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The Top 10 YouTubers and YouTube Influencers in Malaysia

Sue Howe

Apr 4, 2024

The Malaysian YouTube community is a vibrant place where influencers from all walks of life share their knowledge and enthusiasm for all things pop culture. Known for their engaging and diverse content, the 10 top YouTubers in Malaysia are highlighted in this article. Content creators in Malaysia have nailed the perfect formula that captures viewers, including captivating travel vlogs, in-depth tech reviews, informative cooking segments, insightful beauty and fashion tutorials, and hilarious comedy sketches. These are just a few examples of content that perfectly capture the unique Malaysian sense of humour.

They have become beloved stars in Malaysia's online community and possess influence in the country's social media landscape due to the equally educational and entertaining videos they create. These influencers are well-known in Malaysia and play an essential role in the country's YouTube community thanks to the distinct personalities they bring to their videos.

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Learn about the incredible journeys of Malaysia's top 10 YouTubers — from their humble beginnings to the waves of influence they've created online and offline.

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#1 Ling BigYong 林大咏 (@LBY): 1.54M followers

With a history that spans both YouTube's meteoric rise to popularity as a top social media platform and the transformation of video production on it as a legitimate profession, Ling BigYong (@LBY) is a trailblazing figure in Malaysia's YouTube community. After finding success with relatable and entertaining scripted parodies over 10 years ago, Ling BigYong shifted gears to create more laid-back material, such as vlogs that include everyday activities with loved ones and conversations that touch on commonalities in Malaysian life. 

His ability to adapt to the changing online trends while being true to the audience that has seen him stay at the top of Malaysian YouTube is on full display in the wide variety of material he creates, from humorous reflections on student life and random meetings in supermarkets to informative vacation vlogs and sentimental visits to his old studio. Ling BigYong is one of the most popular YouTubers in Malaysia and a much-loved content creator because of his consistent uploads as one of its old heads, adjusting to new situations over time.

#2 Priscilla Abby 蔡恩雨 (@PriscillaAbby): 1.25M followers

Priscilla Abby has become an established YouTube influencer throughout Asia, especially China, going beyond being a famous YouTuber in Malaysia. Abby has been performing professionally for almost ten years. She has won several singing contests, which have helped her become a YouTube sensation thanks to her extensive library of cover songs. Abby is among the most popular YouTubers because of her heartfelt song lyrics, target market, and expressive vocal delivery, which connect with an audience outside of Malaysia.

Priscilla Abby's humble beginnings as a contestant in a singing competition to her current status as one of Malaysia's most popular YouTubers exemplify the incredible potential of local content creators such as her on a global scale. Priscilla Abby demonstrates her tremendous popularity among YouTubers from Malaysia, with over 67 million views on her most viewed YouTube video.

#3 Prince Meed (@PrinceMeedLIVE): 1.14M followers

Prince Meed, whose YouTube channel goes by the handle @PrinceMeedLIVE, has risen to popularity among Malaysian YouTubers thanks to his creepy explorations of the paranormal and the secrets of the web. Millions of people have seen his videos because he appeals to people's natural curiosity and fear of the unknown via subjects like the terrifying unpacking of a Dybbuk Box and investigations into topics surrounding the dark web.

Prince Meed's talent for delving into dark and often taboo subjects, such as conspiracies and controversial topics, strikes a chord with audiences who want to tackle these topics in a light and entertaining manner, along with a curious community. Not only is the substance thrilling, but it also provokes wonder, thrilling terror, and enthusiasm, which drives his audience's conversations, participation and engagement, which all add to his success. He has become a leading YouTube influencer in Malaysia because of his innovative mix of horror and mystery videos, which appeal to a large following and always look to tickle their creepy curiosities.

#4 Lizz Chloe 彤彤 (@DumplingSoda): 1M followers

The varied and interesting videos uploaded by Lizz Chloe (@DumplingSoda) on YouTube have won over a large number of viewers in Malaysia as well as internationally, with her videos being a mix of creative home DIY tutorials and candid content like in-depth life advice through profoundly personal tales and life updates.

In addition to her trip vlogs and food-related material, she keeps viewers engaged with her culinary exploits and personal adventures. Her creative interviews with Malaysian personalities and influencers provide entertaining and informative insights into daily life. Fans seeking inspiration, community, and a hint of the special in their everyday life find resonance with Chloe's humour, originality, and authentic storytelling, which allows her to connect with her audience on several levels and solidify her place as a top YouTube influencer in Malaysia.

#5 Cody Hong (@CodyHongTV): 994K followers

Cody Hong, also known as @CodyHongTV on YouTube, is an influencer with many talents, including music composition and parodies, direct personal narratives, and learning new skills. Whether tackling the challenge of writing a song in 24 hours, creating touching music videos, or exploring the fascinating world of goldsmithing, Cody's material attracts viewers with its genuineness, originality, and contagious joy.

Cody has just returned to YouTube after a three-year absence and has spoken publicly about his break and his journey during his ascent as a top content creator. In this intimate video, he talks about the struggles of maintaining an identity as a popular YouTuber in Malaysia, the impact of taking a break to reevaluate his priorities, and the benefits of returning to his roots. In making a triumphant comeback, he has redefined his YouTube career to centre on narratives that emphasise self-improvement and happiness rather than performance metrics related to social media.

Cody's return is a strong example of the challenges famous Malaysian YouTubers encounter and the significance of maintaining a healthy mindset. His genuineness and openness to sharing his weaknesses are just one of the many reasons he's a popular figure in the Malaysian YouTube community. Cody is one of the top YouTubers in Malaysia, and his narrative serves as a reminder of the human element in content production. However, it looks like a fun job on the surface; it's a livelihood with just as much pressure as a standard 9-5.

