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10 Top Couple Influencers on Instagram

Samantha Scott

Sep 6, 2023

The couple that influences together stays together! Today there are many influencer couples on Instagram. For brands, this means double the staying power, and double the cross-promotion opportunities!

Couple influencers on Instagram cover a wide range of niches. Some of the most popular topics for couples influencers include parenting & relationships, and travel.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Instagram couple influencers to help you find the perfect fit!

We used , to rank the top couple influencers on Instagram by followers and other key engagement metrics.

Rather than looking just at the follower number, considering "true reach" helps you see a more contextual and accurate representation of an influencer's effectiveness. It takes the engagement rate into account, which is an important measurement if you want your influencer posts to make an impression, encourage conversions, and help you reach your influencer marketing goals.

Let's look at the top Instagram couples that you can partner with:

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1. Cost n’ Mayor, @cost_n_mayor

Cost n' Mayor couple influencer Instagram feed
  • Instagram handle: @cost_n_mayor
  • Instagram followers: 1.6 million
  • True reach: 289.5K
  • Instagram engagement rate: 7.1%
  • Instagram engagement rate on sponsored content: 5.3%

Cost n’ Mayor is a dancing duo powerhouse, sharing delightful, silly, and nostalgic bite-size dances in their Instagram Reels and videos.

Known for matching outfits, perfect synchronization, and unique sources for “music” (such as the “laundry’s done” jingle on Samsung washing machines), they’ve cultivated a fun community who now frequently make requests.

One of their popular series involved creating a dance move for every single iPhone notification sound. They frequently work with a wide range of brands and have their own line of lounge wear.

2. Raquel & Miguel, @explorerssaurus_

Raquel and Miguel Instagram feed
  • Instagram handle: @explorerssaurus_
  • Instagram followers: 1.4M
  • True reach: 242.9K
  • Instagram engagement rate: 2.1%
  • Instagram engagement rate on sponsored content: 1.9

Portuguese influencer couple, Raquel & Miguel are known for their lavish travel lifestyle, and sometimes controversial tactics to capture that perfect Instagram moment.

But they have amassed a following 1.3 million Instagram followers and regularly work with various luxury brands.

3. Christina & Robert, @newdarlings

@newdarlings instagram couple influencer feed
  • Instagram handle: @newdarlings
  • Instagram followers: 442K
  • True reach: 60K
  • Instagram engagement rate: 2.1%
  • Instagram engagement rate on sponsored content: 2.2%

Christina & Robert are an Instagram couple living their best life in the desert heat of Arizona.

They share fun slices of everyday life, accomplishments, and milestones as homeowners and parents. As interior decorators, their influencer content centers around various retail and decorating partnerships and tips for making your space feel equally as homey.

4. Daniel Rueda & Anna Devis, @anniset + @drcuerda

@anniset Instagram couple influencer feed
  • Instagram handles: @anniset + @drcuerda
  • Instagram followers: 544K
  • True reach: 149.6K
  • Engagement rate on Instagram: 2.6%
  • Sponsored content engagement rate on Instagram: 3.9%

This unique couple on Instagram doesn’t have a joint account, but each of their individual handles showcase an almost identical feed (which isn’t necessarily recommended practice, but seems to work for them).

Spanish couple Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis are photographers and artists who post unique color-matching and illusion photos. They collaborate with many different brands, sharing with their 540+ Instagram followers.

5. Allie & Sam, @allieandsam

Allie & Sam couple influencers Instagram feed
  • Instagram handle: @allieandsam
  • Instagram followers: 304.4K
  • True reach: 49.5K
  • Engagement rate on Instagram: 6.9%
  • Sponsored Instagram content engagement rate: 1.74%

Allie and Sam are a lesbian Instagram couple who share their couple and parenting journey, as brand new moms, with their followers.

Their feed is full of pure joy and love, and definitely worth a follow if you ever need a pick-me-up.

6. Sohee & Ben Carpenter, @soheefit + @bdccarpenter

Sohee and Ben Carpenter couple influencer Instagram feed
  • Instagram handles: @soheefit + @bdccarpenter
  • Sohee Fit and Ben Carpenter Instagram followers (combined): 990.8K
  • Combined True Reach on Instagram: 208.8K
  • Sohee Fit Instagram engagement rate: 1.91%
  • Ben Carpenter Instagram engagement rate: 3.1%

Sohee and Ben Carpenter are a married fitness influencer couple who focus on nutrition and encouraging healthy approaches to body image, gym culture, and weight loss.

They do not have a joint couples account on Instagram, but regularly boost each other's posts and accounts in Stories. They also frequently film collaborations, often with a humorous twist.

7. Travelling Husbands, @travelling.husbands

Travelling Husbands couple influencer feed
  • Instagram handle: @travelling.husbands
  • Instagram followers: 13.9K
  • True reach: 6.3K
  • Engagement rate: 10.1%
  • Engagement rate for sponsored content: 19.9%

The Travelling Husbands are Australian couple Luke & Craig.

Based in the UK, their travels take them all around the world. They post beautiful photos, and bring their 13K+ followers on Instagram on their personal journeys as well as their travels, offering tips for the LGBTQ+ community along the way.

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8. Globetrotter Guys, @theglobetrotterguys

Globetrotter Guys couple influencers Instagram feed
  • Instagram handle: @theglobetrotterguys
  • Instagram followers: 65.7K
  • True reach on Instagram: 10.5K
  • Engagement rate: 3.9%
  • Engagement rate for sponsored content: 3.7%

The Globetrotter Guys are another traveling couple, also based in the UK.

Their feed, like Travelling Husbands, centers around LGBTQ+ acceptance and travel advice for the gay community. 

9. Followmeto, @followmeto

Followmeto couple influencer Instagram feed
  • Instagram handle: @followmeto
  • Instagram followers: 404K
  • True reach: 26.4K
  • Engagement rate: .2%

You’re likely familiar with Followmeto’s much-mimicked posting style: a shot of a woman from behind, reaching her hand back, as though asking you to grab hold.

Followmeto took the Instagram world by storm with their consistent use of this motif, in all corners of the world. Today, the couple influencers lead tours and work with various brands, building a dedicated travel community.

10. Cam & Natasha, @theworldpursuit

Cam & Natasha couple influencer Instagram feed
  • Instagram handle: @theworldpursuit
  • Instagram followers: 128.1K
  • True reach: 39.3K
  • Engagement rate: 4.6%
  • Engagement rate for sponsored content: 2.6%

Otherwise known as Cam & Natasha, this globetrotting duo shares aesthetically pleasing photos on Instagram from their travels around the world. Their posts are informative and inspiring, as they encourage more people to travel and explore.


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