel amassed over 18 million subscribers. The diverse interests and personalities of the family members are evident in their content, which offers a glimpse into their daily lives. The genuine bond and camaraderie of the family shine brightly in their videos, solidifying their position as a beloved and top YouTube channel in Indonesia.

David Brendi (@GadgetIn)

  • YouTube handle: @GadgetIn
  • 11.5M subscribers
  • 1.4K videos

David Brendi's @GadgetIn YouTube channel has become an indispensable resource for Indonesia's growing tech community. David's channel, easily identified by his distinctive greeting, "Halo guys, David disini, dan...", mostly concentrates on electronics and technology, giving an assortment of content ranging from unboxing videos to in-depth reviews of the latest gadgets for consumers.

The tech domain, particularly in Indonesia, has seen an explosion in interest, with customers keen to keep up with the newest developments. David's channel appeals to this interest by providing information, comparisons, and first-hand accounts of numerous technological devices. His ability to simplify difficult technology concepts into straightforward content has earned him a reputation as a go-to source for many. Beyond a channel, @GadgetIn has become its own tech community because of David's genuine enthusiasm for gadgets and his talent for captivating storytelling.

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Jerome Polin Sijabat (@nihongomantappu)

The man behind the YouTube account @nihongomantappu, Jerome Polin Sijabat, has become popular in Indonesia's YouTube influencer community. Launched in 2017, Jerome's channel, Nihongo Mantappu, quickly gained popularity with content that blends his passion for Japan and mathematics in an informative and personal manner. As a result of the channel's one-of-a-kind material and Jerome's charismatic presenting style, it has amassed over 10 million subscribers.

However, Jerome's impact goes beyond YouTube, as along with his brother, he co-founded Mantappu Corp, which is in the business of identifying and developing potential as a talent agency. The brothers are making huge advances in the entertainment industry because of the many international talents and influencers they have mentored. Jerome has lofty goals for the future, one of which is to build a scholarly institution devoted to teaching. But for the time being, as one of Indonesia's top YouTube influencers, he continues to attract people with his own combination of material, which he uses to spread happiness, education, and inventiveness.

Nessie Judge (@NessieJudge)

Nessie Judge, the creative mind behind the channel @NessieJudge, has carved herself a unique niche in the field of Indonesian YouTube influencers. While the horror genre may seem a niche, Nessie has expertly tailored her content to appeal to a wider audience. Her videos, which are filled with spine-chilling narratives, are presented in a way that is as informative as it is amusing to her Indonesian audience.

What makes Nessie's content even more unique is the way she incorporates historical facts into the stories she tells. She does a great service to her audience by introducing them to the rich and disturbing history of the world outside Indonesia using infamous historical characters and true-life ghost stories. This combination of knowledge and entertainment, wrapped in a localized flavor, has made her channel a favorite among those looking for an exciting but interesting watching experience. Nessie Judge's take on horror goes beyond simple scares to focus on presenting tales that touch her audience and teach them something new. Oh, and did we mention she has also collaborated with Jerome Polin, creating and performing in a music video with him?

Manca (@MILYHYA)

  • YouTube handle: @MILYHYA
  • 5.42M subscribers
  • 121 videos

Manca has long been a fixture in Indonesia's YouTube community as the country's top gaming influencer. His popularity is primarily due to his entertaining livestreams of the worldwide popular game PUBG. Manca's broadcasts, tailored to an Indonesian audience, strike a chord with local gaming fans, distinguishing him among the sea of video game streamers. While PUBG is still a major priority for his content, Manca's willingness to branch out into other games backs up his reputation as a hardcore gamer and helps keep his content fresh for his wide range of viewers.

His videos effortlessly merge expert gaming with an adequate dosage of amusement, as he includes smart cuts and jokes in memes, giving his content a distinct touch. Manca's status as one of Indonesia's top YouTubers and its top streamer is cemented by this ideal blend of gaming expertise and localized entertainment.

Ria SW (@riasukmawijaya)

Ria SW, better known as @riasukmawijaya on YouTube, is a well-known Indonesian food vlogger on social media because of her inventive ways of promoting tasty treats. Ria has been posting enjoyable reviews and experiences of food since 2016, covering everything from traditional Indonesian meals to exotic delicacies from across the world. However, her standout feature is her focus on street food and night markets across various Asian countries, quenching the viewers' culinary curiosity and transporting them to places they aspire to visit.

Her YouTube content is more than a beautiful treat; it's an all-encompassing journey that combines humorous, locally relevant stories and useful explanations of the food's origins. This potent combination has catapulted her to the ranks of Indonesia's most popular YouTube influencers, with over 4.2 million subscribers and counting.

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Agung Hapsah (@AgungHapsah)

Agung Hapsah is a storyteller whose material is intricately linked with his own experiences, making him more than simply another name in the buzzing field of Indonesian YouTube influencers. Agung's life has been distinguished by cultural shifts, linguistic hurdles, and the search for identity as he navigates life from his birthplace of Makassar to Australia and East Kalimantan. Despite having a variety of themes, his videos always reflect his personal experiences and provide viewers with a window into their own struggles and goals.

Agung's openness about his struggles—with anything from body image to communication difficulties—adds a significant depth to his material in an era when online identities sometimes overwhelm genuine ones. This sincerity, coupled with his wealth of personal experience, gives his stories a broad appeal.

Agung's material is a testimony to the power of human narrative, whether he is unpacking the newest modern item or exploring the unique characteristics of the English language. One of Indonesia's most popular YouTube personalities, his enormous and devoted following is attracted to him because of his unique ability to integrate valuable life lessons with entertaining and lighthearted material.

Keanu AGL (@keanuagl9834)

Keanu AGL is a notable figure in Indonesia's YouTube influencer cyberspace due to the variety of content he produces and, more importantly, because of his magnetic personality in every one of his vlogs. His vlogs, whether about his travels or insider look at the entertainment world, exude a real warmth and humor that his viewers connect with on a deep level. His viewers feel like they're on an adventure with him because of this genuine connection, humorous dialogue, and honest conversations.

His effortless charm has won over fans and major beauty, technology, and entertainment corporations. Keanu's sincerity lends credibility to his endorsements of various brands, whether skincare products like MS Glow's Golden Glow or telecommunications companies like Smartfren Telecom. His special brand of genuineness, relatability, and charisma has propelled Keanu AGL as a top Indonesian YouTube influencer, a sought-after ambassador for brand collaborations, and a loved figure among fans in the country.

Find the Best Indonesian YouTube Influencers for Your Brand with Meltwater

The top Indonesian YouTube influencers have carved out niches for themselves in the constantly changing Indonesian digital media landscape. They’ve been a big part of Indonesia’s worldwide continued growth in social media penetration, as seen in Indonesia's social media statistics. Each YouTuber offers something different, from Manca's gaming skills, Ria SW's culinary exploits, David Brendi's tech insights, and Agung Hapsah's cultural narratives.

Influencers are sparking a content boom in the fashion, fitness, and beauty industries by fusing age-old advice with new innovative methods. Despite their lack of millions of followers, micro-influencers play a significant role in molding ideas and trends by disseminating very specific content.

In conclusion, it's clear that the most popular YouTubers in Indonesia serve as more than just content creators; they also establish trends, inform audiences, and serve as sources of inspiration to millions of viewers across the globe. Their influence spreads beyond the archipelago and into the wider digital world, demonstrating authentic content's extensive reach and engagement.

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