#6 Syahmi Hafiy (@OOHAMI): 941K followers

Syahmi Hafiy, known as @OOHAMI on YouTube, is a skilled and personable Malaysian content creator; his social media is an explosive mix of “mukbang” challenges, in which he devours mountains of food with enthusiasm and vigour that viewers can only dream of, and his strategic and amusing streaming in games like "Among Us" propelled him to YouTube stardom.

As the game that the most prominent YouTubers played during the pandemic, "Among Us" grew in popularity worldwide among the platform's top streamers and allowed him to exhibit his distinct personality. This video also capitalises on trends that viewers can't get enough of. By appealing to a wide variety of viewers with his style, OOHAMI exemplifies the qualities that make the top YouTubers in Malaysia so popular. This has positioned him as a prominent Malaysian YouTuber and a key YouTube influencer in Malaysia, adding to the dynamic landscape of Malaysian YouTube stars.

#7 Diorlynn Ong 玲玲 (@DDWChannel): 882K followers

Diorlynn Ong, a diverse content creator, skillfully blends fun with slice-of-life situations that appeal to a Malaysian audience. Her channel engages viewers with humorous skits, honest reflections on parenthood and relationships, and relatable stories of daily struggles and successes. With such a wide range of topics covered, her videos stay young, keeping viewers interested and giving them something they can relate to.

As mentioned, her videos on YouTube are comedic takes on marital dynamics, serious examinations of relationship problems, and honest reflections on motherhood. She discusses sensitive topics such as the birthing process and the first stages of parenthood, the difficulties of trust in partnerships, and the pleasures and quirks of viewing movies together as a pair. Diorlynn Ong has become a top YouTuber in Malaysia through content that goes beyond entertainment; her work encompasses highly personal and introspective to widely relevant narratives relatable to everyone.

#8 Phei Yong 培永 (@pheiyong7610): 775K followers

Phei Yong gained fame as a radio host at MY FM before becoming a prominent Malaysian YouTube influencer. His youthful charisma, easygoing attitude, and amusing content have won fans nationwide. His humble beginnings provided the framework for his rise to fame as a social media star, where his charismatic demeanour and natural magnetic personality to entertaining viewers swiftly won him the hearts of Malaysian YouTubers.

Authentic interviews with celebrities, comical entertainment game shows, and engaging music videos celebrating culture and festivals are all Phei Yong's channel staples. Standout interviews include Hollywood star Tom Holland and the acclaimed K-pop group TWICE, demonstrating his talent for attracting a large audience via the allure of worldwide celebrities. The combination of music, culture, and conversations with prominent people highlights Phei Yong's distinct role in the Malaysian YouTube community, drawing in viewers looking for content that focuses on what's relevant.

#9 Tomato Odd (@TomatoOdd): 470K followers

Tomato Odd stands out as a distinct personality with videos encompassing many topics, including personal vlogs, cultural festivities, major life events, and comedy skits. He has become one of the most popular YouTubers in Malaysia because of the lively portrayal of his life on his channel; as an example of his versatility and relatability, his YouTube videos include random personal events that he feels can resonate with a lot of his viewers, whether it be touching stories about his late father and funny perspectives on unusual swimming lessons.

Tomato Odd's ability to switch gears between serious responsibilities as a teacher and comedic pranks shows his range of material. By being himself and sharing real-life situations on YouTube, Tomato Odd’s special brand of comedy, displayed through Malaysian culture and life anecdotes, has made him a beloved character among the top Malaysian YouTube influencers.

#10 Yvonne Chua 蔡怡汶 (@yvonnechua222): 336K followers

Completing this list of the top 10 YouTubers and YouTube Influencers in Malaysia is one of Malaysia's most engaging and upbeat YouTube personalities, Yvonne Chua. Going by the handle @yvonnechua222, she has established herself in the Malaysian YouTube community due to the variety of her content, which includes personal life milestones, entertaining pranks featuring her partner, and thorough travel vlogs. From her joyful pregnancy announcement to her unexpected marriage proposal in Bali, her followers have grown to love her and eagerly await her life updates.

Her ability to produce material reflecting herself and her down-to-earth demeanour are the main reasons for Yvonne's appeal, especially since her content is highly personal. Her YouTube videos are more than simply a source of fun; they allow her viewers to see inside her life and make them feel like they are catching up with an old friend. Becoming an influential personality among Malaysian YouTubers for almost half a decade, her success highlights the importance of genuine storytelling in establishing a strong and dedicated following on platforms like YouTube.

Conclusion On The Top YouTubers and YouTube Influencers in Malaysia

With the rapid growth of Malaysia's online community, YouTube has emerged as a key venue for content producers to reach an international audience and contribute their unique perspectives, experiences, and skills. The top YouTubers and YouTube influencers in Malaysia, as noted, exemplify the Malaysian spirit's rich variety and dynamism, with material ranging from the profoundly personal to the broadly relatable, educational to outright hilarious. Their journeys of self-discovery, artistic expression, and community building highlight the transformative potential of YouTube as a form of digital media.

These influencers' achievements show how popularity and influence are evolving in the digital era when genuineness, relatability, and interaction are crucial to establishing connections and engagement with audiences. Whether exploring personal experiences and social concerns or highlighting the finest of Malaysia via food excursions and travel vlogs, these personalities find ways to capture the spirit of being a YouTube influencer in Malaysia.

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