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3D illustration of makeup and powder and the Indonesian flag for our blog with the top beauty influencers in Indonesia

The Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Indonesia

Sue Howe

Apr 3, 2024

The top 10 beauty influencers in Indonesia are having a remarkable effect on both the local and online scenes in this lively archipelago. Indonesia, a country renowned for its cultural splendour, has seen a rapid increase in the number of beauty influencers capturing the attention of viewers worldwide on Instagram and similar platforms.

For example, micro-influencers in the beauty industry are becoming more popular due to their unique perspectives and the tailored material they provide to their devoted audiences - qualities needed to rival bigger content creators. As important people in the world of Indonesian beauty influencers, they show off the newest beauty styles and represent how the country's culture intertwines with these global trends.

This article takes a look at the most popular Indonesian beauty influencers, cultural ambassadors, and trendsetters who combine contemporary and modern styles with traditional beauty tips:

  1. #1 Jharna Bhagwani (@jharnabhagwani): 14.2M followers

  2. #2 Tasya Farasya (@tasyafarasya): 10.1M followers

  3. #3 Sunny Dahye (@sunnydahye): 2.8M followers

  4. #4 Millen Cyrus (@millencyrus): 1.4M followers

  5. #5 Titan Tyra (@titantyra): 1.1M followers

  6. #6 Sarah Ayu (@sarahayuh_): 833K followers

  7. #7 Maru (@cindercella): 794.2K followers

  8. #8 Astari Budi (@astaririri): 653.9K followers

  9. #9 Vinna Gracia (@vinnagracia): 644.1K followers

  10. #10 Maria Clarin (@mariadelouvre): 242.9K followers

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#1 Jharna Bhagwani (@jharnabhagwani): 14.2M followers

By fusing her extraordinary skill as a makeup artist with the trendiness of social media, Jharna Bhagwani has established herself as the top beauty influencer in Indonesia. Her exceptional talent for transforming herself into renowned characters from popular movie franchises such as Shrek, Barbie, DC Comics, Disney movies, and Marvel has won fans worldwide. Her how-to videos show the creative process and meticulous work of creating her looks, demonstrating her talent and dedication to engaging with online trends.

Bhagwani has a thriving social media following and is an expert curator, using many platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to showcase her talents to a global audience. She has become a top beauty influencer in Indonesia by capitalising on the region's massive social media engagement, thanks to her mixed Indonesian and Indian heritage. Bhagwani's impact goes beyond beauty; her ventures into tech reviews and music demonstrate her flexibility and ability to communicate with her fans.

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#2 Tasya Farasya (@tasyafarasya): 10.1M followers

A story of passion leading to purpose, Tasya Farasya's fame as one of Indonesia's top beauty influencers has been long yet rewarding. A lifelong passion for beauty has guided Tasya from her early days of playing with cosmetics while juggling dental school and creating beauty content on YouTube. The beauty industry was always meant for her, and her relentless persistence quickly landed her partnerships with top cosmetics companies such as Mineral Botanica, ElshéSkin and Focallure. 

Aside from her busy schedule, she enjoys balancing her professional and personal lives, particularly when trying new cosmetics. Tasya's everyday interests have determined her long-term success and ultimately become the backbone of her cosmetics brand, MotherofPearl. Her immense online following and collaborations with prestigious companies underline her as a top figure in Indonesia's beauty influencer scene.

#3 Sunny Dahye (@sunnydahye): 2.8M followers

As an influencer in Indonesian beauty, Sunny Dahye stands out for her unique mix of K-pop and Indonesian beauty trends. Sunny, born in Korea but now calls Indonesia home, has become an essential link between Indonesian beauty fans who like K-pop style. She has a diversified fanbase on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok thanks to her content, which covers various subjects from cosmetic tips and plastic surgery insights to K-pop star hauls.

Sunny has a knack for connecting with her audience via her creative and engaging content, which includes exclusive interviews with K-pop stars like Momoland, demonstrations of the newest cosmetic devices, and even entertaining explorations of what it would be like to be pregnant. She has become a leading beauty influencer in Indonesia with her ability to bridge the gap between lifestyle and beauty content creation. Sunny Dahye has become an established personality because of her dynamic content creation style and introduction of extensive K-pop knowledge to an Indonesian audience.

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#4 Millen Cyrus (@millencyrus): 1.4M followers

Millen Cyrus has stood out among Indonesia's beauty influencers as a symbol of diversity and inclusion. Millen, a transgender beauty queen who participated in many pageants, speaks to a large crowd in Indonesia on the need for a welcoming culture. For Indonesians looking for unique beauty inspiration, Millen is a top influencer since she isn't hesitant to try new things with her overall looks.

Millen is a compelling vlogger who shares private moments with her spouse, travel experiences worldwide, and the sweetness of everyday life with her family, in addition to fashion and beauty. Among Indonesian Instagram beauty influencers, she stands out due to her honesty and lively attitude, which have garnered her a large following. Being an inspiration to the Indonesian beauty community in more ways than one, her posts promote love and acceptance, and her impact goes beyond the realm of beauty and cosmetics.

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#5 Titan Tyra (@titantyra): 1.1M followers

Titan Tyra is a trailblazer in the Indonesian beauty influencer world, known for her cosmetics skills and her frank conversations on issues important to women's lives that are not often discussed. Her YouTube channel, in particular, has become a safe haven for those who want to talk about usually unspoken subjects like period cups, bras, and tampons. Titan has gone above and beyond as an Indonesian beauty influencer by speaking up on these taboo topics, which has helped to dismantle barriers and foster more honest communication.

Some of her social media content on these topics has amassed over 10 million views apiece, demonstrating both her significant discussions like this. Titan demonstrates her flexibility as an influencer by sharing various lifestyle content beyond just these chats. This includes culinary suggestions, cosmetic tips, shopping hauls, and more. Titan Tyra stands out as a top beauty influencer in Indonesia's booming digital scene, not just for her beauty advice but also for her contribution to building a more open and understanding culture in the country's online community.

#6 Sarah Ayu (@sarahayuh_): 833K followers

Sarah Ayu is distinguished among Indonesian beauty influencers as a bright and edgy character, complete with her undeniable rockstar attitude and uncommon look, characterized by many piercings and sticker sleeve tattoos. She shares a wealth of creative content on her Instagram and YouTube accounts, where she offers extensive cosmetic instructions in her many "get ready with me" videos. These aren't your average cosmetic looks; Sarah is a master of themed makeovers, such as recreating the appearance of the internationally famous K-pop group Twice or creating a "no-makeup makeup" look that showcases radiant, natural beauty.

Sarah's dedication to accessibility and inclusion is evident in her videos, as she often demonstrates how to produce lovely looks using low-cost drugstore cosmetics catering to all complexion types. Her talent for breaking down intricate cosmetic procedures and bringing beauty within reach of all people is what solidifies her position as a top beauty influencer in Indonesia.

#7 Maru (@cindercella): 794.2K followers

Maru, also known as Cindercella within the community of Indonesian beauty bloggers, is popular due to her skilled face makeup application and innovative themed videos. Browsing her Instagram feed is like visiting a world where beauty meets the strange, demonstrating her extraordinary ability to convert horror movie-inspired makeup with her creativity. Her imaginative looks showcase her talent and highlight how she skillfully applies her abilities when applying it to Indonesian beauty culture.

Attention to detail is evident in Cindercella's videos, which provide detailed instructions for various styles, from glam rock to grunge to freckles and everything in between. She produces exciting challenges, such as having her partner try her makeup or becoming terrifying characters like ghouls and demons for fun. With her unique combination of talent, imagination, and humor, Cinderella has won over a devoted following with every post on her social media channels.

#8 Astari Budi (@astaririri): 653.9K followers

Indonesian social media star Astari Budi, better known as @Astaririri, is a multitalented beauty influencer who's gained a following through detailed product reviews, cosmetic tutorials, and real-life experiences. Taking a more holistic view of beauty, she openly speaks up on how she went from a careless eating lifestyle to a healthy one when she entered her thirties. Astari inspires her followers to do the same by being transparent about her challenges and successes in maintaining a healthy balance between food, exercise, and self-care.

Her social media pages are full of engaging content that showcases her beauty lifestyle: from fun events like #SkinUniversityLoreal with Garnier Indonesia to delicious meals at local restaurants like Su Ma Jakarta, her content is always enjoyable. The way Astari incorporates her partner's sense of humor into her cartoons gives her beauty influencer persona an added dimension. By encouraging her followers to appreciate beauty in all its forms, Astari Budi has established herself as one of Indonesia's leading beauty influencers via her dynamic social media presence.

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#9 Vinna Gracia (@vinnagracia): 644.1K followers

Vinna Gracia is a top beauty expert in Indonesia, an example of a makeup artist who works hard and loves what they do. Vinna has been exposed to the beauty industry for most of her life, and she has built her career on a dedication to providing her customers - mostly brides - with unique and unforgettable memories. She is the creative mind behind the Instagram account @vgmakeupstudio, where she displays a wonderful portfolio detailing her experience making women look their very best on their wedding day.

Vinna works hard because she believes each client's happiness is the most important thing. She has a gift for making her customers feel beautiful inside and out. Her Instagram page is full of testimonials of her skill and how cosmetics can affect more than just a person's appearance. Her work, especially with weddings, showcases her talent for making their dreams come true on their most important day, which makes her an admired figure in the Indonesian beauty scene.

#10 Maria Clarin (@mariadelouvre): 242.9K followers

Maria Clarin embodies the essence of Gen Z with her dynamic energy and enthusiasm for beauty and K-pop. Even though she's just 20 years old, Maria has already become famous for her makeup application and interaction with fans through all her social media channels. Her journey over the past year reflects self-discovery and following her dreams; she went ice skating, became an avid concertgoer, and celebrated K-pop, especially her discovery and support of globally known K-pop Enhypen.

Maria's creative pursuits as a beauty influencer are known for her skill in emulating the makeup styles of renowned K-pop idols and participating in makeup challenges on Instagram and TikTok, like one where she lets filters decide her makeup. Her involvement in popular trends, such as the hilarious child-order challenge, demonstrates her talent for creating accessible content while showcasing her beauty expertise. She combines her passion for K-pop culture and relevant trends with her growing influence in the beauty industry, all while navigating the exciting journey of adulthood and independence.

How Meltwater Can Help You Optimise Your Influencer Marketing Strategy in Indonesia

Among Indonesia's top 10 beauty influencers, we find a broad spectrum of creative individuals who thrive on capitalizing on current trends while showcasing their expertise in the field. Their extensive presence across various social media platforms and beyond demonstrates their skill in producing material that resonates with audiences worldwide, making beauty accessible while inspiring many.

There are many kinds of Indonesian beauty influencers with unique styles; some promote modern beauty tips perfect for every day, while others mix these traditions with fashionable styles, from K-pop flair to more daring themed looks. Beyond the creative material, what really sets them apart is their ability to connect with their followers on a human level. They provide beauty ideas, life lessons, and well-being advice through personal stories of happiness and triumph. 

Their impact covers the Indonesia beauty community's essence, from the micro-influencers as mentioned earlier that serve niche segments to established celebrities with millions of followers. They demonstrate the power of beauty to unite cultures and people, and their combined influence enhances Indonesia's standing in the beauty world while also giving their followers a feeling of belonging, strength, and empowerment.

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